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91 thoughts on “Survey Bypass Direct Download 2013

  1. steve

    How long does it take a single c++ professional programmer to make a the following:

    1) tetris
    2) blockbreaker
    3) rpg 2d type games (final fantasy, pokemon)
    4) basic 3d games(ex: a ball rolling around an empty room)
    5) proffessional 3d games(halo, doom, etc.)

    remember, this is assuming a single c++ programmer. Do keep in mind that this is estimated or average amount of time it takes to create these games.

  2. Michael C

    I am working on my BS in Computer Science, but am hardly the Republican that most engineers tend to be, and don’t really like the stuffy, ultra-conservative office culture. I can’t stand business a$$holes. I will graduate in two years, and am having nightmares (figuratively speaking) about spending the rest of my life working for some overbearing, bible-thumping manager. I know Google has a reputation of being liberal, but I watched their PR video online, and it was embarassingly repulsive and disgustingly sneaky, as is the case with most PR. I get the impression that working there would be no better than working at Microsoft. Right now the best job I can think of for a freethinker like myself would be some independent thing, but I am in no position to embark on someting as unstable as that. Any ideas? Advice from professional programmers would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Alina Elliott

    Which of these jobs earn more annually: An employee working in a mining company (e.g. dump truck driver, heavy crane operator, driIler) or an IT professional (programmer, software architects, database analyst) in an IT firm??

    I want to move to Australia someday and I am having a dilemma over what career to pursue. And MONEY is my motivation in deciding which career I would want to pursue. I also am conversant in Mandarin.

  4. Joe M

    I’m a professional web programmer, but I’ve been developing games in Java and the XNA dev kit for the past couple of years. I’m interested in creating games for Android-powered mobile devices, but I have no experience with the platform.

    I’m experienced in most standard web languages as well as Java, C#, ActionScript, and VB. What sort of learning curve can I expect to encounter learning to program for Android, and how would you recommend getting started?

  5. ademuth93

    I’m currently a student right now and I would like to know if it’s possible to be a good programmer/web developer while also being good in networking. I need some opinion that’s why.

    My plan goal is to become a professional programmer/web developer who can do some designs but also be able to have good knowledge in networking. I want to be good in both and php as well as having great knowledge in networking. Is it possible?

  6. Kevin

    I am a professional programmer and can create a custom site where you create and account and update and it has features to post daily pic, stats, charts, progress, journal, top 10 losers (winners), blogs, chat, support groups, etc.
    Sort of like the my-fat-loss-space of the web. Maybe we can have a donation or an optional $1 feature to join for premium account, then every 3 months someone is voted to win that money for best progress(weekly pics required).

    Duno. I feel like this is a better incentive that pushes people get in shape. I am also a certified personal trainer and will dedicate as much time as possible to answer questions. Perhaps I can also recruite some buddies to do the same.
    Will start the site with me losing 15 pounds to my goal of 175!

    What do you think of this idea?

  7. isk8at818

    which the salary of a professional in computing, I’m from Brazil, and here in Brazil unfortunately does not have much technology, too little pay for a trained computer science, will college is expensive, and the salary of a professional is 1,500 in 2000 will real, absurd, for those who worked hard, and in the end only make it, I wanted to know when is earning a professional programmer in the United States …
    50 cents the hour? what the f.u.c.k?

  8. Brody S

    I am a professional programmer with more than 7 years experience :)
    And I currently work in a private company and earn about 3000$ a month.

    I just want to know how much money can I make as a solo developer in this insane market (mobile apps).
    Is it worth going for google play and app store?

    Of course, I can tolerate 2-3 months without money to involve in this business.

    Thanks alot

  9. Tyler H

    Right now I can’t even get Pong quite right, but I’m curious, if I were a competent professional programmer with average experience and I had a partner to create the assets (art, music, levels, etc.), how good could my game get?

    Take into account that anyone can clone World of Warcraft in less than 10 years if they had unlimited capacity to focus on one project without burning out.

  10. nmlpc

    M & T Pub. (2007). Software Tools for the Professional Programmer. Dr. Dobb’s >>Journal, 32(392), 102-106.
    “>>” being where I want to insert the tab.

  11. Beavis

    I am a law student. So i don’t wanna be a professional programmer rather taking it as my hobby.And I know nothing about programming. So what should I do step by step? Your help will be appreciated.Thank You.

  12. mrankinmatt

    i mean come on, Microsoft this great PC company with all of these professional programmers can’ make something like garage band.
    are they even planning to do so?
    i KNOW that there are much more programs about sound in windows
    and i wrote couple
    BUT what am asking is if Microsoft have one

  13. Yoshi

    I would like to access e-mails to my web site so that I can put them into a database and parse them -without recieving them on the client side.

    Or, what is the procedure for accessing the mail server to proccess the e-mail recieved to my web site?

    At the moment I have a very cheaply hosted web site wherein I am sharing a server? Would it mean a dedicated web server and mail server?

    I am not a technical person, so apologies if the question is not framed appropraitely. I would be outsourcing the work to professional programmers and I am trying to frame the problem.


    I am a college student. I want to be a professional programmer. But I Don’t know how to start. There’s a lot of WH. 1.How to start?, 2.What I will need? , 3.what should I know? 4. Where I can find a guide that can always help me?

  15. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused

    I want to be a professional programmer, I am expert in animation and graphics design.I also inteested in Ethical Hacking. I want to move to windows 7 based pc to a linux based pc and also need security for my Internet Banking. I see many linux based operating system but i can not understand that which is the best linux os for that type work.
    Please help me and suggset a best linux os.

  16. Jonny

    Yes I do realise that a lot of people can’t stand programming.. but this is aimed at all the professional programmers and software engineers out there…

    I am a software engineer myself. I use with C# and I’ve been working for about a year… but I’m beginning to lose interest. Did you ever have a similar experience? What did you do do about it?

  17. stephen m

    I am studying java from a very good and challenging book at the same time. I enjoy studying but sometimes I face many challenging exercises which don’t have answers. Do you think hiring a professional java programmer or instructor, showing him the book and asking him to help me in the challenging exercises is a good solution ?

  18. have faith

    I am interested in learning programming. I just got started a month ago. I am studying between 20 and 30 hours a week. I also have a mentor who coaches me personally for a few hours a week. I am not aiming to be a professional programmer but I would like to be able to build useful web applications. I am aiming to study as hard as I have described above for a year. Is it doable to become useful in the programming world within a year with this amount of study?
    As a disclaimer I am fairly smart. I am getting a 4.0 at University of Washington without trying all that hard.

  19. ttocs

    I want to make an application (in Delphi or C#) which cannot be terminated even in Task Manager.

    When I try to terminate some programs like Kaspersky or ZoneAlarm, Task Manager shows me the error: “The operation could not be completed. Access is denied.”
    I want to make an application like these, which cannot be terminated with Task Manager – I want Task Manager show the same error when some user try to terminate my program. But I am not professional programmer – and I don’t know how to do that.

    Please help me if you can!

  20. stephen m

    When programming I know what I need to do to solve an issue logically but sometimes I just can’t remember function names, do professional programmers look up reference frequently when programming? I know there is intellisense but there is not for every IDE/Compiler.

    My problem isn’t remembering how to do something it’s strictly remembering the names of certain functions that I seldom use but are very useful.

  21. Xbox360king

    I have an idea for a language learning software company I want to launch. I want to create a pilot version myself to illustrate the idea and get further funding to develop it with the help of professional programmers. What programming langauge should I learn to be able to do this? The actual program would have about the complexity level of rosetta stone software.

  22. floydian8717

    Is it a requirement for good(professional) programmers to be good in coming up with algorithms for their programs?

  23. maskills24

    M & T Pub. (2007). Software Tools for the Professional Programmer. Dr. Dobb’s >>Journal, 32(392), 102-106.
    “>>” being where I want to insert the tab.
    Figured it out, its just Ctrl+Tab.

  24. Denali

    I have taken my laptop in to my school’s IT department for them to take a look at (it froze up and appears to have crashed), but if it can’t be fixed, how do I transfer music, pictures, etc. from the previous one to a new computer/laptop? My dad, who is a professional programmer, said there are ways this can be done.

  25. Stevalicious

    do you know any good forum where i could ask for advise,and actually get an answer by professional programmers?

  26. homerliveshere

    I am very very and VERY much interested to be a professional programmer and I want to know how should i proceed in my life what should i do daily for practise ?I have just learnt C language and looking forward..I can give as much time as needed to be a programmer

  27. Hannah

    I would love to become a professional programmer. I am currently a freshman in High School. I need a good Programming college to go to! Please give me some colleges that would give me these choices!

    I program in Java, mostly, but am willing to learn new languages! Any other future programming advice would be appreciated.

    I also get straight A’s.

  28. Ev dog

    So I’m like a professional iPad programmer and I need to make money with iPad apps

    I’m wondering what type of apps people buy that u can sell and make 150 000 per year or 10000000 per year

    Do they like games or what?

    What would u like?

  29. homerliveshere

    I graduated with a degree in philosophy and have been messing with C++ for about a year and a half now. If I spend more time learning programming languages, could I become a professional programmer?

  30. shahrukh

    I am starting to learn Java, for computing AS Level, and was just wondering what the professional programmers use to create there games, apps, programs or whatever they are making??

  31. Flash Funk

    I’m not a professional programmer, so I’m not too keen on buying updates all the time, as the program itself suits my need real fine.
    However, I can’t install it on my new computer, as the setup seems incompatible with my win7 system. Is there anything I can do to be able to install my clarion again?

  32. Michael C

    I have a question about computer programming.
    I am a college student and I have been developing an idea I’ve had about a business website. For several months now, I have pretty much completed the basic concept of the site and have been designing the web pages of my future website. The entire project is nearly completed in that stage at this point. My problem, now, is this: I don’t have much professional expertise about computer programming itself and I would need the participation of professional computer programmers to be able to eventually launch this site. But it’s not as if I have the financial luxury to be able to employ people right now. So what I’d like is to find an outlet through which I can safely introduce my idea to professional computer programmers/web business experts and gain partnership. Does anyone have any good ideas where I can gain access to such resources?
    Thank you. All answers will be much appreciated.

  33. mmminja

    I’m not a professional programmer or anything, but I know enough HTML and web design to make basic web pages.

    An acquaintance has asked me if I could make a web page for his local business, an office building cleaning service. Since he wants me to put in the time to make it a good, professional looking site to market his company, he wants me to bill him. I want to give him a price that beats what he could get from a professional service – that’s the whole point of him coming to me with this – but is still fair for me.

    Any suggestions?

  34. soccermaster1

    If I want to develop a web portal project (similar to Ebay, or a game portal where thousands of people can play chess), should I hire professional programmers or can I work with a professor (who will provide the guidance, but the actual code will likely be written by grad students).

    The latter will be a lot cheaper, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. Any advice? My main concern is that they lack the capability and experience.

  35. Gabriel Kenney

    I’m going to launch my own Fashion website to promote my knitwear line. I will hire a professional programmer to design the website for me. However, I have a question about the display of my products.

    As I saw on my Shopping sites, it’s possible for customer to zoom and see the detail of the product. I wonder how those photos were taken? Is there any special service out there to take such photos?


  36. Mr SoLo DoLo

    Hi, I am a first year Computer Science college student in the Philippines. I would just like to ask the opinion of programmers out there if an average or below average student could make it as professional programmer. The last few semesters were a horrible experience for me in which I barely pass two of my programming subjects. Still it was quite an achievement when the failing rate of those subjects was around 50%-60%. However, every time I think about it or look at my programming books we have barely scratch the surface of what we are supposed to learn. So do you really need to be a genius to be a GOOD Programmer or to be précised a programmer that gets paid a decent amount?

  37. JackReynolds

    I mean sites & communities where not EVERYBODY would be an expert in programming & mock questions of new learners like me as basic or easy. Well, I am an Engineering grad with fair idea about programming but am out to improve my skills beyond average level.But some communities I have come across seem to be geared towards full-fledged professional programmers.Any forums for those in learning stage like me to discuss stuff, post & answer questions related to C programming?

  38. MexicanDude

    Im looking for good IDE which i can write most of the programming languegs. What editor are for example professional video game programmers using when they are writing a video game?

  39. Xbox360king

    How does a programmer see a code if it works? I mean how does professional programmers point out the mistakes at first instance..Please refer me some tricks

  40. fattiemanny

    I would like to get into a programming related job in the future (i am an 18 year old college drop out :/ ).
    I failed college due to something unbelievable minor and because of this i cannot afford to go again this year.

    I started programming earlier this year in c#, but i am starting shifting to Java.
    If you were in my situation what would you do to achieve my goal of becoming a professional programmer? (college + uni are out of the question).
    I could probably do short courses / apprenticeship/internships at companies?

    I am not just wanting to drop in into the industry, i am saying what ways i can come in without the an degree / alevels.

    I am going to be practising programming and would like to start in the next few years giving me enough time to understand as much as i may need to know.

  41. Jonny

    I’m having a rather extensive database driven site built by professional programmers and have changed my mind about what I want the URL to be. They’ve done a lot of work already, so starting over isn’t an option.

    Can they just keep the work already done and “paste” it to a new url?

  42. Brody S

    I’m NOT a professional programmer, but i wondered how we could know that our pc being infected of something by clickjacking kind of programme, i meant to know what commandline or commandlines we ought to use on checking this kind of malware programme being injected or propagated on-line.

  43. Brody S

    Please read the details here. I am looking to sell (my own) vector images, prints of (my own) digital illustrations and desktop wallpapers of said illustrations.
    I would seriously like to earn money, not just put it up on some site that takes 90% of earnings.

    I know it would be best to get my own domain and a professional programmer to set it all up, but as of now that option is not affordable.

    So… Istock, Vendio, eBay, deviantart, etc.? What would you suggest?

  44. jdfan

    Suppose you wanted to be some kind of professional programmer. What’s are the pros and cons of doing a degree in CS vs. learning to program at a technical or vocational college? They have 2 year programs in things like computer programming, web programming etc. at several community colleges around here.

  45. mavis24

    Hey i wanna know that how to become a better professional programmer if i dont have any computer science background in college or university…i hav a commerce background and i know little about some languages like Vb,C,Pascal but i want to be at the top!..really hav a dream of being a great programmer who knows all!..i need help!!

  46. supernerd567

    I need to start learning Fortran and I know NOTHING about it. Does anyone know any websites where I can get a Fortran compiler and an editor that recognizes the language? I know I can just google it but there are so many web sites and I don’t know which ones to trust. Keep in mind that I don’t want anything fancy, just a very simple editor that I can write basic codes in.

    Also, please be gentle with technical terminology. I am a mathematician, not a professional programmer. Thanks!

  47. Agent 47

    If I want to develop a web portal project (similar to Ebay, or a game portal where thousands of people can play chess), should I hire professional programmers or can I work with a professor (who will provide the guidance, but the actual code will likely be written by grad students).

    The latter will be a lot cheaper, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. Any advice? My main concern is that they lack the capability and experience.

  48. Jairo

    I seek the answer of a professional programmer.

    I want to know what languages are high and what languages are low, by whatever they mean with this.

  49. Xbox Gamer

    I was going to download some things but when I click download it says please fill out this survey then you could download your things. I completed it, and the page would still not unlock. Does anyone know how to skip or bypass it without completing it?

  50. Harry

    If somebody tells you to go and (SEXUAL INTERCOURSE) yourself, to say, “okay”, then walk to the corner of the room and (MANUALLY STIMULATE THE SEXUAL ORGANS) yourself silly???

    *This question has been modified to bypass the anal yamster filter.

  51. Taylor2k

    I think this only happens in Malaysia,when i go to some psp websites,suddenly ads and banner cpop out and i have to complete some survey.I’m using Opera can anybody help me?

  52. arronwrath

    I am trying to access a website that requires you to complete one of many unending surveys. How do i bypass the surveys and get on to my website?

  53. Harriet W

    I can’t complete the surveys for some reason. Is there a way you know of that will allow me to bypass the surveys. Perhaps a greasemonkey script or extension? I use Google Chrome

  54. Xavier Hawthorne

    I need to download something on a website but it says that i need to fill a survey,which i have time to,but there is no survey available for my country.

  55. Flash Funk

    I was downloading a movie through a torrent, and of course I got one of those annoying “Go to this survey and fill out the information and apply for 3 of the special offers to get the password!” things. Well, I BSed my way through the whole thing and of course no password, but the movie files look legit. Is there a program or a method anyone knows of to open that up without typing the pasword? Or a way to crack the password?

  56. toysruslover

    I am doing a Civil Engineering degree at University and for a project i have decided to do design a road bypass for a small town. My question is approx how long would it take to survey the land and how much would it cost? I have worked out it road would be around 3000m long and would need at least 1 over-bridge for a railway

  57. Taylor G

    I’m trying to watch a movie and all the sites that have it, make me complete a survey and purchase something. I want to bypass those surveys and just get to the movie. Please help!

  58. Sergio

    On fileice I keep trying to do surveys but after I do them the download doesn’t start.
    So I need to get past the survey thing to download it.
    Any suggestions?
    And no I can’t get a premium account.

  59. Chester

    PLEASE!!!! I really need to know an effective survey bypasser, whether it is downloadable or online. Just as long as there are no passwords involved, or even the ridiculous surveys you need to complete to download the survey bypasser (which doesn’t make sense). I think it’s stupid how they expect us to pay money to complete a survey offer when, a.) most of the time they don’t work, and, b.) sometimes if you want to download a password for something, and you have to do a survey, the password ends up being easier to guess than you think. They’re scams and I would really appreciate if someone could help, thanks

  60. RxP DarkBox

    As the title says, is there a way to block cpalead? I think i speak for everyone when i say im sick of having to fill out survey’s to access content. And sometimes i do surveys and nothing even unlocks. I wouldnt mind doing them, but sometimes i spend 20 minutes doing one, and its just endless.

    So any help?

  61. Heath

    i read somewhere that you can play games like farmville and to get the zynga dollars you need to fill out a survery or whatever to get some cash. I know there’s a survey bypass but it require you to edit the javascript or something. can someone post where i can read more or even give me a DIY?

  62. Jamal

    I have tried the 5 inbetween “generate” and “.php” and it hasn’t worked. Any suggestions or other ways to bypass this survey?

  63. Courtney

    I’m trying to download a file from sharecash but I can’t because of these extremely annoying survey requirements. Any way to get around the surveys?
    >Actually it’s an item generator for Team Fortress 2.

  64. Roar me R

    I’ve got this program and I can’t run it because there’s this thing that pops up saying to put in an activation well to get the activation code I have to do a survey for the people and I did and it never unlocked so I’m resulting to this. Is there a way to look into the program to delete this or something? Any help is great.

  65. PoohBearPenguin

    I have been trying to download a hack and no matter where on the internet i look it just brings me to a survey that i have to fill out to get to the content. Is there a way to bypass those surveys so i can just download the program. I have even filled a few out but they never unlock the download. Can anyone please help? Youtube is nothing but fake videos and ive been spending hours trying to get that program. Can anyone give me some straight answers?

  66. PIE BOY

    I want to download a file, but the guy who made the file put a survey on it. Each survey cost’s more than $40 to complete as they will continue to take money from me. How can I bypass the survey and get my file?


  67. John

    I live in Bangladesh and most of the surveys on different websites don`t have surveys for my country. So I need a way too bypass them to download necessary files. Please HELP ME!!

  68. Franklin Bluth

    How would you describe some of the computer crime prevention measures that government agencies and private corporations are taking. Explain which ones you think are most effective and why.

    (I am doing a survey for my final project and would appreciate any positive input.)

  69. The Dark Knight

    I am sick of sharecash downloads! is there any way to download without surveys? I heard you can use grease monkey but i have never used it. if you can give me grease monkey directions or any way to skip surveys please tell me. If you can give me a youtube link I will thank you very much!!!

  70. Phillip123

    I need to download something but the website is redirecting me to a cleanfiles or fileice website. They ALL require me to do a survey in order to get the download. I did the surveys about 10x and it still says I did not complete the surveys! I went on YouTube and people posted video tutorials on how to download their softwares that allow you to bypass surveys but even those softwares make you do a survey in order to see the download.

    I disabled java script in both google chome and firefox and instead got an error message that said I can’t view the website without java script. I installed ad blocker and it said I need to disable ad blocker in order to view the site. I am about had enough with my patents here. What can I do to bypass the surveys and get my download?

  71. Anny

    I cant stand going to a website and those surveys pop up. The thing is I cant get pass them. Ill complete one sirvey and the it keeps sending to more and more surveys show up…and they never stop. I tried to bypass othem but alot of ideas I got were extremely complicated. How can I get pass or complete them. I fmdoing the mcdonalds or burger king survey

  72. Johnky J

    How can you bypass ALL online surveys to get to a download? Websites such as sharecash, fileurl, fileice, etc…. PLease dont respond with a dowload link to a program if that program is locked with a survey. =_= All responses are appreciated. Thanks!

  73. lucasg615

    I want to download some cheats from a website but I can’t because I am not old enough to fill out the survey. How could I get the ebook? Can anyone help me?

  74. Lachlan

    You know I always tryed to bypass these things i every program needs a rar password and every password needs a survey and it´s getting a bit annoying. Could anyone help me?

  75. Mike

    I need to download something and it requires some stupid survey. I tried turning java off and pressing F5 on google chrome and Firefox. It doesn’t work or allow me to go download it. I tried survey assassin but it keeps saying invalid URL. Help?

    (I’ll edit this and give the link if someone knows how)

  76. kass9191

    When i want to download some files, it says to complete a is disgusting because t takes a lot of time, they want personal and useless information and sometimes money.So is their any way i can skip this option?

  77. sakyue1993

    i want to download a file from filespeedy but i need to download the filespeedy survey bypass application first, but theres even a survey just to download the filespeedy survey bypass application, anyone know where i can download it without any surveys?

  78. opurt

    I’m sick of taking a survey, as im guessing many other people are too, and want to just watch a movie with out downloads or surveys

  79. Gamer959

    What i’m actually trying to ask is, if i was to bypass a survey on a “Free Runescape membership” website will I get the membership? As it says above

  80. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    I downloaded a file and now I need to put in the encryption password. It says I get it from this link but when I went on this link i had to complete a survey. when I did it didn’t do anything. How do I get this password?
    and it needs to be free

  81. Jesse

    I’m always stuck at an ExpertSavings ad. I can fill out everything up to that point, but then I stop. The browser doesn’t redirect to the next page, and I can’t force it to continue. Is this happening to anyone else? Can I bypass this problem. It seems as though the Prizerebel staff is too lazy to help me.

  82. Jonny

    When i want to download something, it says that i have to complete a survey. When i do complete a survey it still doesn’t unlock it. HELP!!

  83. mal_functiongeo

    I was trying to download a file from sharecash and then comes an annoying popup asking to complete a survey in order to unlock the page and see the download link. What do i do to get the Download Link without doing any survey? Any suggestion

  84. henryshensbcglobalnet

    I would download a rar file and there would be the program I want and a txt .file that say “download the password here” and it would be a Sharecash website where you have to do a survey to get the password. Is their a way to bypass the password?

  85. Jamal

    i want to download an important file. but it requires me to finish a survey. i want to bypass the surveys but i don’t know how…. any help is appreciated thx!

    p.s i did some researching and found out that certain methods of removing surveys does not cover download sites…. it only allows the user to get INTO a site instead… these methods does not help me… however i was unable to find a method that bypass the ones on downoad sites. Thx in advance!

  86. lets roll

    Want to download a file but the surveys get in the way…
    The file im downloading isnt illegal, its a mod for a game. No idea why the uploader didnt put it on megaupload or something…

  87. Dollie Mccrystal

    are any survey bypasser softwares are available for free on the net? if so pls give a link. some sites have a survey and some never ending surveys to unlock these files.
    please help. thanks.


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