Runescape Gold Cheats

Runescape Gold Cheats

What you see above is the “JagHax” Auto clicker. It will click over and over at a certain spot. Its not one of the best hacks out there, but it is  in fact a. It has quite a few flaws with Runtime errors and it’s really not worth your time. As usual, if you are caught using this program (if you can get it to work) your account will most likely be banned. However, if you think its worth the risk, which I personally do not think it is, then you can easily find it with a Google search.


The above screenshot shows a list of hacks and cheats that are most common on the internet. A lot of places want you to pay to get these and half of them don’t work. Trust me, its not worth paying $30.00 USD to get some cheap programs that will most likely infect your computer with viruses, key loggers, or trojans. Key loggers are a bad thing to have in this case, as they will send a log of every letter or number that you type, thus getting your username and password. How would you like to pay $30.00 USD and loose your Runescape account? Would not be too pleasant.

Although there are some hacks for Runescape, the people who have them will not share. A lot of times, you will find a site that says things like I have found out how to Runescape! Email your username and password to Obviously, it’s a scam to get your account. Do not trust these sites that offer hacks, cracks, cheats, autoers, and bots. They are most likely after money or accounts.

Free Runescape Bot with built-in bots: AutoMiner, AutoFighter, AutoChopper, AutoFisher, AutoRuneCrafter, AutoThiever, AutoCooker, AutoBurner, AutoAgility

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10 thoughts on “Runescape Gold Cheats

  1. Vultre9

    Is there anything to make a hacker struggle to hack me on an MMO RPG game such as AQWorlds? Or is there an email from Artix Entertainment i can use?

  2. Rishi

    My combat level is 59,range level is 51,magic 39, attack 48 strength 52,defence 45.I am a non member need money.What can i do to make money really fast.I need 8,008,677 gold peices to buy all the god armours! please no websites that ask for my account and password. Dont scam.

  3. Dom L

    i was on a website where they sell accounts for runescape and also gold. my friend ordered 40m from that website and he said he got it in one day. how do they make runescape money so fast??

  4. Taylor G

    I’ve been trying to bake lemon tarts, and every time I make one, the lemon/custard stuff part always cracks. How can I avoid that? And does anybody know why it does that?

  5. Muzahid

    i have an account that im going to sell soon.
    i need to get my 16 or so mil out of it to a noob account. not anywhere near levels. whats a good sufficent way of transfering my gold?
    edit: i can’t just trade it because of the trade limit.

  6. mavis24

    I have noticed there are quite a few websites selling runescape gold, i was wondering how they get away with this? Would it not be illegal, or is there some type of deal jagex- the makers of runescape make a deal with them and allow them to sell money? please no yah its illegal answers i would like someone with knowledge that can give me a good answer. Thanks!

  7. Thomas Lopez

    Im a member now and I dont know how I can earn a million a day i heard its possible. What do i have to do?
    I am 13 and i’m basically a 90. average student so i’m pretty sure i’m allowed to waist some of my kid life on the internet thank you very much.


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