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Wartune Cheats

Wartune Cheats

Wartune is a 2D browser MMORPG in which you explore treasure, hunt for valuable items, slay creatures and communicate with your buddies in the world of Vidalia. The proves a remarkable success in China as it closely follows the Chinese culture and background story while some client elements have been implemented into the.

Wartune Hack Description:

• Move items to bank
• Open boxes automatically
• Sell items automatically
• Teleport to boxes

  • Monster ID: Fight Any Monster You Want At Any Time
  • Elite Damage: Do SuperMegaUltra ElementX Damage (Instant Win)
  • Fight: Battle Phlox, Gold Chest, NightBane Or Nerfkitten Scion
  • Stat Trainers / Untrainer: Train / Untrain Stats At The Blink Of An Eye (Click Cancel To Stop)
  • AutoFight: AutoBattle Phlox, Gold Chest, Nerfkitten Scion Or Any Another Monster
  • Class Hack – Adventurer: Sets Base Classes & Subrace Levels To 10 & The Rest To 5 – Guardian: Sets All Class Levels To 10 – ShapeShifter: Unlock All ShapeShifting Skills
  • Custom Weapon: Allows You To Choose The Parts For Your Guardian Custom Weapon
  • Set Koofu: Allows You To Set Your Koofu Whenever You Feel Like
  • Spellcraft Components: Set Your Component For 3 Spellcraft Casts
  • Misc: Custom Ubers – Set Alignment – Admin Menu – AQStats – Action Menu – Change Name – Face Hack – Complete BOA – Werepyre Subrace
  • Back To Town: To Go Back To Town Whenever You Feel Like It
  • Ballyhoo: Automatically Clicks Everything For You Until You Reach The Limit
  • Temp Guardian: Instantly Gives You Access To Everything A Guardian Has & Loads The Guardian Blade + Armor
  • Sizable + Movable: Makes AQ Elite Sizable, Movable & Minimizable
  • Restore Style: Restores The Original Style But With The New Size & Position


  • F1 – Elite Damage / Instant Win
  • F2 – Load Action.swf (Rename Your Custom SWF To Action)
  • F3 – 9999 SP
  • F4 – Full Heal / Replenish HP & MP


  • It is best to turn off Auto’s, while it is saving.
  • Do not switch Auto’s or load anything without turning it off first.
  • When you use the face , you have to re-login to see your new face.
  • If you Load Koofu while in battle, it will only appear after you attack.
  • ‘Sizable + Movable’ changes to ‘Restore Style’ once clicked.
  • If the Stat Trainers give an error it means you don’t have enough gold.
  • The AutoEvent doesn’t work if the war is over.

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Wartune Cheats and Hack v.1.93

Wartune Cheats and Hack Download

Today we introduce to you the 100% working Wartune Cheats and Hack which add unlimited gold, balens and vouchers to your application in just one second. All you need to do is just to login and press activate . We guarantee you that you will be one of the best Wartune player after use this amazing tool.

The Wartune Hack User-Interface is made by our professional designer and it`s really easy to use it.

wartune hack

Wartune Hack Details:

  • Version: 1.93.
  • Operating System: Mac / Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 and also all other windows.
  • Browsers: Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and the other.
  • Anti-Ban Protection : Yes
  • Undetectable Script : Yes
  • Tested and fully working with an accurate of 99% working rate.

Besides this Wartune Cheat have the following features:

  • Add Unlimited Wartune Gold Hack
  • Add Unlimited Wartune Balens Hack
  • Add Unlimited Wartune Vouchers Hack

How to use Wartune Cheat Engine:

  1. Download Wartune Hack Tool. Enter it and you will see the user interface like above.
  2. Login.
  3. Enter the ammount of resources you want to add to the and press Activate Hack Button.
  4. You’re done. Happy playing.