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Developed by Beeline Interactive Inc., Smurfs Village is another farming game that capitalizes on the nostalgia factor by taking back the player to the childhood memories associated with the little blue creatures.

The game is about rebuilding the village for little Smurfs who are all scattered into the Forest. The Smurfs need a mushroom house to stay and also food to eat. So, the task is to create as many mushroom houses as possible that would in turn make the village more populated with Smurfs. The player needs more experience points to go to the next level, which are initially very low, but as the level increases, the experience points needed to go to next level also increases and this tests the patience of the player.

Hence, players choose to a suitable that can solve their problems. There are various Smurfs Village Hacks and Cheats available online but most of them lead to banning of your account. To save you from this trouble, our experts have created an amazing known as Smurfs Village Hack V2.4 that is 100% crash proof and error proof.

Some of the notable features of Smurfs Village Hack V2.4 are listed below:

ok Smurfs Village Hack 2012Smurfs Village Hack V2.4 is created in such a way that it can be used on any web browser available today like Google Chrome, Safari, Internet explorer, etc.

ok Smurfs Village Hack 2012Smurfs Village Hack is also compatible with all the operating systems available in the market like Microsoft Windows, Linux etc.

ok Smurfs Village Hack 2012To reach the next level you need experience points and the count of experience points keeps increasing with new levels. The entire process can be very testing; but Smurfs Village Hack V2.4 lets you unlimited number of experience points so you can quickly setup your village.

ok Smurfs Village Hack 2012Smurfs Village Cheats is designed with the knowledge of anti searches done on the games. Our ensures that your avatar doesn’t get listed there and hence strikes out the possibility of getting banned from the game.

ok Smurfs Village Hack 2012Smurfs Village Hack V2.4 also auto updates itself so you need not worry about updating it every now and then to stay updated in the game.

ok Smurfs Village Hack 2012Smurfs Village Hack V2.4 comes with a very user friendly interface to ensure a completely hassle and further usage.

ok Smurfs Village Hack 2012Coins are the in game currency that is required for purchasing food, building materials, etc. Once you our you can generate infinite amount of Coins.

ok Smurfs Village Hack 2012Our is a globally working and can be downloaded of cost.

Packed with these abundant useful features Smurfs Village Hack 2012 is certainly irresistible. So, don’t let the experience points hamper your pace in creating your village for the blue little Smurfs.

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19 thoughts on “Smurfs Village Hack V2.4

  1. RxP DarkBox

    I don’t know how or why but my smurfs village has reset itself to level 1 I was on level 26 before and I’d like to know if there was a way to get it back

  2. The Villain

    I have an iPod touch. And it’s the one without the camera.
    When ever I go to play a game eg. Smurf village, it doesn’t work. When I go into the game and press “play”, it goes back to my iPods home page. Why does it do that and how can I play it without that happening?

  3. zaclo

    I just recently bought an android tablet andwwnted to know if i could transfer my pr progress on my smurf village from my ipod to my android tablet without starting all the way over?

  4. Mr SoLo DoLo

    I’m playing smurfs village on my android and papa smurf is like stuck in saying that I smurph will return in over 2000 minutes. I think he’s frozen but I’ve shut my phone off and turned it back on but he’s still stuck like that and he says I need like 700 smurfberries to bring him back… how do I fixx it

  5. wwwavid360gamercom

    I wanna know if I can play Smurfs village on the droid Razr M because i just ordered one :)

  6. _marky_mark_

    My friend and I were watching smurfs. I told him there was a smurf village at Great America in Santa Clara Ca before paramount bought it. He told me I was high and if I can prove He give me some trees. Does any one on here remember so I can prove him wrong.

  7. Jason M

    i cant access my old app store account so i made a new one and now i want to upgrade my smurfs village but it keeps asking me to enter my pass for my old account , how can i upgrade it with my new account

  8. jdfan

    I have smurfs village game on my android phone. My friend also hace smurf village but h is using iphone. Can i add him as my nieghbour?

  9. Matt

    My smurfs village game loads forever. It can’t load and I need to check something and the picture for the app is a Smurf dressed up as a cowboy and the background is a map. Please help!

  10. Erfan

    I need some good (preferably free) apps for my ipOd touch that do t require Internet. I love smurfs village but I have it on my iPad and I can’t get it on my iPod now so I need some new apps… Please help! By the way…. I am rating your answer! 10 points if I think yours is the best!

  11. Shay H

    I’ve never watched the Smurfs but I read that every smurf is good at something and they contribute it to their community and in exchange they get their living essentials such as a house and food, is that possible?

  12. Nathan B

    So i have been trying to update the smurfs village on my ipad every time i try to i get a message saying :
    Unable to download application .’smurfs village’ could not be downloaded at this time.

    The problem is it wont update and i cant play anymore :(
    What should i do ?

  13. kerrin marz

    My smurfs village was downloaded onto my iPod via my friend’s apple ID and I want to transfer it to my apple ID (on the same device) would deleting it and reinstalling te game bring up my old village of it’s linked to game centre. It has always been linked to gc

  14. Dark_LovexXx

    I play the Smurfs Village app on my iPod touch. My app used to work very well, but now it is very slow. When i click something, it takes a few minutes to catch up. It’s very frustrating! Please help me!!

  15. Travoiz

    I have an iPod touch. And it’s the one without the camera.
    When ever I go to play a game eg. Smurf village, it doesn’t work. When I go into the game and press “play”, it goes back to my iPods home page. Why does it do that and how can I play it without that happening?

  16. Kaden

    When I open the smurfs village app on my iPhone, it loads then crashes.
    I don’t want to remove then download it again, because then I’ll loose all my progress.
    Help please?
    I tried re booting it twice. Didn’t help any.

  17. Keaton

    I want to install the new firmware for my iPod touch 4g (the newest one). Usually when you restore an iPod, you loose all the data (for example games in progress. Example: Smurfs Village). How would I be able to save my games so that when I restore my iPod, I don’t loose my work? By the way, if you havea solution, please make it free.

    Thank you
    Is there an app for back ups?


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