Soldier Front Cheats

Soldier Front Cheats

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Auto Aim – Automatically aim at other players
Chest Aim – Aim at the player torso
Smooth Aim – Slow down how fast you aim
Aim Key – Set the aimbot to only activate by a key
Aim Angle – Set the field of view of the aimbot
Aim Mode – Aim at the closest target by distance or field of view
Aim Team – Aim at your team mates
Weapon Check – Don’t aim when your using a knife or grenade

Radar – Display a overview of all objects
Show Weapons – Show weapons on your radar
Show Grenades – Show grenades on your radar

Name ESP – Show names on players
Distance ESP – Show distance on players
Weapon ESP – Show weapons on the ground
Grenade ESP – Show grenades on the ground
Bounding Box – Draw a box around the players body
Enemy Only – Only show players on the enemy team
Visible Chams – Changes colors when a player is visible

Features: Autoaim + prediction Autoshoot Player ESP Box ESP Bone ESP ViewDistance Modification Draw Sky Modification Draw FPS ETC Hotkeys: To toggle the menu press the DELETE key. Use the mouse to navigate the menu. The default key for the aimbot is the SHIFT key, but can be toggled in the menu. The aimbot will aim at the closest target to the crosshair and will stay with that target while the hotkey is held down. To default key to toggle

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console is the TILDE key (~

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16 thoughts on “Soldier Front Cheats

  1. PIE BOY

    I am writing a briefing on “cheating” on the APFT. I have heard of guys who do not have Asama using inhalers, taking large amounts of caffeine. What are some ways people “cheat” to improve their APFT score? (Just looking for honest feedback, I will not report or cite anyone).
    Some really good answers. So you know, I am an Army Chaplain and I am doing a briefing on “ethics” and “The Warrior’s Ethos.” Thank you.

  2. The Dark Knight

    i like country and hip hop and things like that. so could you help me by naming some good songs? id greatly appreciate it.

  3. skillz

    I’ve bin looking everywhere but cant find a link that can give you a free aimbot for battlefield 2. Someone please tell e where i can find one for free.

  4. Christopher J

    Ok i’ve been trying to get an aimbot for halo reach and nothing works. can someone just give me clear steps and a link to download the aimbot.

  5. jag43216

    Some players said that it is the result after each game. Others said that it is caused by the shooting of bullets. I want to find ways to reduce the damage, so help me please.

  6. nyyankees1123

    I am looking for a Soldier Front Wall hack that works. I know there are a few out there. I also know people can make them. i want to know where i can get one or who can make a Soldier Front wall Hack?

  7. John

    My boyfriend is going to Afghanistan in July. I’m really worried. He will be front line fighting and he will be gone for 3 years. Should i be worried? I heard there isn’t a lof of fighting in Afghanistan currently.

  8. Stevalicious

    this isnt hw and i have books so dont tell me that is a good thing to use the books… no answer… and im not cheating… im 28

  9. nick s

    my friend had my ps3 for a month, and he said he put a aimbot on it for MAG. i want to know how he got it in there, and what he does.

  10. Maggie

    I’m looking for a good skin for my forum that produces cheats for War games such as Operation 7, Crossfire, and Soldier Front etc. etc. If anyone could suggest a good skin that would be appreciated.


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