Tactical Intervention Cheats

Tactical Intervention Cheats

Tactical Intervention is an upcoming video game by Minh Le, the co-creator of Counter-Strike. It is a multiplayer first-person shooter in which a team of counter-terrorists face off against a team of terrorists, much like its predecessor, Counter-Strike. Tactical Intervention will enter the closed beta on may 28th 2010 in North America, however this did not result in the release of the game. New information and a website from European publisher mayn Interactive surfaced in March 2013. The website, featuring a description of all of the game modes, as well as levels, also contains an option to sign up for closed beta, which the publisher will start for Europe on may 6th, 2011.

Our hacks are the best in the world, coded personally by r4ge. This works with the new CS:1.6 updates.. This has all the features you could ever want, including Aimbot, ESP, Removals and more. You can configure every aspect of the to work for all out raging on a server. You can also configure it to look like your playing legit so nobody has any idea your cheating, except you!

Anticheat Protection

*Valve Anti Cheat
*Iron Wall

Hack Features (Working With the New OB Update)
* Ingame menu
* Settings GUI
* Triggerbot
* Chameleon Style Chams
* Lambert (Makes Chams Extremely bright!)
* Wireframe Chameleon Style Chams
* XGZ Wallhack
* FullBright
* Flash removal
* Hands Removal
* Wireframe Hands
* Chamed Hands
* Smoke Removal
* Fog Removal
* Ingame FPS Display
* Inagme Resolution Display
* Ingame Time Display

*Windows XP
*Windows Vista
*Windows 7
*32/64 Bit Support
*24/7 Staff Support


That’s it, have fun hacking.

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19 thoughts on “Tactical Intervention Cheats

  1. Joe T

    I want to know if I am the only person without using cheats hacks killing my friends or camping to get over 500+ nukeson Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

    Combined playtime on both of acccounts is 7 days.
    My kill:death ratio is 14.93:1
    My winstreak is 300+ on ground war team death match domination and sometimes free for all.
    I can kill someone with a sniper in less than 0.5 seconds.
    I get nukes 80% of all my games.
    I have notibly won a ground war game for my team by 1 kill by getting 99kills 5 deaths and another person on my team getting 1.

    I always use claymores stun/smoke grenades scavenger pro cold blooded pro commando pro and silencer on all my weapons unless Im using a sniper which I like to use thermal on.

    Favourite weapons: ACR silenced UMP45 silenced Intervention thermal Barrett 50.calibre thermal with PP2000 silenced but M9 tactical knife on the UMP45.

    I once got 3 nukes in a game. I was in my 4th chopper gunner and couldnt use my nuke so we lost that game…

    Killstreak 67 game ended! :(

    My proudest title MVP Assassin – kill the opposing teams player 10 times in one game.

    I dont play anymore because my ps3 broke but my PS3 is Rudy_Moz 400+ nukes and Mosbabez 100+ nukes.
    My proudest title MVP Assassin – kill the opposing team’s top player 10 times in one game.

    Im not here to brag. I just want to know if I am one of the world’s best players.

    And I dont understaand why people cant get nukes… 7 Kills harrier airstrike kills 2+ harrier kills 5+
    11 kills chopper gunner kills 30+ nuke…

    I laugh at people with something like 1.73:1 kill ratio thinking theyre really good killing 1.73 people before they die… hahahahahhahahahahahhaha.

  2. Goe122

    I am looking into getting a pet chameleon, and wanted to know what is the most common and what is their lifespan in captivity.

  3. Caltel T

    I just got a baby jackson chameleon, he’s only a few inches long and he is pretty thin. My dad found his the other day. He ate two flies today, and i was wondering how many times i should feed him a day. Anyways please answer my question. Thank you!

  4. nmlpc

    I put crickets,locusts and roaches in a see through bowl and waxworms and mealworms in a different bowl but my chameleon seems to not want to eat them. He only eats when i try handfeeding sometimes and maybe sometimes if i let some of the insects roam free. Any tips to try and get him to eat from a bowl?

  5. Superman

    Hello. I just recently gotten a veiled chameleon and shes all about 1 month old. Her cage is decent size for her right now because of how small she is. Ive putten fake branches and leaves in there until her big cage comes in. It seems like she likes it but she seems to want to stay on my arm and outside more than she does. What else can I do so she feels comfortable? Another thing is she seems like she doesn’t want to eat. Im feeding her small mealworms until she gets bigger. But doesn’t seem to want to eat them so far she has eaten 2 but hasn’t ate this morning yet. Any suggestions?

  6. Matt

    My family and I were thinking of getting a Chameleon. We already have a young Chinese Water Dragon. We don’t really want to get another habitat but we’re not sure if my Chinese Water Dragon will get along with a Chameleon. Can the two get along together or will we have to get a new habitat?

  7. The Dark Knight

    I am getting a chameleon but can’t decide what species to get, a veiled or panther. I am thinking a panther, because they are generally more friendly and colourful, but I really like the casque on veiled. What one is your preference? I am pretty experienced with reptiles and amphibians. I have had leopard geckos, green anoles, green tree frogs, bearded dragons, and a water dragon, so don’t say how I am going to kill it. I have done a lot of research about both veiled and panther chameleons.

  8. Peter

    I’m looking to get a chameleon, but I need the breed that is easiest to care for, if there is a variation in maintenance. I really like Nosy-be chameleons, but I don’t know if they’re easy to care for. Also, if there are a few easy-maintenance breeds, which is the cheapest?

  9. shahedC

    My friend has this chameleon she got from eBay a while back and it thinks it’s so smart, changing into different colours and hiding and stuff every time i want to go pet it. I ought to be taught a lesson. What happens when you put a chameleon on a mirror? That’d freak it out. Either that or in front of a TV or in a nightclub. What do you guys and gals reckon?

  10. JDOGG1122

    Just as the question asks. Can an ambilobe panther chameleon and golden tamerin monkey live together as pets?
    If I’m underestamating this please explain what I’m getting myself into. Or the feasibility of what I’m proposing.

  11. Rkmc

    I’ve been looking into getting a chameleon but the one I went and saw at pets mart said it doesn’t like to be handled and the bearded dragon does but I really want a chameleon. My friend had one and she held it all the time.

  12. Dark_LovexXx

    I am getting a 2 year old Male Veiled Chameleon soon. How often and how much should I feed him? This is basically they ONLY thing I do not know about him. Different sites say different things about this. Thanks.
    I have owned other reptiles before and have done my research, so I know what Im getting into! Thanks for the advise.

  13. Lasagna delivery guy

    I have a baby chameleon, a screen cage, plastic pants, sticks, repti- bark (substrate), and a misting bottle. How can keep liquid in the cage for it to drink?

  14. Chris R

    I really stink at the game and want some help playing online. For some reason, I always do better when I change my weapons around.

  15. sarah w

    I had a chameleon when i was 5 and I LOVED him. I want one again but my dad got rid of everything for it. How much would it cost to get their cage and all the requirements + the chameleon. Also list what he will need. One more thing, are they easy to take care of? Will they need cage cleanings a lot?

  16. toast

    I really want a chameleon but my house is not calm. I asked if everyone if they could be a little more calmer around the house but they said no. What would be the best type of chameleon to get and how do I make it feel comfortable?

  17. Ev dog

    My sis has purchased a flexarium for her chameleon on the advice of many. now she has it home and is unsure of the use of bulbs, uv lighting and heat mats in it. Is there anyone able to guide us as to the best heating methods for the chamleon? Thank you very much in advance.

  18. Salam

    I was just wondering how much it would all cost for the chameleon (I am looking for a veiled chameleon) plus all the supplies it needs.
    Thanks! :)

  19. Wooooody

    Right now we have a Schefflera (Umbrella tree) in the enclosure & the chameleon enjoys it very much. I have also heard that the leaves are toxic; is this true? I have only ever heard of the sap from ficus being toxic. Any other ideas are great plants to use when we build a bigger much better enclosure?


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