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Lime Odyssey Cheats

Lime Odyssey Cheats

Aeria Games has released a new trailer and some screens to coincide with the new teaser site for their upcoming 3D MMORPG Lime Odyssey. Developed by Sirius Entertainment, Lime Odyssey is a work of passion by the development team that created Ragnorak Online and scored by the composer behind Chrono Trigger and Xenosaga Yasunori Mitsuda-Sama!

Updated: Changed order of in trainer, same buttons just opposite positions so you can now successfully have them all on but the are dominate now. *This means turn every on, and the ones that arnt normal will be on even if u have the *normal* selected at the same time. By this I mean, when in, even if you turn off super speed, or super attack, or range etc, you would have to swap equipment to fix attack speed/range, and drink speed pot or get on/off mount to send speed back to normal. Which is why I have Normal modes also in the trainer, allowing you to just have all of them on, this way when you turn off the super , it goes straight to the normal value you have selected.
1. Super speed
2. Fast attack
3. Long range
4. Insta skill
5. Normal speed
6. Normal attack
7. Normal range
8. Healthbar

This is a Lime Odyssey . If you don’t know what Lime Odyssey is google it. It’s a MMORPG but a really hard one, where you have to farm massively. So that’s why I made a . These are the options:
– Pet Leveler bot
– Attack Speed x4
– Instant Skills
– Moving Speed x4
– Attack Range x4
– HP bar. You can see enemy health bar. Very usefull in PVP!
– Auto Turn Off Hacks button. (If 1 or more people are in your radar the will turn everything back to normal)

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