Subway Surfers Hack

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Get your 100% working and secured Subway Surfers Hack using exploits which features unlimited coins, highest score, character tokens, hoverboard, mega headstart, Subway Surfers iFile, and more. Download the Subway Surfers Hack, Cheats, Guide and be the number one Subway Surfers player ever. Dominate the Subway Surfers Facebook game and get almost limitless supply of coins, and get the highest score for using this Subway Surfers Hack. Use Subway Surfers Cheats to unlock characters like Zombie Jake and hoverboards plus buy premium items in the game, and more.

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Subway Surfers Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Here are some of the Subway Surfers guide, tips, and tricks you can do in the game. If you want to go straight to the Subway Surfers, then you can skip this.

Unlock any character

Go to the “Characters” screen, click select on the first boy, then go to the girl, and hold down select. If you want any other character in the game, just keep holding the select and then slide across to the next character you want. Take your finger of and click select on the Subway Surfers character you want.

Unlocking Fresh faster

Press on the kid with the hood on the “Characters”. While selected, go over to Fresh or any of the other character and then press the box as quick as possible as this method needs to be fast. To play for example Spike after Fresh, you’ll have to do it while selected hood kid is taken at the same time.

Two character tokens

Use your coins to buy some mystery boxes, these boxes contain character tokens and coins. Another method is that if you run in between 2 trains then you will flip back and hit the screen and so will the inspector and his dog.

Bump barriers

Jump early or jump up late and you’ll be bumping into the red and white barriers without being caught by the inspector and his pitbull.

Friend runs

You can make extra coins by having your friend runs. For each 50 friend runs you do, you will be earning a coin bag with valuable coins inside.

Subway Surfers powerups gives you certain advantage for a limited time when they are active. Here are some Subway Surfers powerups you can pick up in the game:


Jetpack allows you to fly over all of the trains and collect coins along the way.

Super Sneakers

Super Sneakers will give ability on your character to run faster than normal, and will pick up coins under them.

Coin Magnet

Coin Magnet will let you collect all coins around you depending on your distance to it.

Double Multiplier

2X Multiplier will double your score while it is currently active.

 Subway Surfers Hack

  • Subway Surfers Unlimited Coins Hack (Learn how to get unlimited coins for Subway Surfers.)
  • Subway Surfers Score Hack (Lets you exploit the game, do score pushing and get the highest score.)
  • Subway Surfers Character Tokens Hack (Tutorial on how to Character Tokens. Learn how to get character tokens in Subway Surfers.)
  • Subway Surfers Hoverboard Hack (Get the best possible hoverboard in Subway Surfers.)
  • Subway Surfers Headstart Hack (Exploit the headstart and mega headstart positions.)
  • Subway Surfters Power-ups
  • Subway Surfers Super Sneakers
  • Subway Surfers Coin Magnet
  • Subway Surfers Letters
  • Subway Surfers Double Multiplier
  • Subway Surfers Exploits (Guide contains current working exploits in the game.)
  • Subway Surfers iFile (Subway Surfers updated ifile guide available)
  • Subway Surfers Hack Required Tools
  • Subway Surfers Hack tutorial instructions
  • Works on ALL internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera)
  • iOS : iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation), iPad
  • Android

87 thoughts on “Subway Surfers Hack

  1. Ray D

    Ok soi have been trying to hack this game for 10 hours straight and I trusted this website and it backfired, it and can you tell me a website that is easy to download the hack(I already deleted my old subway surfers on the last hack I tried, can you tell me a straight easy hack to download unlimited coins and keys in subway surfers (and pzlzplpzlpzlzpzlz make it easy plz.) and I need to download the hack on the iphone 5 thx> :) and do not report this question because it does not break any of the yahoo rules.

  2. Adam

    Hello! I am trying to save up my money for ninja. Do you have any good methods on how to get lots of money. No hacks/cheats/glitchs. Just a good method. Thanks

  3. Ryan Dunn

    I want to download new Subway Surfers Tokyo version .Is Subway Surfers Tokyo apk with unlimited money released ?

  4. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    As the question stated, share are some fun and addicting games to play on a android device which doesn’t need to connect to Wi-Fi. The only reason is for me to do something in school when I’m bored. And the Wi-Fi the school offers got hacked and the school turned it off. So now what can I do without Wi-Fi? Any fun games I can play? Except Minecraft, Temple Run, Subway Surfer.. Anything…

  5. Sergeant Pickle

    I have just installed the latest version of Subway Surfers (v1.11.0) from iTunes. Can you tell me from where I can download the hack for this app? I want to unlock everything in the game.

  6. Nick

    Some people keep putting cheats on that give you unlimited ammo but sometimes they don’t and I want to know how to turn on cheats. Also, I saw some other cheats and I want to know how to enter them. I was playing online when they turned them on.

  7. blarg blarg

    I am so board with my sims and I am looking for something interesting to do with them. Who knows and good cheats apart from boolprop testingcheatsenabled true?

  8. LN13

    I have a few pokemon games on my iPod and I was wondering if I can add cheats directly from my iPod or if I have to use a computer (I have a mac). If you know how to add cheats please explain it to me in your response.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Jose B

    i dont have jailbreak device is it possible to hack this game without the jailbreak
    will it work?
    if it will then how?
    and what do i need?
    please help with information

  10. mal_functiongeo

    Hello ! Is there any Subway surfer hack tool for android to get coins. i dont want it to be unlimited. when i spend the coins it should decrease. please help

  11. Matthew S

    Well., I am a gamer everytime, where ever i go. I play on Pc, Xbox, and My phone. At night i play on my phone so i can get sleepy and i have a habit of cheating or hacking on games. I think everyone cheat sometimes too. I just need a list of offline android games. LIST IT HERE PLEASE. THANKS

  12. ericmreitz

    First Question: What will be the next country in subway Surfers??
    Second Question:Is there a hack for Subway Surfers on Android or not?? If there is, can you tell me how to do it??

  13. David

    1. get ifunbox, iexplorer or ifile (jailbreak needed to get ifile)
    2. get the social data and player data and onlinesettings files here:…
    3. go to ifunbox, iexplorer or ifile
    4. Go to Subway Surfers > Documents > delete original files in the document folder
    5. put the hacked files you downloaded in the documents folder
    6. this hack will give you
    999999000 Coins
    999999000 Hoverboard
    999999000 Headstart
    999999000 Mega Headstart
    7. ENJOY =)

  14. whites are not the only racists

    When I click to buy a good board it just keeps on making me click like a douche bag and I still don’t purchase it,ahhh!!
    No I have not

  15. veemodz

    I used to gain alot of points playing subways surfers it got up to 838080 points after that its stopped gaining im starting to think someone might have hacked it what should I do should I reinstall the game? Cuz I came a long way winning

  16. mike s

    If a man continually cheats, you would presume the person he cheats with also is not loyal. Is it often that men will get std from being adulterous?
    How many wives have caught their husbands cheating by getting std?

  17. Vultre9

    I already have cheats but not for all the games…. How do i get cheats for all the games??? Help me!!!!

    PS I already have the cheat file.

  18. ouch

    i saw someone with this app on their ipod. you use it to hack games for money. not real money or illegal stuff. but just money you earn on games. the person was playing subway surfers and i looked at his money and it said 9999999. please help

  19. timq3dimensionscom

    I don’t understand I looked up the cheats and it tells me how to do them but nothing happens am I doing something wrong? Please help.

  20. Chris R

    Seems as if all the Happy Aquarium (for facebook) cheats have been patched, are there any left, or new ones?

    I can use cheat engine quite fine with pointers and all.

  21. ouch

    I know there are cheats out there, but what cheats on Mercenaries actually work?
    What cheats actually work on xbox360 Mercenaries2?

  22. blarg blarg

    I recently hacked the gamecenter leaderboards by making me have the top subway surfers score. I quickly deleted the app and the leaderboards because I thought it was illegal. So, is it?

  23. Erfan

    Please read this, What are some good money cheats for Animal crossing DS, That do NOT bring a lot of weeds and bugs. Oh and that WORK.

  24. John

    I accidentlly hacked subway surfers and made my score like 13047193639-7293 And I’m #1 on the leader board but I don’t want to be a hacker! Can I disable my account so I don’t get reported and my apple id doesn’t get deactivated?

  25. stingerms

    I don’t know how to explain what happen so I’m going to explain my last 15 hours…

    I was trying to download an app on my phone (I have an LG Venice) that would allow me to take any app that i had and hack and buy anything i wanted out of it. The app was called “Freedom” and i wanted it to access TextPlus, and buy unlimited minutes. When I download it, i installed it and i got an error saying that “freedom isn’t available for your country” so i start laughing, thinking its a troll, when it really isn’t… I needed to change my setting to change my timezone to Moscow. My phone doesn’t have an option where i could do that, so i used the Google play store to get an app that could let me do that. I did it, and i used freedom, blah blah… anyways… the app is common for people that wanna buy things for GAMES, like extra coins, ect… i couldn’t hack textPlus.. so i deleted it all after hacking $700 dollars worth of Subway Surfers coins… which i also deleted because it kept lagging. During this time, i forgot to change my timezone back to NY, USA, but Google Play doesn’t work in Russia, so i use my sisters phone to download the same app and send it to myself via Bluetooth .. so i do that, and change it, and it still doesn’t work. Then my sister tells me that when that happen to her, it was because of an app that she downloaded. So I opened up ROM Toolbox and freeze EVERYTHING, every app, every program, even the android apps. The process got to lik 35% to where i bricked my phone… but i managed to restore it this morning.. so it really wasn’t bricked. Now, I still can’t use the Google Play store.

    My phone is rooted, I have no service, and I have working WiFi.

    I’ve tried a factory reset including the SD Card erase, and that’s it.. I’ve lost it all and I’m angry. No Google services work… i can’t sync my account, i can’t use Google things, excpt for chrome.. WHAT DO I DO.

    My phone company can’t help me because the phone isn’t connected, so i can’t do much..
    When i managed to bring it out of being bricked.. i had to put my phone on Recovery mode , where there, it did a factory reset. I lost my ROM toolbox, so I’m sure that all my apps are not frozen..

    And please no wise ass remarks.. we all make mistakes, and its always funny until it happens to you.. i guess I’m just lucky, having people help me out :)

  26. Willie

    I need cheats that don’t make the game crash every time i open the tms hms pocket… So far, everything i’ve tried always screws up my game.

  27. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused

    I want to find a whole bunch of cheats that will help me progress faster in the game using cheats how would i do this?

  28. Benihana

    How do I obtain cheats for my pokemon platinum (that I downloaded to the computer, its not on the ds)? The only cheat im really looking for is unlimited master balls, so I dont have to worry about running out of poke balls.

  29. Jack Bauer

    Whenever I type in the cheats on my pc during gameplay (as instructed by various cheat sites), and then press enter, nothing happens, and when i am typing, the letters bring up the shortcuts. Why is this?

  30. kewlflame14

    I keep trying cheats that just work in december or don’t work.

    Can any one give me some cheats that work all the time 2011?

    Thank you!

  31. Jeff

    Ok, I heard that cheats affect the trophies/achievements for this game. I dont really care about those so thats ok haha. But does it affect the story like cheats did in San Andreas? In other words, will it mess up the game or does it only affect the trophies?

  32. SteveO

    I have a CFW psp and I need to know how to use cheats on the games that are on my memstick. Is it possible to do this?
    GMI gets auto best answer.

  33. TommyKay

    I’ve been playing Sims 3 and looking for cheats and I’ve only found the money cheat. I want to make a teen Sim pregnant and not just the adults.

  34. Hotshot t

    i don’t have action replay but i was wondering if how do you turn off ur ds while using cheats?

    for example, u want ur 999 Rare candies still in ur medicine bag on a NORMAL GAMEPLAY (not using AR) and the cheat “catching the trainers pokemon”? how do u turn off ur ds while your still on that cheat?

  35. nmlpc

    I know the cheats to the game but no one ever put how to enter the cheats in the cheat console. How do you display the cheat console? I also only have the demo of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. Can I still put in cheats because I have the demo?

  36. hank baseballs

    are there any cheats to getting more farmcash on farmville? if so, what are they? and if not, are there any strategies? im running low.

  37. Roar me R

    Help! I have surfed the internet for hours looking for some excellent cheats for Pokemon Diamond, i love the game and all, but It just takes so long! Does anyone know of some good cheats, that DONT, i repeat, DO NOT involve action replay OR a previous Pokemon GBA game?

  38. white man

    And i mean cheats that actually work, not that i have to download anything, and not planting crops, i mean cheats that gets your level up really easily! The neighbour same person method doesn’t work for me.

  39. Myles

    Im looking on cheatplanet and trying to find out how to access the cheats. For some reason I don’t know how to do it. Someone please help.

  40. Willie

    Im having difficulty finding out where to enter the cheats. Part of me thinks the cheats might be bogus. Any help you can offer will be appreciated.

  41. JDOGG1122

    I am trying to get higher gamerscore but when I do cheats most of the achievements get blocked. I tried to stop doing cheats but they are still blocked. I NEED HELP!

  42. dubmecrazy3

    I want to activate some cheats for Pokemon Platinum but it seems i cant. I am using a acekard 2 and when i select the cheat and start bup the game, it doesnt work. what gives?

  43. homerliveshere

    Please Can anyone give me cheats of Counter strike condition zero?
    It makes the game easy to play.
    My friend knows cheats.
    But he would not tell me.

  44. Marlon P

    The game is called, The Last Stand presented by Armor Games. I’ve discovered cheats on several websites and even some hacked versions of the game with every cheat included. The reason I ask is because the game alone is fecking hard. It says to enter “code zero” or something and then type in the respective cheat. Anybody figure this out yet?

  45. stealspartansbcglobalnet

    I got the cheat codes and the instructions to enable them but when I press ‘~’ button the console does not appear. Why is that? I have the same problem with Ghost Recon..If i get the console to pop down I can enable the cheats.

  46. Pacman

    What are some cheats for star wars republic commando other then the normal campaign cheats? My friend showed me some online cheats and he was able to change his skin from trandoshan to republic. It was awesome. What do you have to do to be like that and are there any other cheats like that?

  47. Mc L

    How do you enter the boolprop cheats in The Sims 2 Deluxe? I’ve been trying over and over again to do it, but it just wont work!

  48. Rassling Fundamentals

    I just want to know if there are any cheats for more coins and what keys do have to push to make the cheats work.

  49. RichT

    Hi. I’m using a gba emulator on the pc to play Pokemon emerald, and i dont know how to make the cheats work on it….. Actually I try using them but nothing happen. How do you activate the cheats? And which value should I enter in? Thanks alot.
    Also, what do i have to do to make them work, thanks!

  50. wwwavid360gamercom

    I have a low score on subway surfers but I have over 15,658,325 on temple run! Have any tips cheats codes any thing to make my score really high on temple run?

  51. shahedC

    I want to get subway Surfers for my android Phone That is Samsung galaxy ace plus.I installed it from googe play but when I try to Play it My phone get freezes and Restarts.

  52. kevindiking67verizonnet

    Is there any hack or anything which will help to get unlimited coins and keys in subway Surfers (android) game..??

  53. Rishi

    I want to know because I had to delete subway surfers and I was at x6 and now I’m at x3 and I just want to know how I can get a high score quick?

  54. The Dark Knight

    Theres a game in the app store on androids called subway surfer, has anyone managed to get passed the bridge?

  55. ibjammin44

    One of my missions on subway surfers the app is to bump into four barriers and I don’t know how to do this, can anyone tell me?

  56. Anny

    i just installed subway surfers on my phone i-e canvas 2. i wanted to put the apk file ( for unlimited coins and keys) but the subway surfer folder shows ‘Empty’ .i tried doing the search with another file explorer but the folder is Empty. so apparently i cannot upload the apk file. please help..
    thank you :)


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