Tera Online Cheats

Tera Online Cheats

Info: TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea is an non-targeting action MMORPG developed by Bluehole Studio. In the game you fight to protect the Valkyon Federation – an alliance of the world’s surface races – while also battling for glory and power. With action-filled gameplay and riveting visuals, TERA promises a thrilling, engaging ride.

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4. Start a Programm (path is choosable)

5. Close all Silkroad Processes

6. Close your Botting Programm

7. Shutdown your computer….

If you want, you can set a time and the included shutdown timer will shutdown your computer at the wanted time

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  3. John G

    I’ve been playing WoW since it was first released in the UK and am fed up of it. As such, I’m looking to try a new MMO while I wait for Bluehole studio to get it’s bum into gear and released Tera online world wide.

    I’m currently looking at Rift and Final Fantasy 14, but am unsure which to buy. Could anyone gift me their opinions of the games if they’ve played them? (Or if you’ve just played one :D) What’s the character animations like in each game? How much is the subscription fee? How customizable are the characters? Are there any emotes in game? Is there a large Role Playing community? Does the game run well on Windows 7, etc? I’m really torn between the two. I’ve played FF11 when it came out years ago, but it was quite restrictive.

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