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The Simpsons Tapped Out

The SimpsonsTapped Out iOS Game Now Available In The U.S App Store.

iOS game was released in the App Store almost a week ago, but it wasn’t available in the U.S App Store. It was reported to be available in most countries except the United States. The game got some amazing reviews and users really enjoyed playing it. Unfortunately, U.S customers couldn’t  and try it out as it wasn’t available in the App Store then.
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114 thoughts on “The Simpsons Tapped Out – Download Hack tools

  1. Thomas Lopez

    Like glitchs, hacks (no surveys and must be free download. Ive done the homer one already. i really need donuts and money thankyou i have a android

  2. Myles

    Does any body know where too download the hacking tool for the simpsons tapped out ! Without a survey .. Every time iwantb to dowload it you need to tak a survey itake it and it doesnt dowload and goes to another survey ?? Any without survey helpp

  3. unbleevable39

    I want to eat coffee and donuts like one of those wise guys from Miami metro or CSI, “they said that stain would come OUT!” hehe!

  4. Andres C

    I have a box of Krispy Kreme donuts and only ate 2 of them. Don’t want to throw them away and waste money. Is there a way to keep them fresh. Usually only good the day you open the box, no more than 2 days but is there away to make them last longer so I’m not throwing away money?

  5. Andrew S

    What is the difference between the chocolate cake glazed donut at dunkin donuts, and the cocoa glazed donut at dunkin donuts?

  6. kevindiking67verizonnet

    The Dunkin Donuts motto is “America runs on Dunkin Donuts”. I think they should give that motto to Starbucks because there are a bunch of Starbucks shops in every state.

  7. The Dark Knight

    I’m having a breakfast party and I’m serving donuts with milk and coffee. I was wondering if there was any other side dishes I could serve with it. All opinions are appreciated.

  8. whitesoxfan2347

    I only have one donut and at the moment homer is ‘human sacrificing’ and lisa is doing ‘next weeks homework’ i really want to speed them up but i dont have enough donuts and i can’t keep on tapping homer because he is doing something. Please help!
    BTW i don’t want to spend any money

  9. Kobe

    Hi, I’ve always and will always love my Starbucks but lately I’ve been looking at the Dunkin Donuts shop. I like my coffee a little bold, that’s why I love starbucks. I want to taste the coffee, I don’t like it when it’s all sugar and cream and you can’t even taste the coffee. Is Dunkin Donuts coffee good? I never even had their coffee. I was looking at the pumpkin spice coffee, the ground one and the one in the shop. Help? I’m confused?

  10. brincks26

    Within this last year I have become insanely addicted to dunkin donuts iced coffees. I drink one medium a day, and there’s some days when I force myself not to have any. So on average I would say I drink at least 20 coffees during a 30 day month. I know this sounds not half as bad as people who drink 5 cups of coffee A DAY. But I’m concerned because regular coffee isn’t bad for you, however dunkin coffees are more sugary (even though I do not ever get sugar in mine) and I get the mocha flavoring. How bad is this?

  11. Taylor G

    My class is planning something where everyone has to bring a food and I’m in charge of the donuts (there are 30 people in our class). Should I go to Shipley’s or Dunkin’ Donuts? How much does it cost for 30? And how should i order- I’ve never ordered them before!

    Also it would help if you told me your favorite type of donuts!

  12. RuMKilleR

    I have a hand mixer which comes with dough hooks and beaters. I have seen recipes which uses either , for making donuts. Which one should i use and why?

  13. sean

    Answer this correctly and explain for 10 points.

    How many ways are there to choose a dozen donuts from the 21 varieties at a donut shop?

  14. Joe M

    I’m 16, I’ve never had a job where I get paid. However, this summer I worked in a volunteer program for my town’s recreation department and received over 200 community service hours. I applied to a nearby Dunkin Donuts and recieved a call back from the manager. Yesterday I had my interview and I think it went okay. They said I exerted confidence and the manager even said he liked me. I should hear back from them in the next few days if I have the job, but my question before I get my hopes up, is how likely am I to get it? Like I said, I’ve never had a job before but I don’t know if dunkin donuts hires people like me a lot or not

  15. Elijah luv

    Suppose donuts at a shop can be powered, glazed, with chocolate frosting or with vanilla frosting. Additionally, donuts can have no filling, cream filling, custard filling or jelly filling. If all combinations are possible, how many different types of donuts are available at this shop?

    I don’t quite know how to approach this question…

    Thank you for the help!

  16. krow147

    I always hear about cake donuts, old fashioned donuts, raised, fried but I have no idea of the difference can someone please explain me?

  17. Jenna

    I thought of a genius business method for Dunkin’ Donuts, that could benefit them, and consumers at the same time. I want to introduce this to them but I do not know how to go about doing so. What are the proper steps that I would have to take, in order to make sure that if Dunkin’ Donuts decides to endorse this, I get a percentage? And then, how do I introduce this to them?

  18. henryshensbcglobalnet

    I know, I know babies can’t eat donuts but you can mash it up and give it to them. Anywho just answer my question.

  19. PoohBearPenguin

    well i made a batch of donuts and it turned out this way because i’m a lousy cook. now what do i do with them? i don’t want to just throw it out ’cause it seems like such a waste.

  20. airdogspace2

    I saw it on YouTube but all are survey…where can i get The Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Pc…please no survey before download

  21. Ev dog

    It wasnt released too long ago, I think it has slim thug in it, but could be wrong. It just has a old caddy or something doing donuts in the middle of other cars and it has the doors open

  22. therundown2k3

    I want to buy 2 dozen donuts from this place it’s far but keep them over night for the morning for school will they still be good and taste the same fresh or not?

  23. Matthew S

    I am conducting an experiment and do not have the equipment to fry/bake my own donuts. So it would be lovely to know the periodic temperatures of a donut as it is set in a room without anything affecting its temperature beyond a probe of some kind. Knowing the temperatures of each minute or 30 seconds of its cooling would be wonderful. Any information regarding where to attain such information would also be great.

    If the donut takes longer than 30 minutes to cool, longer intervals are okay. But the more information, the better.

  24. toast

    A small Dunkin Donuts store (could be a sattelite store)
    where we live sells coffee and donuts that are clearly NOT the authentic Dunkin Donuts brand. The taste is totally different in all of their products and also not fresh. The store itself has no bakery and we believe that they are buying leftover products from a non DD store. Is there some kind of “franchise police” that can check into the authenticity of the products that are being sold there?

  25. Lasagna delivery guy

    I am craving donuts and I would like to make them at home.I need a good recipe and it has to be WITHOUT frying.Just an easy way.

  26. Kaden

    I left some powdered donuts in a bag on a countertop. A couple of days later, there were many tiny brown ants inside the bag. I put the bag in the freezer. LOL

    The ants are now dead, but is it ok/safe to eat the donuts? Or should I just throw them away?

  27. steve

    Its very good and all, but there are so mant things that donuts have that donuts isnt good for you and my dad keeps eating them help ME! To stop HIM! What do I tell him?!

  28. Jamal

    I have some pillsbury pizza crust but i want to make donuts, can i use the dough for donuts? How thick should i roll out the dough to cut the donuts? And can i store them in an air tight ziploc bag for tomorrow??

  29. Lia-lu-li

    Why doesn’t Dunkin Donuts sell the white powdered sugar munchkins anymore? Or the sprinkled ones? Those were my two favorite munchkins. Why did they stop selling them?

  30. LN13

    I really want to know how to get unlimited donuts without jailbreak on an iPod touch. Please be a little detailed because I’ve looked a few things up and I don’t understand it.. Please help!!!

  31. Smashing Pumpkins

    Glazed donuts bought in a bakery or donut shop only survive a few hours before the glaze dissolves into a wet, slimy mess. Putting them into an airtight container with a dessicant silica jel packet to absorb moisture does not solve the problem, nor does refrigerating them. Any tried and true ideas would be appreciated.

  32. Boo Cookie

    I have a friend who is obsessive about donuts and would love to send some to her as a “Get Well” gift. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

  33. Lachlan

    I have a bag of Dunkin Donuts hazelnut ground coffee. I have a severe allergy to nuts. Do they use real or artificial hazelnut flavoring in the coffee?

  34. Stevalicious

    Prom is coming up and I have a date in mind. She loves donuts (it’s one of her favorite things) and I wanted a cute way to ask her with donuts. Any help?

  35. tjpimpin

    I never understood it. Where did this whole thing come from, where cops are often said to like donuts or are always in the donut shop.

  36. Mak Sultan

    I brought into work 12 donuts to share with co workers, and this new guy picks up just about every donut and hold them right up to his nose and sniffs them and even pulled a few apart to see what kind of filling was in them ! How rude is that ?

  37. kewlflame14

    I wish to make old fashioned jelly donuts with raspberry filling. I have a brand new bread machine never used it. I have never made jam or made donuts before. Need step by step directions.

  38. ttocs

    I made baked donuts the other day, but they were a little hard. How do I make them softer like the ones at dunkin donuts :o?
    No, baking is more healthier. Well, not healthy, but better than deep fried

  39. Seth

    I really want to make donuts, but I dont have milk and I have no way of buying milk. Please do not tell me to buy milk because as I just said, I have no way of buying milk.

  40. Keaton

    My name is dorathy and i am trying to bake some donuts for the charity bake sale. It is my first time and i cant find some decent books. Please some one give me a recipe for the sake of poor.

  41. The Inc

    There are so may ways to get free donuts from tips to cheats and hacks. I have searched for many ways to get donuts from cheats, shame on me, but either they never worked, they were patched up, or they are too dangerous like downloads. I have tried some tips, tap homer 10 times, leveling up, so
    Are there any safe ways that I never thought of or saw, or more recently discovered ones?

  42. BRUTE

    How many ways are there to choose a bag of 5 donuts from
    7 varieties,
    (i) if all donuts in the bag are of the same variety?
    (ii) if there are no restrictions on the contents of the bag?
    (iii) if there must be at least two varieties in the bag?

  43. Austin

    On the Dunkin Donuts website they don’t say. If you also know the sizes and prices or even a website that shows pics, that would be great!

  44. alberto s

    I was planning on making donuts, but with the ingredients i have at home. Can anybody tell me if you can make yeast donuts without the shortening?

  45. fattiemanny

    I thought Dunkin’ Donuts had 35 varieties of doughnuts. I do not patronize them much, but I won a gift certificate for a dozen. When I went into my local franchise, they only had about 9. Is how many flavors offered decided by the local manager or the size of the store? Our local one is about the size of an average garden tool shed. I don’t think they even make the doughnuts there.

  46. Myles

    I have a box of chocolate cake mix I want to make for my husbands birthday breakfast, how would I modify the recipe to make donuts? I’m no good at frying, it’s just a big mess to me.. Also can I shape them on a cookie sheet or do I need a donut pan? Thanks in advance!! <3 10 points to the best answer!

  47. Malcolm Hudson

    i want to add various fillings to donuts but have no idea WHEN or HOW to add such fillings as pineapple blueberry etc. these are puree fillings. and what do i use to add the fillings. help please, my kids are driving me mad for home made donuts.

  48. skillz

    So I tried to make homemade donuts today. I followed the recipe exactly and my dough turned out just right. So did the glaze. But here’s where I think it went wrong: The recipe instructed me to roll the dough out & to use a donut cutter, but I don’t have a cutter and it was really hard trying to do it myself when yeast is so sticky and everything. So I ended up just putting them into the pan by the spoonful. They turned out golden brown on the outside, and gooey and uncooked on the inside.

    Was the heat too high when I fried them? Why’d they turn out the way they did? And are there any ways of shaping the proper donut form without a cutter?


  49. Joey 01

    Anybody know/remember a donuts franchise way back ’80s/early ’90s that had a logo of a big donuts wearing a crown but also had a bite on its head?

  50. happyha31

    Every Saturday, my dad gets donuts for us. I’ve been on a weeklong binge, because last week I had a donut and it triggered a whole week of thinking “well you already ate too much, why not eat everything.” How can I resist it?

  51. Dark_LovexXx

    I’ve trying to do donuts in a Volvo V70 wagon but the engine just started shaking when I held the brake and the gas down. Am I doing something wrong or is it just an underpowered car? What can I do because it sounds like it would be fun to pull that off in my school parking lot sometime.
    I have little to no knowledge about doing donuts, but I was just curious about how, if possible, I could do this.

  52. Yoshi

    In how many ways can a teacher distribute eight chocolate donuts and seven
    jelly donuts among three student helpers if each helper wants at least one donut of each

    Is it C(7,2) * C(6,2)?

  53. Lasagna delivery guy

    I want to watch full episodes of the Simpsons online free (streaming). Is there any site that streams all the episodes of the simpsons online for free? Thanks!

  54. Con Orpe

    I love bismarck donuts, they are rectangles with white icing. THe frosting is pretty grainy similar to the frosted cinnamon rolls at Tim Hortons.They have no filling, just soft, moist donut goodness. My dad used to take me to Tasty Nu bakery (mid-Western Ontario) to get them Saturday mornings. I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else. Any ideas?

  55. Chris R

    There are all these ads for Dunkin Donuts on the side of the screen and everytime I see them I want one!
    Anybody else feel the same way?
    How about other advertisements?

  56. PoohBearPenguin

    come from?

    and by eating donuts and drinking coffee I don’t mean like one every once in a while I mean like TONS and all the time on patrol and everything? like the police you see in comedy movies or cartoons?

    the question just crossed my mind :)

  57. happyha31

    A Simpsons episode included a scene where a flock of birds (apparently startled) burst skyward from a grove of trees with a voiceover of someone screaming “Nooooooooo!”. Can’t remember where I saw the original. Thought of “The Godfather”, “Apocalypse Now”, and “The Deer Hunter”, but didn’t find it in the YouTube shorts. Anyone remember the scene?

  58. RxP DarkBox

    It drove the other simpsons, except Marge, crazy. The singer then came to Springfield and there was a sort of Woodstock festival, where babies were using pacifiers like drugs. I searched Wikipedia but this show has a lot of episodes. I hoped that someone would tell me!

  59. Andres C

    The last Simpsons episode aired on December 7th. I think that may be because of the delayed production. But Family Guy has not aired since November 16th. Does anybody have any information about this?

  60. josh12rox

    I am curious, Simpsons are already rolling for about 25 years. All that time, the characters were voiced by the same people. What will happen when for example if Dan Castellaneta won’t be able to voice Homer and all the other characters (about 7) will the Simpsons stop showing? Just curious…
    will they pick new actors?

  61. Jeracoo L

    According to the voice acting, Dan Castellaneta has voiced many characters in The Simpsons history, just asked many characters when Dan Castellaneta voiced.

  62. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    I have the first issues of The Simpsons comic and Bartman comic.Also have many other issues of both comics.Just want to know what they’ll be worth say 5 years once the show goes off air???

  63. EzioAuditore1459

    i really would like to no if there was a site that offered free downloads for the simpsons, i want it for my ipod so if anyone knows about a site like this please tell me!! thanks

  64. thexbox360player

    I would like to stream the Simpsons Shorts from the Tracey Ullman Show. But I want to do it on website with no surveys. Please recommend one! Thanks!

  65. maskills24

    How to write a paper analyzing political undertones of the simpsons?
    How would you start off something like that? I’m having a bit of trouble.(I’m not trying to cheat or plagiarize just need some tips.)

  66. Brody S

    I’m wondering because I got a message saying the dish may no longer carry CW22, the channel the Simpsons are on. So is there any other Networks that the Simpsons play on?

  67. crzyinluv

    I am interested in making my own tv length like 30min cartoon or animation like the The Simpsons or Futurama. If there are no sites like that or if there are no ways to do that can i have some tips on good starter sites to make short animations.

  68. Salam

    Lately, The Simpsons aren’t really grabbing my attention like they used to. Is it me getting older or is it them getting less funny, or maybe running out of ideas?

  69. Milk84

    Well i’ve been watching the Simpsons for a long time and i noticed the quality of the show has gone down with the new episodes. When did the Simpsons really start to go downhill? What season?

  70. timq3dimensionscom

    my daughter is in our local gala and i am decorating my house as the simpsons I have bought 3 cardboard cut outs of homer, marge/lisa/magie and bart. I was just wondering if anyone can come up with any ideas that I could do to add to this.

    it is the outside of my house and garden

  71. Kristian

    Whenever you see a meeting of the Republicans taking place on The Simpsons, there’s Krusty the Clown, Mr. Burns and a few other characters…but then there’s Dracula..How is Dracula seen as a Republican? Is there something about being up at night and sucking blood that connotes conservativism?

  72. lucasg615

    I like the show myself. In my opinion like the Simpsons and even South Park it receives criticism because people think the creators are infallible people.
    Anybody seen the Simpsons episode which features Peter Griffin as a clone.
    Merely to last for 7 seasons plus, let alone maintain its quality, is an unbelievable achievement.

  73. jdubdoubleu7704

    I herd they all have the same writers or producers. Is this true? I know Matt Groening does Simpsons and futurama, but how are they all connected? Thank you.

  74. timq3dimensionscom

    Will you tell me where i can watch the simpsons online in the United Kingdom whitch has no box to chat or comment on a episode
    I dont want to download anything so please provide a website where i dont have to download anything

    http:///the-simpsons does not work

  75. BRUTE

    I watched a couple of new simpsons episodes, and didnt laugh once. They completely lack the charm and humour that the old episodes had. Most of the episodes i actually find irritatingly unfunny, and to be just repeats of more or less the same storylines maybe with a celebrity guest thrown in. The old episodes were brilliant, and most people say its gone downhill, but i think it has gone so downhill that it is now utter crap. Does anyone agree?

  76. Duke

    Over 400 episodes and counting. Other shows come and go but The Simpsons never get old. What is the reason for the success?

  77. Michael

    I am aware that it is only a cartoon but we are visiting next year and my boys LOVE The Simpsons. I thought we may have been able to visit the studios where some of the production is done. Anyone know this one? KelC.

  78. Paul M

    The Simpsons has be accused of having a liberal bias (Matt Groening is a liberal) but the only character I can tell who has a progressive bent, is Lisa. If the Simpsons is such a Left leaning show, why doesn’t Marge have her own job? Why are the workers at the power plant so oppressed by Burns? Why has there only been one Muslim family portrayed in the shows history? Why have there only been two gay characters, one closeted?

  79. isk8at818

    Whats the name of the Simpsons Episode in which something important has to be revealed but then they go surfing because they have perfect waves? I think one of the bullies is saying: hey there are perfect waves outside.

    I hope somebody can remember the episode or give me the youtube video.

  80. Patrick

    I find alot of hacks these days and wanna try one, but they all say ‘fill out an offer’ or ‘download this’ I download and play stuff sometimes but it never works. Anyone know where theres a good hack that doesn’t have surveys and crap?

  81. Joe T

    Family guy is the better show, but it seems likes the Simpsons can’t stop ripping off family guy and the other way around also.
    Tonight’s epsiode of the simpsons is a rip off of the episode where peter grows a beard and makes it a bird nest….

  82. Jesse

    It doesn’t have to be about the Simpsons specifically, but I am doing a research paper about the Simpsons x working class America. I just need a starting point. Help please?

  83. Hotshot t

    So, there is a song you can hear multiple times during the simpsons in several episodes (e.g. the duck race in the episode where marge gets the feMac. Homes gets punched inside a watermill and is then handled by lots of coghweels, gears and factory stuff. During that small part, you can hear the music). It’s kindof swing and it’s most often factory related.

  84. mavis24

    They already started the new seasons but for some reasons they stopped, does anyone know when they’ll be back?

    Couldn’t care about The Simpsons too much, it’s a trainwreck now.

  85. Chester

    I know there was only one Simpsons movie but I feel like anyone of the Futurama movies is better. I really like both shows but Futurama is better suited for movies in my opinon.

  86. Ryan Z

    I have been searching for the Simpsons merchandise in India. I have had no luck so far :(

    I heard the news that Star india is going to get that in india but there is not news that its already there. I tried googling a lot but still havent found a single place that sells that stuff….

  87. llb443

    I wanted to know how often the simpsons comic come out in the uk.I think it comes out every months is that right?

  88. PoohBearPenguin

    In one of the episodes of the Simpsons, Homer bought a pop up Alice in Wonderland book for Lisa. My gf had the same one when she was a little kid. Anyone knows what version is it or where they might have it for sale?

  89. Willie

    I’m doing a chemistry project and im really having a hard time finding which characters from “The Simpsons” represents which family on the perodic table.
    One more question,what are the characteristics of the other familys on the perodic table?

  90. Michael

    So I loved the Simpsons for at least 10 years with it’s lighthearted goofiness and fun family comedy. Somewhere along the line, it seems every other episode is cutting a war, slamming a Republican, or promoting a gay lifestyle. When and why did this start?

  91. Sir fliesalot

    Anyone who watches them knows that Family Guy has really declined in quality the last three seasons. The writers now always settle for a cheap joke and don’t even try to develop a coherent plot. American Dad is now a much better show. The Simpsons isn’t what it used to be, but the episodes are still entertaining, with quality writing and a coherent plot.

  92. Jack Bauer

    They had all three at the gift shop for the new Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, but they were ridiculous price ($5 for the drinks, didn’t ask about the donut). I’ve found them online, but energy drinks are heavy and the shipping is very expensive. Any ideas if there are any places that stock these things?

  93. stingerms

    I found an online recipe for making donuts with Pillsbury Grand Biscuits. It only shows that you deep fry them. I was wondering if I can make these and bake them in the oven instead of frying them? Does any one have the recipe for this? Any one have any other recipes or sites I can look up for using Pillsbury Grand Biscuits? Could I possibly use them to make pasties by rolling out the biscuit a little bigger? If so, does anybody have the recipe for the filling part. I always end up making too much. Thank you.
    Thank you for your answer dude. I have a recipe for baked donuts that I got online. I just wanted to know if I could use this same recipe and use the biscuits instead?

  94. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused

    I miss all the good old Simpsons episodes, but I particularly miss the Treehouse of Horror episodes. They used to be based on good old horror movies/stories but now they are all about bad pop references. Anyone else feel the same way?

  95. uberfailz

    I want a picture of ashlee simpsons hair when it is straight and with nice side bangs. Thanks :) I want to use this picture to get a hair cut, so please make sure it is clear. I really appreciate it.
    A picture of her with straight hair is nice, but I want some thing that is also easy to do everyday so I don’t have to straighten it everyday. Any pictures of that?

  96. Melanie

    im writing an essay and i wanted to write about the animation part of the cartoons. Im not sure whether south park is 2-d and the simpsons is 3-d, am i right or wrong? Help please!!
    17 minutes ago – 3 days left to answer.

  97. henryshensbcglobalnet

    I read somewhere that when south park made the episodes making fun of family guy that the simpsons writers sent them flowers. Both shows have poked fun at family guy more than once and I just want to know why they dislike it. Personally I love all three shows.

  98. mmminja

    There are ongoing jokes about Fox on the Simpsons (the network that airs the show).

    I personally find them funny but I can see if Fox finds them insulting. Does anyone have a response that they can find from Fox regarding the jokes made on the show?

    The jokes are mainly about what a bad network Fox is.

  99. shahedC

    alright so im playing the simpsons game 4 the DS, and i NEED 2 get passed those spikes. i broke that little enterance that the monsters were comeing out from and i broke the 2 treasure shests and ima lll out of options. i have homer in my comand and everything. i just need 2 get passed those spikes. but how?

  100. maskills24

    I want to know what season the simpsons is up to in Australia and what the final season of Ghost Whisperer was. any one know?

  101. nathan

    I recently moved and starbucks is closer then dunkin donuts but I have never been to starbucks so I want to know what I should get, at dunkins I usually get a French Vanilla coffee so I just wanted to know what would be the closest drink to this or if they have french vanilla, thanks!

  102. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    I’m not worrying about being fat or nutrition because I’m skinny and I can’t gain weight even if I tried, plus I eat very healthily with the exception of some cookies. I’m not planning to stuff myself with donuts just to fit into society because I’m not that desperate but I’m just curious if it’s a myth or truth?

  103. heavenly sword

    Is there any way to get the Simpson’s Tapped Out Hack Tool without having to download anything or fill out any survey’s….just a straight download?

  104. Lachlan

    My girlfriend is a cheerleader, and every Sunday at church I see her eat 3 or 4 donuts in the cafeteria. I have no idea how many she eats at home the rest of the week. Isn’t she the least bit concerned about gaining weight and not being able to fit into her uniform anymore? We are both 13.


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