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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria The Hitchhiker's hack v2.6

The World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria The Hitchhiker’s v2.6 is the best for this. I’m proud to say that I’ve made it myself. It took me about four months of hard work, but it worth it. Nobody can ever detect me and I win all my arena matches. This makes me feel better than ever! At first I was a weak player, a mediocre one, you can say that I was even a noob player. But I got sick of getting killed. Let me feel OP. Let me feel THE POWER! It will also act as an Quest Helper, it will track for example all the herbs or mines or whatever you need or want. :D Here is the and I will explain to you each aspects of it. It works with ANY version of WOWMoP.

It has many things to tick. But the The World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria The Hitchhiker’s v2.6 isn’t that hard to use. Below this you will have all of the’s aspects explained:

I. [Functions (Private)]
These functions must be used on Private servers only
(Never use it on live server !)

Overall speed: Modify all speeds (walking, running, swimming, flying, etc)
Speed: Running and swimming speed
(default = 7)
(100% = 14)
in percents: Display your speed in % (for example, if you put the speed to 14, it will display 100%. That mean Speed 14 = 100% epic mount)
Fly Mod: Allow you to fly
(default = 7)
(280% = 26.6)
(310% = 28.7)
Freeze Z: Allow you to walk at the same heigh without falling
NoClip 1: Your character can go through EVERYTHING (even ground). It’s higly advisable to use this function with Freeze Z or Fly mod.
Walk-on-water: Allow you to walk on water
Walk-under-water: Allow you to walk under water
Use mount in interior: Allow you to mount even in interior
Wallclimb: You can climb every mountains
NoCooldown: Remove the global cooldown on Spells (Instant cast and Spell without cooldownonly)
Walljump: Allow you to hang you on mountains (kind of wallclimb)
Multi-jump: Allow you to jump in the air
Super-jump: Allow you to jump higher
(Put the value you want in the Inputbox bellow)
Faction: Allow you to change of faction (You can attack player of your faction if they are PVP enabled on no-fixed server)
Unstuck !: Display a window in the foreground who allow you to unstuck you character if you are stuck by a spell (ex: Entangling roots)
Stop falling: Display a window in the foreground who allow you to stop your character falling.
TP Target (back): Teleport you in the back of your target (like rogues)
TP Target (Undermap): Teleport you behind your target and under the map. So you can attack them with spells or with ranged weapons (Be careful when you’re undermap, you can fall easily ! You should use the Freeze Z function)
Disable M2 collisions: Allow you to go through “objects” (trees, etc.)
Disable WMO collisions: Allow you to go though buildings
Noclip: Disable M2 + WMO collisions

Tracking: Allow you to track units on your minimap (like hunters) and to display ressources.

  • XYZ:

Activate XYZ: Allow you to teleport you character with the Numpad.
XYZ Speed: Teleport speed.

7: Up
9: Down
8: Forward
5: Backward
6: Rigth
4: Left

II. [Player]
(Client-side only)
(Work on live servers)

Alcohol: Make you drunk !
Titre: Display a title before your pseudo. You need to Disactivate/Activate your name in options to see it.
Emote on target: Play selected emote on your target (if no target is selected, emote is play on you)
Reveal the map: Reveal all the map (Don’t give any achievement and have to be reactivate after any loading)

  • Scale:

Scale +: Make you character bigger (with collisions)
Scale -: Make you character smaller (with collisions)
Scale: Character’s scale (without collisions)
Height: Heigth of your character (collision only)
Width: Width of your character (collision only)
Reset: Reset your original scale

  • Player:

Dead: Show your character dead (Clientside only)
Invisible: Make your character disapear (Clientside only)

  • Camera:

Spectate mod: Allow you to move your camera only (You can change the speed with the inputbox (Default speed: 40))
Noclip: Allow you to go through everything with your camera in Spectate mod.
Follow target: Allow you to put your camera on your target to follow her. Use arrows to turn around the selected target.
TP Camera (Private serv.): Teleport you to your camera (Private servers only !)

  • Time:

Hours: Set the hour of the.
Minutes: Set the minutes of the.
Speed: Set the time speed.

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FarmVille v.2.4 The Ultimate Hack

FarmVille v.2.4 The Ultimate Hack is one of the best available. FarmVille is a farming simulator on, where you will be plowing land, planting, growing and harvesting crops, harvesting trees and bushes, and raising livestock. You will begin with a few farm coins, but I wonder if it is enough? Well, absolutely NO! You need to work like a slave in order to buy a piece of land on which you grow what? A tomato? That sucks! But don’t worry no more. Our team of highly trained specialists made this for us all.

This is the . Nice, isn’t it? We’ve put a happy duck and a happy cow in the picture, to show you how your animals will feel when you will have a lot of to spend for them!

So what does this do? It will generate the amount of coins and other stuffs.

How to use it?

  1. First, type your e-mail.
  2. Second, choose the amount of coins
  3. Third, click on Generate.
  4. Wait for the green bar to fully load.

To show you that this works, I took a screenshot. The proof that it works is right down here:

As you can see, I have 98,719,500 coins left, from the 99,999,999 coins which is the maximum limit a can give. And we are giving this to you for. Yes, that’s right. We think that buying those crappy credits waste thousands of dollars from people’s wallet. A should be and must remain. Download this and start building your dream farm!

Here are the download links:


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