Shaiya Phoenix Cheats

Shaiya Phoenix Cheats

Shaiya, another successful MMO game that combines some very interesting innovation with a very stock standard MMORPG styled engine. Slay terrible beasts, wield powerful weapons – just try not to die, as in some modes of Shaiya, death is permanent.

Although there are some hacks for Shaiya Phoenix, the people who have them will not share. A lot of times, you will find a site that says things like I have found out how to Shaiya Phoenix! Email your username and password to Obviously, it’s a scam to get your account. Do not trust these sites that offer hacks, cracks, cheats, autoers, and bots. They are most likely after money or accounts.

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26 thoughts on “Shaiya Phoenix Cheats

  1. jag43216

    How much would a crystal beast deck cost? What would be in it? Please include a deck list or I will report as irrelevant.

  2. Ray D

    The ice melts in the arctic causing water levels to heavily rise. Prehistoric beasts are released from the ice. What creature do you think would be the most dangerous?

  3. krow147

    ok, so im board and want to play a mmo (like t to be free)

    iv played:
    WoW-didnt like it…

    thats all i can think of off the top of my head.. any suggestions?

  4. Mak Sultan

    Anything from the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Thanks!
    It’s not called that, it’s just a trait of it. I guess even anything that is evil or mean.

  5. Jairo

    I’m in a play beauty and the beast and for the scene human again i need a ball gown. I need some help finding one and i don’t want to get it from online. Remember it has to be from that time period thanks!
    I live in crofton maryland

  6. hank baseballs

    i want to make a gladiator beast deck, but i have no gladiator beasts. what cards do you suggest i get that can’t be gotten through a purchase of a box of gladiator’s assualt?

  7. therundown2k3

    Things that aren’t succubus, vampire, werewolves, what are some demons and beasts from Hell or things from ancient folklore or mythology that have been forgotten through time, like Wendigo’s, preferably demons or other beasts from Hell.
    It would be much appreciated
    It you could also give a short description, like their weaknesses, strengths, abilities etc. not an essay, just a few lines.
    Much appreciated, thanks

  8. Jeff

    I just started looking at gladiator beasts as a deck build in yugioh and and was wondering if someone can help me build a good deck for that will be able to win against with Six Samurai, Dark World, and Mecha Phantom Beast decks.

  9. Bryant B

    I’m 15 nearly 16 and I’m getting weights for Christmas and I’m going to workout to get bigger. At the minute im 5ft 10 and 10.4 stone and I play flanker. How can I be a beast on the field in my position and what should I do? And one more question I’m debating wether to play centre my old position or stick to flanker any suggestions regarding my height and weight? I am also not a bad kicker and I’m good at tackling and quite fast and I have a good eye for the game, cheers!

  10. davemc74656

    I use to think lions were, but I read tigers take them down easily. Then I read that grizzly bears are just so massive, a tiger is no match for them. What animal is the beast of all beasts?
    Coyote, thanks for helping out and to everyone else as well. You mention that lions and tigers have been taken out by packs of hyenas, elephants. But I want to know who is beast of all beasts in one on one combat.

  11. Coffee t

    Behomoth and Leviathan? A beast of the land and a beast of the sea? The latter beast is described in Job as the king of the proud?

  12. Only Business

    When Simon is talking to the LOTF he realises that the beast is within himself, and within all the other boys.
    So are they the same thing? The beast is something they hunt, as they don’t realise it. Or is the LOTF just the pigs head which is talking to Simon.
    Got the exam tuesday and i’m confused. Please help!
    I have read the book three times. I have googles it.

  13. Alun J

    I just found out that in the production of Beauty and the Beast in Australia, Hugh Jackman was Gaston. My mom’s birthday is in a few weeks and I know she would love it :-) Where can I find the cd or anything like that?

  14. Ray D

    A friend and I are writing the history of Beauty and the Beast, and I need to know who wrote the opera Beauty and the Beast in 1771. It would also be helpful if you could give me the basic history of B & B too, please. ♥♥♥

  15. Melanie

    Hi, I’m writing a story and I need some supernatural creatures and/or beasts like immortals and demons (human like please.)
    I’d be really awesome if I could get a word that meant immortal or demon in another language, but I need to be able to read it and I can only read english so I need it to be in english spelling or letters.

  16. slipknot0129

    I am making a Crystal Beast deck for my friend and I need the perfect deck build for it. All I need is the card list for this and nothing else. Rainbow Dragon is optional because I know how hard it is to use and get on the field and how easy it is to destroy.

    I am looking for the PERFECT deck build for a competitive level Crystal Beast deck. Please only SERIOUS answers.

  17. homerliveshere

    I am a connoisseur of fine props. And it just so happens that my drama department is putting on the broadway version of the greatly loved musical “The Beauty and the Beast.” So i have been appointed to create the rose. I have the design of the rose down. But i need to know how to make the petals fall to the table from the rose. Much obliged.

  18. clntvrrt

    The animals/beasts can have a japanese name or just something you thought of. I need the creature to be as gruesome and nasty as you can think of.

  19. Vultre9

    I was going to get my nephew Harry Potter for Christmas but my local bookstore doesn’t have it in stock but they Have the Fantastical Beasts book, Can he read this without reading the series?

  20. ScRSC

    There are actually two prophesied Beasts according to Rev. 13, called the First Beast and the Second Beast respectively…

  21. Kaylla

    I want to make a Crystal Beast deck in my YUGIOH Reverse Arcadia game, but i don’t know what packs the Crystal Beasts come in. If you could tell me that would be most helpful.

  22. friendly 4

    I’m looking into buying a pre-1970-‘s ford mustang. I like speed and power, so my question is what are the things I can do to a car like this that will make it into a furious beast. I’m looking for everything and anything. Also what year is the best for something like this? I like the 60’s styles the best. Would a fastback be better? Thanks!

  23. henryshensbcglobalnet

    i think silfer the sky dragon is one of the sacred beasts. i have the card but the stats are ???. and i think the obelisk the tormentor and a lightning dragon or something are also sacred beasts like shown on TV. but then when i went to and searched, something that looked like the obelisk was there but with the name of something like the king of phantasms.


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