SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Cheats

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Cheats

The game is played through multiplayer matches of up to 12 players, or co-op missions of up to 4 players. Multiplayer matches provide rewards of points (in-game currency) and experience, with bonuses for the winning team or players, and additional bonuses based on game length. Mission rewards are randomized, and may sometimes include additional items.

Mobile suits can be obtained via rental, random purchase through capsules (hence the title), and through mixing. Mixing requires the purchase of a Mixing Plan, a fully upgraded “key” mobile suit, and a number of specific component suits that get discarded during mixing.

OGPlanet announced they have signed an agreement with Bandai Korea to publish the popular multiplayer third-person shooter game, SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online in North America. With its fast-paced, easy-to-learn gameplay, Gundam fans and newcomers alike will collect a wide variety of SD Gundam Online customizable units and battle in missions based on events from the series.

With over 350 planned units from across the Gundam universe, from the original Mobile Suit Gundam to the latest Mobile Suit Gundam OO, players have tons to collect. Each unit has unique stats, weapons, movement and style, as well as options for customization so players can really stand out on the battlefield. Even create your own!

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Hack Description:

• Move items to bank
• Open boxes automatically
• Sell items automatically
• Teleport to boxes

• Coded by HUMM3R and Killa
• Lua logic
• Native protection
• Minimal FPS loss

  • TriggerBot :
    • TriggerBot (Off, On)
    • TriggerStyle (Instanthit)
  • Protection :
    • Threat Warning (Off, On)
  • KeyBinder :
    • KeyBinds (OnPress, OnRelease)
    • HotKey Support
  • Profile System :
    • Profiles can be saved/loaded
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) :
    • Configuration Window with tab menus

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12 thoughts on “SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Cheats

  1. che-che

    I have searched many times on Google to find Gundam Wing display figures, but all I find are action figures and model kits made by Bandai etc. Are there any PVC/resin figures made by high end figure companies that pay a lot of attention to detail like Orchid Seed and Kotobukiya? Thank you in advance for your time.

  2. Brody S

    I have a 1/850 scale, Enterprise NX-01 model by Bandai that is missing a piece from the back of one of the nacelles. I have searched the internet extensively and have come up empty-handed. This might be a lost cause, however, I thought I’d ask just in case. Thanks.

  3. kewlflame14

    Based on what we know currently and the changes from software and Bandai namco are making to it do you think it will be as good, better or worse than the previous souls games.

  4. Matt

    I have a 1/850 scale, Enterprise NX-01 model by Bandai that is missing a piece from the back of one of the nacelles. I have searched the internet extensively and have come up empty-handed. This might be a lost cause, however, I thought I’d ask just in case. Thanks.

  5. XplicitzZ

    I was looking at some old Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh cards and I came across a set of promotional cards that came out in 1998 that features clips from the original Yu-Gi-Oh show (what some call season 0) and I read that they were released by company called Amada (not the ones that were released by Bandai) I was wondering if these cards are legit or fake?

  6. Moore, Ron

    I heard there were two. Bandi was the one in North America. Are the voices the same? If so, that’d be terrible, I can hardly stand the Bandai dub…

    Does anyone know where I can watch the Animax dub? Other than the fact that Thoma is pronounced “Thomas,” I don’t know if there is much of a difference, but I’d like to see it anyway.

  7. Seth

    I’ve been watching the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reruns on Netflix with my son, and was wondering why they haven’t ported the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games over to the likes of the Wii Virtual Console or Xbox Live Arcade. I researched it a bit, and saw that Sega developed the Genesis/Game Gear games and Bandai developed the Nintendo games. So, who owns it now? Is there any chance that these games will be re-released?

  8. Ev dog

    it is a gold colored star locket that windes up from the back and plays a melody it comes with a chain, it was made my bandai in 1992.

  9. Mak Sultan

    I have a Bandai 1997 Super Sailor Moon doll. Doll is in mint condition, never opened, but the box is quite damaged. It’s a Japanese version, Japanese text on the box, if that matters. Bought by my aunt years ago when she visited Japan. Is it worth anything?

  10. sarah w

    I recently drew on some Bandai America Power Rangers Weapons with a Jumbo Black Sharpie and a Formay Permanent Marker, which ended up making marks on the figures that they came with, so I washed it off and it left an after mark which was almost the gray color, except it was light brown. What is this and is there a way to remove it? If so, please tell me!

  11. Death Knight says there will only be one in Europe,they even have a quote from Bandai Namco, but this could be false. Can someone help me please!

  12. Johnky J

    Takara? Have there ever been any Transformers toys, collectiables, memorabilia, made by Bandai? or just always either Hasbro or Takara?


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