Star Wars: The Old Republic Cheats

Star Wars: The Old Republic Cheats

The journey getting to that point was incredibly entertaining and really shows how much work BioWare put into the title. Along the way I experienced a character death for the first time, picked up a companion, and fought one of the mini-bosses in the crystal cavern. One major conclusion I’ve some to so far is that the idea of SWTOR being your personal story is well-founded.



~ Auto Aim (distance / health / crosshair based)
~ Toggle Option (left shift)
~ Bone Aim (body prioritized)
~ Aim Angle
~ Ping Correction

~ No Recoil
~ No Shake
~ Unlimited Ammo
~ Unlimited Grenades

~ Name Tags
~ Distance Tags
~ Health Tags (bars)
~ 3D Bounding Boxes

~ Fast energy regeneration when standing
~ ‘Write your own’ option – copyright

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30 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Old Republic Cheats

  1. Nick

    My friend got to level 50 in SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) in a little over 7 days and he also got all the needed Mission Skills and Epic Gears after 10 days. Is that even possible without a hack or a cheat? He is an @SShole because he doesn’t want to tell me how he did it! Maybe you can?

  2. Xbox360king

    i am trying to put in cheat codes for star wars knights of the old republic and it says find the swkotor.ini file in your game directory and open it using a text editor like notepad. under game options add enablecheats=1 then save the file. so i have no idea how to do it please help.

  3. Hotshot t

    All before it’s been working now all of a sudden it’s not letting me auto aim anymore, when I am invited and play with my friend it let me do it but it don’t let me do it when I join a game on my own. I have not played with my friend in a few days so I don’t know if that’s the problem for sure or maybe I did something wrong but how do I fix it and why can’t I auto aim when I play online?

  4. Rishi

    Everytime I try to type in EnableCheats=1 and save it, it always
    say’s cannot save file please check to make sure everything is right so what do I have to do?

  5. thexbox360player

    What is your favorite Star Wars video game and for what system.
    And please, no “Star Wars is for nerds.”

    Mine is Battlefront 2 for PS2

  6. davemc74656

    In the star wars knights of the old republic I leveled up before I became a Jedi with a cheat , now I cant level up to become a jedi. Does anyone know how I can reduce my xp or level

  7. Hannah

    I look for cheats and walkthroughs for my xbox version but it always comes up with handmaiden kreia and other junk ive never heard of…Help!?

  8. Johnky J

    I’m in a mission that I can’t pass, and im trying to beat the game without auto-aim on.This is for the 360, and the only cheat I want to use is a health cheat..How bad will this affect gameplay? I’m going to save afterwards, and i read that its a bad idea to save after enabling a cheat.

    Anyone care to explain to me?

  9. PoohBearPenguin

    i want to get one of these games on steam but i dont know which one to get. can someone tell me which one is better

  10. Coffee t

    Auto aim is not on i have health and armor on full. I always aim for the head and my shots be or point. But yet I get hit in the limb and die once what is the secret because I refuse to believe that there is anything less than that. Im a soldier im not perfect but im a beast far from a noob.

  11. NC Baller

    so, if anyone has it please give it me? i’ll love you forever! i’ve been searching for so long! make sure it’s the infinity health cheat, for xbox! and star wars knight of the old republic 1. don’t give me the cheat for number 2! that wont help. make sure it’s for number 1, xbox :) thankyou!

  12. MAK & CHEESE

    i have the original xbox, and the first knights of the old republic game, the first one. how do you unlock the droid that will take you to taris and other planets? basically, any cheats, or secrets to this xbox version of the game? any at all? i figured out Fake level up , to make all people jedi;s. i looked up links too online but found nothing.

  13. mal_functiongeo

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a controller that just has auto aim that works online in Black Ops 2? Like if i pressed down LT it would auto aim and then i would have to fire? Im not sure if you know what i mean its tough to explain and im sorry for that. Thanks

  14. SteveO

    Is using cheats on starwars knights of the old republic 2 for the pc okay? Does it mess up your comp/cd like grandtheft auto 4?Help!

  15. josh12rox

    does anyone know any Star Wars The Old Republic cheats???
    like for coins, weapons, gear, armour or anything???
    i am not going to download anything because i do not want a virus.
    do you know any cheats that still work???

  16. Jeff

    I’ve just realized that i can’t get a lightsaber before leaving Telos.
    why isn’t that a problem?
    How come on the back of the star wars knights of the old republic 2 case it shows a male exile with a blue double bladed lightsaber killing the HK assassin droids?!?!are Obsidian the real question is is there a way to get it?if so,how?

  17. Spider Pc

    i have installed notepad++, i have edited the .ini file and added EnableCheats=1, and i still cant get the cheats bar when i press ` tidle or whatever they call it, please help and first answer that helps gets best answer.

  18. friendly 4

    I know the Tilde key brings up the console, but it isn’t allowing me to put in the EnableCheats=1. I need a more in depth guide.
    I meant for PC.

  19. thexbox360player

    I have just finished SWKOTOR 2 and now i want to try the cheats so type in enablecheats=1 into the swkotor2.ini file but it say it cant save any help !!!!!1
    the game is the second one

  20. EzioAuditore1459

    I really like the Bioware games I’ve played so far. I’ve played Mass Effect 1, beaten Dragon Age 2, am currently playing Dragon Age: Origins, and will be playing Mass Effect 2 soon. I also plan on buying Mass Effect 3.

    I’ve been wanting to try one of their older games. What do you suggest? Knights of the Old Republic? Baldur’s Gate 1 or 2?

  21. maskills24

    Ok i found some suggestions on a couple sites but they dont work. they said to make a copy of the swkotor.ini file and then add a code and i would be able to bring up a console in the game by hitting ~ key and when i do nothing happens. anyone know the correct way to do this. advice would be appreciated.

  22. Alina Elliott

    What is the best walkthrough for KOTOR 1, on xbox? I’ve beat this game a million times and i want to give it a couple more go rounds getting and beating everything. So i need a walkthrough that is very detailed and will get me the best character progression and that kind of stuff. What is the best one out there?

  23. XplicitzZ

    so on the xbox i got game settings and select action. it says auto aim and auto centering. i know what they mean but im not sure if they affect gameplay. for example in halo reach when the in game option to turn on auto center lock makes you lock to the center automatically when i move but when i change it on the xbox itself it doesnt do anything that im aware of. so my question overall is do the settings on the 360 ITSELF change the way the game plays. please only respond if you know.

  24. Matthew David

    I meen there’s soo many and they all offer the SAME EXACT thing pretty much. I want to get a modded controller to use mainly for black ops 2 and mabe a lil mw3. I’ve noticed that some companies have an auto aim feature for zombie mode which is exactly what I need because I mainly play black ops 2 for zombies. And I would REALY need the auto aim mod to be on while in rapid fire mode. I know evil controllers is a very popular brand and has a lot of good reviews but one thing… They don’t have the auto aim feature. I’m looking at genius mods right now because they have 10 different customizable modes of rapid fire along with auto aim; it doesn’t have as many features as the other ones though but I’m not sure if I’d even use the extra features. An I missin anything from controller chaos or Einstein mods? The most I will pay is $140. And I think it’s nessasary to note that IM A PS3 GAMER, NOT XBOX360 gamer.


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