Twelve Sky 2 Cheats

Twelve Sky 2 Cheats

Our hacks are the best in the world, coded personally by r4ge. This works with the new Rakion Game. This has all the features you could ever want. You can configure every aspect of the to work for all out raging on a server. You can also configure it to look like your playing legit so nobody has any idea your cheating, except you!

Instructions(Included in ):

1.Hack Speed/Zoomx1
2.Hack Speed/Zoomx2
3.Hack Speed/Zoomx3
4.Skill Hack (สกิลไม่มีดีเลย์)
5.Auto potion HP/MP
6. Teleport Hack Lv.1
7. Teleport Hack Lv.2
8.Vac – 50
9.Vac – 80
10.Vac -100
11.Vac – 60
That’s it, have fun hacking.

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3 thoughts on “Twelve Sky 2 Cheats

  1. Chester

    I need a list of the gree Olympian gods (and goddesses) please, not just the obvious ones either. thanks!
    Greek mythology please!!!

  2. altair

    1) If only you knew.
    2) Sometimes I think that you’ll never_______
    3) In the quiet of the morning.
    4) The Yellow rose of Texas.
    5) Blue moon of Kentucky

  3. Vultre9

    GM of Smackdown-Teddy Long
    WWE Chairman-Mr. McMahon

    World Heavyweight champion-Christian
    Unified tag team champions-Motor City Machine Guns
    United States champion-Wade Barrett
    Women’s champion-Angelina Love
    Women’s tag team champions-Angelina Love & Velvet Sky

    Promo 1-Chris Jericho comes out.Chris says “I’m the best in the world at what I do.This past Sunday, Christian used his witchcraft to cheat me out of my championship opportunity, & keep his fairytale alive.Temporarily, of course, as SummerSlam quickly approaches.I’m here to suggest, no, demand that Teddy Long gives me the rematch that I solely deserve, because Christian won’t get lucky twice”.AJ Styles comes out.AJ says “did I hear you say that you deserve a second title match? If anything, I do, because nobody is in the league of the phenomenal, AJ Styles! I’m a warrior in this ring, you just hide behind your accolades.If anybody is going to SummerSlam, it’ll be me”.Kurt Angle comes out.Kurt says “Chris, you had your chance, & you failed.AJ, you’re a boy in a mans world.It’s clear that at SummerSlam, a title shot should be given to an olympic gold medalist, a wrestling gladiator, me.I deserve it so much, Teddy Long should get on his knees & beg me to represent Smackdown, at SummerSlam.It’s real, it’s damn real”.Jeff Hardy comes out.Jeff says “I’m not gonna come out here & make false claims, as to why I deserve to be number one contender.It was twelve years ago, at SummerSlam, that me & Christian participated in the first TLC match.Twelve years later, we’re where nobody thought daredevils would end up, the main event of SummerSlam”.Teddy Long comes out.Teddy says “you all have valid reasons, as to who goes to SummerSlam, so here’s my decision.Tonight, up next, Chris Jericho will battle Jeff Hardy, followed by Kurt Angle against AJ Styles.After those two contests, the winners will rest up, but their night will be far from over.In the main event, the two will compete again, & the winner will challenge Christian, at SummerSlam.Holla, players”!

    Match 1-Jeff Hardy(face) vs Chris Jericho(heel)-winner Jeff Hardy
    Post Match-Chris Jericho gives Jeff Hardy the Codebreaker.Chris Jericho leaves to boos, as Jeff Hardy lays motionless, in the ring.

    Match 2-Kurt Angle(heel) vs AJ Styles(face)-winner Kurt Angle

    Promo 2-Wade Barrett comes out.Wade says “I’m the United States champion, the greatest one in recent memory.I’ve held my own with some of the toughest wrestlers to participate in this company.Up next, I team with a man that I look up to, in William Regal, to battle the tag team champions.However, I’m looking for an opponent for next week.I’m laying an open invitational for next week, against anybody.Fan, ring announcer, referee, hall of famer; it doesn’t matter to me, their background & accomplishments.If they can beat me, which I doubt, I’ll grant them a shot for my championship, at SummerSlam”.

    Match 3-(British Invasion on commentary)-William Regal & Wade Barrett accompanied by Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov(heels) vs Motor City Machine Guns(faces)-winners Motor City Machine Guns
    Post Match-Brutus Magnus sends Alex Shelley outside the ring, after nailing him with the tag team championship.British Invasion gives Chris Sabin the Bearhug/Diving European uppercut combination.British Invasion celebrates, leaving to boos.

    Promo 3-Angelina Love & Velvet Sky comes out, as ribbons & confetti falls into the arena.Velvet says “ladies & gentlemen, you’re looking at the new Women’s tag team champions.Clap for us, celebrate with us, & you’d better respect us, we deserve it”.Angelina says “last week, we defeated Mickie James & Melina, & cemented the Beautiful People as the best divas in WWE history.I’m the only diva to be Women’s champion & Women’s tag team champion, simultaneously.I’m a legend in the making.That’s why I’m laying out an open challenge right now, who will face Velvet Sky”.Velvet Sky questions Angelina Love, as Melina answers the challenge.

    Match 4-Melina(face) vs Velvet Sky accompanied by Angelina Love(heels)-winner Melina

    Match 5-(Christian on commentary)-#1 contender’s for World Heavyweight title-Kurt Angle(heel) vs Jeff Hardy(face)-winner Kurt Angle
    Post Match-Kurt Angle & Christian stare down, with Christian raising the World Heavyweight championship, as Smackdown fades away.
    July 20th, 2012


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