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Throne Rush game is set in the epic lands of Adergran – a place full of bloody battles and evil people.

Numberless fake crooks are claiming their rights for the throne – but who is really fated to be the sovereign of the kingdom?

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throne rush Throne Rush Hack&Cheats Tool



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50 thoughts on “Throne Rush Hack&Cheats Tool

  1. Ed D

    Do they understand what Laws Purpose is? Do they understand what War is? Do they understand anything, but the Books in school? I hate Laws and do not abide by them as I hurt NO ONE EVER, or ANYTHING IN GENERAL. And I am a Parent. First, I’m 32, Second I have a Step Son thats is a Pure Genious and can Fill a Chalk Board with mathamatical Equations to complete question, GPA of 3.5+. Graduated. I have a 11 year old thats Studies Theory of Realitivity, Physics, Algebra, and goes to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA and Studies Forensic Science. I have a 6 Year old that picks her nose in class cause she is so damn bored of this SLOW MOVING EDUCATION PROGRAM that she can’t help it. hehe My Grandfather was Val Dict of 2600 Pittsburgh students in one grad class. My Pap was POW in Bloody Battle of Ansio WWII and Escaped. Got Nothing for his efforts it, and died at 62. Do your kids realize the Chosen Governments Don’t really Care bout them?
    My Unlcle was Called by President for Special Forces Unit to Rescue Prisoners of Korea. He was Caught behind Enemy Lines and his Unit Killed. He survived by living in a Hole Yards from the enemy and escaped in the end. Not the first task he had. He rescued others.

    He is not special. WHo Cares? Not many? He’s not recognized but with the Metals. Do kids know that the body they live in is meerly a tool for power of HOT HEADS?

    Used for Ecomony, War, and Revenue. Do they realize?

    Mine Do.

    If you taught your child all this stuff, would it change the future?

  2. llb443

    There’s a battle going on inside everyone’s mind, a vicious and bloody battle between logic and fear. Atheists have a strong logical side to their mind, whereas religious people have a weak logical side and this is why an atheist’s perspective is logical whilst a religious person’s perspective is superstitious, right?

  3. Jonathan

    Battle fought by General Lee (confederate) and General McClellan (Union) during the Civil War. Also held the bloodiest battle in American history– “Bloody Road” otherwise known as Sunken Road.

  4. Jonny

    C’mon, GWAR are from space, they’d have to win, and it would be a bloody battle with lines from conan being qouted.

  5. Cliffy N

    “Belief in the Fish is part of a larger myth that goes back to the legendary time of the Yellow Emperor. In those days, the world of mirrors and the world of men were not, as they are now, separate and unconnected. They were, moreover, quite different from one another; neither the creatures nor the colors nor the shapes of the two worlds were the same. The two kingdoms — the specular and the human — lived in peace, and one could pass back and forth through mirrors. One night, however, the people of the mirror invaded this world. Their strength was great, but after many bloody battles, the magic of the Yellow Emperor prevailed. The Emperor pushed back the invaders, imprisoned them within the mirrors, and punished them by making them repeat, as though in a kind of dream, all the actions of their human victors. He stripped them of their strength and their own shape and reduced them to mere servile reflections. One day, however, they will throw off that magical lethargy.The first to awaken shall be the Fish. In the depths of the mirror, we shall perceive a faint, faint line, and the color of that line will not resemble any other. Then, other forms will begin to awaken. Gradually they will become different from us; gradually they will no longer imitate us; they will break through the barriers of glass or metal, and this time they will not be conquered. Water-creatures will battle alongside mirror-creatures. In Yunnan province, people speak not of the Fish but rather the Tiger of the Mirror. Others believe that before the invasion, we will hear, from the depths of the mirrors, the clatter of weapons.”

  6. crzyinluv

    the Birtish defeated the Zulus in a bloody battle in 1879, but waht happened to the Zulus after this besides them losing their independence?
    what happened directly after the war to them as a society and as them being unified…what impact did the war have at that time? not now..
    after the war, what happened to the zulu empire, in what ways did they lose their independence and how did the war affect them as a nation? and i don’t mean now days, i mean back then in 1879.

  7. Austin

    D-day (most ambitious amphibious invasion)?
    Stalingrad (bloodiest battle)?
    Hiroshima (first wartime use of an atomic)?
    the moon landing?
    first human in space?
    something else?

    please note I’m talking about human history, and not just american history

    appreciate it if you could refrain from the blither blather about obama/pelosi/whoever and just answer the question

  8. Con Orpe

    It resulted in a Confederate victory thanks to Pickett’s charge.

    It was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War and a major defeat for the Confederacy.

    It lasted several months and cost almost as many lives as the Second Bull Run.

    It immediately led to the elimination of slavery in the border states.

  9. cardskid22

    Noting that Bunker Hill’s Victory gave William Howe much praise, he also incurred many casualities and this bloody battle may have been traumatic for the soon to be general which may have prevented him from pursuing the colonial forces when chance gave a window of opportunity, but is it at all possible that he had a soft spot for the Revolution?

  10. mavis24

    A. allowed lee’s army to advance northward.
    B. gave the north a slight advantage
    C. marked the last battle of the civil war
    D. convinced europe to support the confederacy
    It has to be one of the answers choices. Someone please help me, I having lots of trouble with this question.

  11. jdfan

    Both of the greatest leaders in history are existing in the world today, and both these leaders are tangled in a ferocious battle to the Death. Although the war has been fought for three days the generals, nor the soldiers tire from combat, but one will slip, he must. The ability to keep the the forces even in a bloody battle such as this is nearly impossible, which leads to the loss of the generals Best adviser, and he’s in the dark now. With all this, the weakness of the general’s rear flank becomes bright white, and he is Mated.

  12. dealy

    Templar night castles still roam the land now currently owned by Palestinians. It was the Templar nights who fought against the Moorish hoard. Archeologist are digging up old battle zones that mark a very bloody battle from Eurpean settlers.
    My point being that colonialism is not dead.

  13. kewlflame14

    a. proved to be one of the bloodiest battles of World War I.
    b. united French and American forces for the first time.
    c. ended any German hope for victory.
    d. was the point of American entry into the war.

  14. Gage

    All of the bloody divorce battles raging all over the world, and this guy can give his soon-to-be ex-wife SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS! And he isn’t even complaining about it. Do you think a Christian, Muslim, Jew, or Atheist would be able to do the same?

    I admit it, it makes me want to cry just thinking about parting with that kind of money, and it isn’t even mine!

  15. opurt

    Henry been a bit of a tyrant himself, would he have joined forces or would he have waged a bloody battle of all battles with the Iraqis.
    This is assuming that they had something to fight over like general trade for instance.

  16. joevsyou

    please leave sources. By bloodiest, i mean battles where most people died or were injured. and please leave battles, not wars. ty

  17. Peter

    This bloody battle early in the war resulted in more casualties than all previous wars in which Americans had been involved.




    Cold Harbor


  18. Jack Bauer

    I have to pick a poem to recite in class and I want to pick something that more or less deals with inspiring oppressed people to unite and fight for a patriotic cause even if it’ll be the bloodiest battle ever. I tried finding some powerful American Revolution ones but I wasn’t too successful with that. Thanks in advance.
    Powerful poem nonetheless, thanks a lot for recommending it.

  19. kass9191

    It seems this battle falls under most radars of History – whether in this forum in books in a general sense. It stands to thwart current day PC activity but it is a battle of significance that can’t be ignored; though it is largely “forgotten”.

    Thoughts by good knowledgeable Historians on this site appreciated in advance.

    (I will keep this opened for the extended time in hopes of garnering the most amount of answers, the more detail the better and thank you in advance.)
    Great answers everyone. I came across this article this morning: dated July of 2007 on the UK Daily Mail. Quite fascinating and knew I could count on great answerers here in this forum. I regularly TU the most of you up (a couple of you here I haven’t seen before but no TD’s from me on this Q).
    Yun ~ I get a good sense of your balance to history and always appreciate your view; even if mine is different from yours occasionally. Studying WW II as we do has led me into many facets of different but related history. Thank you for the answer.

    Bret ~ I am most familiar with the Siege of Vienna and King Jon Siblienski (sp???) today, tourist buses will pass and not mention a marker laid long ago to commemorate the good Polish King’s effort to successfully thwart the sieged city of Vienna. Quite a story of 1685 and for me being a Marine no longer in uniform, the Pope’s reference to “Semper Fidelis” stands the test of time for me (these aren’t just mere words to me and nor is it a mere nice Latin phrase, to me it is and always will be a way of life). Thank you for the answer!
    cymry ~ I can’t open your link and I hope mine wasn’t the same one you inserted. Always good to see you on this site and thank you for the great answer and attachment to the Second World War.
    Chetak ~ always good to see you here on this site…goodness! My link from way early this morning that I saved and didn’t attach is the same first link you provided…LOL! Thank you for the second link my friend….Wiki is not a place I care for however too often they are incorrect on many aspects but for your sake…I will not hold this against you and will read what “they” say. Too many kids rely on Wiki as opposed to actual factual books. Thank you again for showing here!
    Siddhartha ~ thank you for the curt and to the point answer. Your answer here is straight to the point and I do enjoy it; I most certainly agree with your statement.

    Will keep this opened for a few days everyone ~ there is a troll however for some reason targeting me so I hope I don’t get a violation here. If the Q gets wiped out I will ask it again. Thank you all!

  20. Nathan B

    im doing a project for my history class and i picked a war. the only thing is i need to find one, but for the idea i want to show this in i need a really good story, one that has danger, bloody battles and all over a good story you know. if any one can help that would be great, i need the name of it and maybe a good website or two.


    I like Fantasy and Horror mostly and bloody fantasy battles and zombie or ghosts and Star Wars books. Western is also ok but i think a little bit more boring.

  22. jordenkotor

    Childrens to adults books. I will take general ideas such as ‘Pictures’, and specific ideas such as ‘griffon gets his wing cut off in a bloody battle’. Just be honest and tell me what you like.

  23. Lucas H

    in the midst of a bloody battle between the North and the South, rumours have been stirring regarding a fearsome creature that dwells deep in the wilderness that has the power to control the earth, seas and skies. It is said that to have complete control over the creature, you must wield the ‘Earth Stone’ a magical artefact broken into nine fragments, which enables you to use the creature as a puppet. Both sides decide that this would be an incredibly desirable thing to have in the war, and so both sides set about finding the pieces, and the terrifying creature.

    of course, with most legends, time has altered the truth, and the ‘fearsome creature’ is none other than a young woman, sent down from Mother Earth as a gift to the lands.

    the story is a race against time, the protagonist being a young prince trying to prove his worth to his uncle -the king, after the city was destroyed by the terrible Blackhearts. (the enemy) the protagonist sets off on a quest to bring back the creature and the Earth Stone, but along the way finds that the fearsome creature is not such a fearsome creature at all.

    constructive criticism welcome, obviously I’ve left a lot out, but that’s the general idea of it.
    thanks in advance!

  24. dubmecrazy3

    I have a test tomorrow on the Civil War and this is the last review question I have that I need a bit of help with.
    Is it just because bleeding kansas was all bloody political battles for anti- slavery and the Civil War was for the exact same thing but larger battles?
    I don’t really know how to answer this one and I just need it to study for my test
    thanks! :)

  25. Con Orpe

    Where is the limit when you are writing a story to stop being so descriptive? For instance, I am a very descriptive writer, but in the cases of bloody battles would I be incarcerated for describing the scene with graphic detail?

  26. Cole

    well ive watched alot of AMV’s about gintama and it looks sweet but also heard alot of criticism about it being stupid so i was wondering about how long into it does it start getting cool with the fast paced fight scenes and bloody battles?

  27. Harry

    I think it would be interesting to see if the “rulers” of the various countries would “duke it out” one-on-one. It would save many many lives and they would think twice about sending our children overseas to fight a bloody battle, after they get their butt whipped a few times.

  28. Heath

    The answer should be none as giving up freedom to fight terror actually means that the terrorist has won

    But answer in your own fashion

    The patriot act ? Giving up freedoms by allowing warrentless wire taps based on suspision – Is that ok ?
    The idea that some people should not have rights and so torture is ok – even though this is the least effective way to get reliable info – that little bit of freedom – is that ok ?
    Having zones of free speech – not being allowed in certain portions of the capitol if your opinions are contrary to the government – Is that ok ?

    If you give up any of your rights and freedoms

    You have lost the terrorists have won – they have effected lasting change on you your nation etc’
    But how much freedom are you willing to surrender to the government to fight terror
    A little bit – some – a lot – all of it?
    How would your grandfather feel about you just giving it all up knowing that your forefathers fought bloody battles to get them for you
    The soldiers of today deserve respect but what about the soldiers of yesterday ?

    Every time you give up a right a freedom you spit in the faces of those soldiers of yesterday that fought for thier children and you to have them

    Why are so many Americans willing to spit in the face of yesterday’s soldier?
    RAY N

    You have doomed America – to live in a police state with no freedom and you will just give it all up –

    You will end up with nothing – your stupidity will lead you to a facist state – and not even a little bit of a fight from you – Your just going to hand it over
    Miss Kit…

    So your answe to combat those who wish to take your freedom is to just give it up – Wow you surrender fast don;t you ?

  29. Paul M

    I am writing you this letter to express my concerns about the recent budget cuts in education. In my History class, we are currently studying about the Pre-Revolutionary Era. We recently learned about the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. The colonists’ determination to gain freedom from the British has inspired me to write you this letter. The colonists resorted to both chaotic and calm rebellions, but I am going for a more peaceful method. In the Boston Massacre, the colonists had a bloody battle with the British soldiers, while in the Boston Tea Party; they simply dumped hundreds of chests of tea into the ocean. Since I have no plans in bombarding your office and stealing all of your hot beverages, I decided to write you this letter instead, but still get my point through.

    I am mostly concerned about the recent budget cuts in schools. Our school cut a lot of teachers this year, and what do we get in return? Fancy agendas and clear I.D. cases! I understand that you have no influence over what the district does with the money, but you do have power over the budget given.

    We had to include two events from the video we watched..all they had were the Boston Massacre and Tea Party so please bear with me here. I just need punctuation corrections and the grammar. Thank you!

  30. Adam

    Sunni insurgents have cut the roads linking the city to the rest of Iraq. The country is being partitioned as militiamen fight bloody battles for control of towns and villages north and south of the capital. As American and British political leaders argue over responsibility for the crisis in Iraq, the country has taken another lurch towards disintegration.
    Well-armed Sunni tribes now largely surround Baghdad and are fighting Shia militias to complete the encirclement.
    The Sunni insurgents seem to be following a plan to control all the approaches to Baghdad. They have long held the highway leading west to the Jordanian border and east into Diyala province. Now they seem to be systematically taking over routes leading north and south.
    Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki demanded the removal of American checkpoints from the streets of Baghdad on Tuesday, in what appeared to be his latest and boldest gambit in an increasingly tense struggle for more independence.

  31. vanvark83

    Don’t animals make war too? Don’t hyena clans and lion prides engage in bloody battles with eachother to the death? Don’t hornets and bees engage in massive wars that leave thousands dead on each side? Whether invading copper rich Troy country in the copper age or invading oil rich Iraq in the oil age, isn’t it all the same innate instinct?
    It’s like oxygen, we need war to live, it’s for our health. WHAT I MEAN IS, wouldn’t a society get depressed without the constant suspense and excitement of fighting a war? Without always having a cause to fight for?

  32. sarah w

    The history of our species is one long bloody battle. I don’t think there has ever been an era of global peace that lasted longer than a few years. How will we ever achieve peace and tolorance if it is against our nature? Can we grow up and grow out of it?

  33. John G

    What were the bloodiest battles of WWII that had the most casualties for both Allies and Axis powers and were turning point of the war

  34. Cpt Excelsior

    Just to make it clear, it is post ww2, so after the surrender of the Japanese Empire in 1945. And it doesn’t matter who are the belligerents in the battle. Also, just so everyone understands, an invasion is not a battle, in the sense like the invasion of Iraq, or of S.Korea by the north, or the Tet and Easter Offensives in Vietnam. So i have a fair idea that the largest and bloodiest battle in post WW2 is probably one of these wars; Chinese Civil War, Korea, Indochina, Vietnam, Sudanese Civil Wars, Bangladesh, Iran-Iraq or the Algeria War. Maybe others that i have forgot to mention are worth of note.
    I cant imagine any battles being on the scales of the battles of Berlin or Stalingrad, or even Okinawa and Normandy, but if you could name the battle you think has been the bloodiest since WW2, that would be great thanks.

  35. andresumoza

    Writing a term paper for class, but I am having trouble coming up with something that grabs the reader’s attention. I want to make it interesting so the reader will actually want to read my paper. I have a thesis statement – if you had any suggestions please write. Best answer gets 10 points!!!! Thanks.

    Thesis: Although, World War I and II were one of the bloodiest battles seen in history, many procedures were greatly improved by surgeons and nurses, this later played an important contribution in advancing the medical field in the military.

  36. Hannah

    I would of said WW2, but it is obvious that Korea would have inflicted larger death tolls than any other war since it for the British, i know that the Battle of Imjin River was the worst in the Korean War but what about since then.
    To the guy that compared Vietnam to Afghanistan, i don’t think they are similar in that affect, because with Vietnam, they never attacked the allied nations, they never harbored people hostile and planning major terror attacks to the allied nations, and they never attacked any allied civilians. I believe that Afghanistan is 100% legit, and i think that before they eave that NATO should just annihilate because they know they can with a loss of life that would be comparatively low compared to the enemy. And it would certify that the Afghan Security forces can handle the remaining pockets of insurgency and there you go, no home for terrorists.

  37. Zack Faria

    I am wondering if its

    Cartoons? Movies? Burning Quran? Telling them Mohammad abused a nine yr old girl? Telling them Mohammad carried out many bloody battles? Telling them Mohammad condone capital punishment for apostates? Telling them their prophets married a freakin eleven wives?


  38. unbleevable39

    How to address this issue when political and legal system is in silent mode? What about international interference?why not America stop nuclear deal with such a country and impose trade sanctions? By keeping mum, are our politicians instigating a bloody battle? Where are we heading?

  39. slipknot0129

    All the island hopping, bloody battles, and fire-bombing was all in anticipation for a direct invasion of the Japanese mainland, but an invasion became unnecessary when the Japanese surrendered after the atomic bombs were dropped. Therefore, wasn’t all the time, money, supplies, and lives lost in the pacific theater essentially all in vain?

  40. whitesoxfan2347

    Please Help ,me , i am useless at History, and i could do with some help.

    If you can could u refer to the answer to the question ( symbolic city, turning point in the war, bloodiest battle in human history? etc etc

  41. Daniel

    This bloody battle early in the war resulted in more casualties than all previous wars in which Americans had been involved.




    Cold Harbor


    is it shiloh? becasue thats i think it is.

  42. apleaforbrandon

    I can’t believe some comments I have read on this site. Is this an overview of the feelings of the nation? I read one persons comment yesterday that said liberals defeated the republican English during the revolutionary war and this person was not talking about classical liberalism. Is this what is being taught in schools today? Our founders were Liberal? Liberal people fighting a bloody battle to get out from under government tyranny? Another comment was from someone who said he was a Republican who was willing to give away freedoms for government provided safety. Is this how the average Republican thinks now? Has everyone gone insane?

  43. Orbit

    i know Antietam was the bloodiest single day, but people always say Gettysburg was. Gettysburg only had over 50,000. the Battle of the Bulge had over 90,000. so which is it? whats the bloodiest battle in american history?

  44. _marky_mark_

    I remember learning about a certain battle in the Civil war that was said to be the bloodiest battle of the civil war but i don’t remember which one it was.


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