Sunfall Kingdom Cheats

Sunfall Kingdom Cheats

Discover the world of Miscria, a mysterious and magical land filled with incredible creatures called Miscrits. A colossal step forward in Facebook gaming, Miscrits is an extraordinary adventure game packed with endless fun!

Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom (former Miscrits: World of Adventure) on Facebook is a role playing and adventure game, the game is Pokemon themed and the players must discover the world of Miscria, a mysterious and magical land filled with incredible creatures called Miscrits.

Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom  starts with a small tutorial that guides you through the basic guidelines of gameplay. After choosing your first Miscrit monster, you’ll go into battle, which tends to be the bulk of the game.

Along your adventure you’ll collect Miscrits, and use them to battle and capture other Miscrits, much like Pokemon, the battles are turn based and the goal is to capture the little monsters, rather then finish them off, capturing can be a tricky thing, and you need to lower their health point in order to improve your chances of capturing them.

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Tutorial How to Use: 

1. Log in to your Facebook account and go Sunfall Kingdom application
2. Download and Run the Sunfall Kingdom –  hack tool
3. Enter stats amount you wanted to add
4. Click Start and wait until finish hacking
5. Refresh your browser and viola you will see the results

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19 thoughts on “Sunfall Kingdom Cheats

  1. Heath

    I am looking for a good game I can play without downloading or paying for it. I like murder/mystery and adventure games. Help if you know of any. Thanx!

  2. Death Knight

    Hello, I was thinking the other day that I wanted to make a simple no-graphics text-based adventure game and I was wonderring how would you suggest making one nowadays?

    I remember once trying two programs for just that job, but they were free trial versions with limited abilities and I even forgot what they were called. What would you suggest?

  3. mendhak

    A few years back, me and my neighbors were on their computer and they found a choose your own adventure game. But this one was about a haunted house and at one point you were lying on the ground in a cemetary hiding from something. Does anyone know this ?

  4. Jack Bauer

    I’ve started playing the “Rugrats Adventure Game” and I can’t get past the playpen in the first part of the game. I look in my inventory (Tommy’s diaper) but the screwdriver to get out isn’t in there. I look in the pocket of the teddy bear but Phil says there’s nothing in there and I clicked everywhere but the screwdriver doesn’t show up. What should I do?

  5. Cliffy N

    I’m looking for a way to create a text-based adventure game.
    I want people to be able to run it in their browsers.

  6. stealspartansbcglobalnet

    Okay I have an idea for a choose your own adventure game, but here’s the thing. I’ve looked all over the internet to figure out how, and the only thing I keep hearing is use flash or use java or something along those lines. Plain simple, I can’t use either. I have absolutely no idea how to use java, and I had the flash trial on my computer run out already. Any alternatives?

  7. Superman

    I know nothing about this stuff except that my system is not up to speed with some of the newest games.What is a fun adventure game that fits my system?Example;LOTR or Dragon Age.But will work though.My system is:Windows XP 7 style 2010,Pentium R 4 CPU 1.80Ghz,Memory 1.79Ghz,256 MB of RAM,32 BIT operating system.Also,I will be using my keyboard not a game control.What can I play?

  8. Alex

    I have been using Big Fish to download some fun adventure games but I dislike all the hidden object games that seem to have invaded the site. I guess I want a cclassic adventure game. Here’s a list of games I’ve already played.
    I really enjoyed: Casebook Episode I (Big Fish doesn’t have the other episodes!!!), The Broken Sword Games and Muder in the Abbey.
    Anymore like this???

  9. sick_mick_101

    Please give an explanation of why it is the greatest adventure game (VIDEO GAME) of all time. Best answer wins 5star.

  10. Coffee t

    I’m looking for a good first person adventure game to play with my dad. It can’t be super complicated controls and it doesn’t need to be a long game because I want to play it with him over winter break, so we’ll only have a couple weeks to beat it.

    We used to play the original myst together like 10 years ago and he loved that game.

  11. Christopher J

    I already have Devil May Cry 4, Uncharted Drake’s Fortune, and Heavenly Sword. So it would be nice if you could mention some other good action adventure games. Try not to list games that are primarily 1st person shooter games. Like I said, I am all about action adventure.

    Oh and how good is the game Oblivion: Elder Scrolls IV?

  12. TommyKay

    I am trying to find an adventure game where there is a story line and you have to walk around and try to complete the quest/misson. Does anyone know any good ones???

  13. Moore, Ron

    A game that you really recommend, and that is like an adventure game with some mystery in it. Maybe even a detective game?
    A computer game then.

  14. Dr Hank

    Especially when they are two separate categories, not like Action/Adventure. i have seen games be categorized as one or the other, sometimes both. but what is the difference?

    for example: there is a clear line between a FPS vs Fighting game, Racing vs RPG, etc. but i haven’t been able to fine the clear line between an action game and an adventure game

  15. Daniel

    I can not remember much about this game. I believe it was an adventure game that took place in a snowy village but was filled with many math mini games. Please keep in mind, I played this game in school over 15 years ago-so I don’t remember more details about it. Does anybody know what game I’m referring to and remember the name of it?

  16. Tyler H

    Im looking for a good adventure game that allows some freedom where you are not forced to stay on the story the whole time. I’ve heard that avatar is good? Please suggest anything

  17. Alun J

    I am a huge fan of action/adventure games. I am looking for a game that will blow me away. Stunning graphics, great gameplay, and will never get old no matter how man times I play it. Any ideas?

  18. rndmaktn

    I wana play a good shooting/adventure game on ps3 and it has to be four player so i can play with my mates on one console


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