Twitter Password Hack 2013

Twitter Password Hack 2013

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28 thoughts on “Twitter Password Hack 2013

  1. baldy eire

    My email account was hijacked to day 25 Feb 2013. A letter was sent to all my contacts telling them I was stranded in Manilla ( spelling), Philippines and I was broke and needed money urgently. There were a number of spelling errors in the story.
    I am able to access my email account but all messages and contacts have been deleted. I have changed my password and checked my backup account is correct and valid.
    my compromised email address is . I can be contacted on my other account:
    We followed the Yahoo link for the return of my mail inbox plus my many email contacts. ALL Addresses are missing.
    Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do

  2. Marshal

    Apr 29, 20133:20 AMBrowser Mail AccessNigeria
    I got above notification from Yahoo but did not care & hacker retrieve my contacts & asked for money/funds. I advise that Yahoo should notify the account holders through SMS too for immediate attention & action. regards, Khalid Shamsi

  3. Marlon P

    Recently i can’t seem to log into my twitter account, i can reset my password and log into my account but as soon as i log out i won’t be able to log back in anymore.
    Can anyone please tell me why and how to fix this problem?
    I’m sorry if i put this question in the wrong category, i didn’t know where else to go…
    Thank you it was very helpful.

  4. Yoshi

    I went on my profile and I noticed there were a bunch of tweets about like diet and weight loss stuff with links attached to them. What’s happening? Did I get hacked? I didn’t tweet anything like that before.

  5. Matthew

    Got a message today stating “On July 26, 2013, at 03:46 pm CDT, you tried to recover your account password… etc”.

    I apparently have no way to contact Yahoo! and verify that they actually sent it. (Their ‘contact’ page is anything but.) Anyone have their email?

  6. liza

    Looking for specific examples on how neighbors could use a service like Twitter to improve safety/security? For example, send a Tweet if a suspicious person is spotted along with location, etc. Other examples?
    Well, since learning that only one person can tweet into a Twitter feed, I guess Twitter is out of the question for this application. If anyone knows of a service that would allow *everyone* on the distribution to contribute, please let us know about it! Thanks!!

  7. slipknot0129

    I only know how to put my own statuses on to twitter from my phone. How do i get updates and replies texted to my phone. Cuz I don’t receive anything. I have to go online to read stuff.

  8. rndmaktn

    I’ve been trying to figure this Twitter thing out and apparently it’s good for bloggers and famous people and businesspeople to share news about what’s going on. My question is, what purpose does it serve for regular people that don’t have a new album out or anything? Do you just tell people stuff like “Out with my friends” or whatever?

    Also, if you get Twitter, can you just follow celebrities to see what they’re up to and not tweet about anything?

  9. uberfailz

    What is the benefits-costs balance of creating and keeping a Twitter profile? I already have a Facebook profile and feel it is taking up a huge part of my time and more commitment and investment than I would have liked to give it. But at the same time I am curiousr about all the interest in Twitter and tweets and wonder whether I am missing something good!

  10. Denali

    I have twitter and some people have loads of followers. Me and my friend Amy want to know how you get that many followers without being famous.

  11. ouch

    I have heard about the original twitter app “Twitter”, echofon, and TweetDeck. I want to know what is the best twitter app out of these 3? Or better yet, do you know another app that is better than the ones I have already listed? I want to know the best one that has the overall best positive reviews.

  12. MAK & CHEESE

    I am getting twitter notifications on my iPhone for a twitter member I follow. I don’t ever remember subscribing. How do I unsubscribe?

  13. Xbox360king

    So I stumble on my husbands x girlfriend twitter page and all it talks about is how he left her and broke her heart. What should I do ? Should I tell my husband?

  14. nothin_nyce1

    My boyfriend got hacked on Twitter so he had to change his password, and he then forgot his password and he doesn’t know the password to his email address, so he can’t request a new password.
    He gets mobile updates from Twitter and he’s going to be getting them forever if he can’t get into his account and turn it off.

  15. Arminator

    I remember when I first got Twitter not too long ago a window appeared claiming that I may know some people because on their connection on Facebook. How would I be able to get to that window again?

  16. Cupcakerum

    How can I stream Twitter Feeds to my Facebook page in real-time, without any delay? I used to use “Smart Tweets For Pages” in Facebook, but now, I have to administer the Twitter pages that I want to feed to my Facebook page. RSS Graffiti is delayed a little bit. What application can I use that does this instantly?

  17. RxP DarkBox

    I want to make a twitter layout for an english project–different characters of a book tweeting each other. Is there a place I can get one easily or should I just make a bunch of different accounts?

  18. Duke

    I had my twitter account for 1 day and it’s already suspended! I have no idea what I exactly did wrong, but I followed the directions on other websites of what to do, but I’m now just wondering how long it usually takes until Twitter unsuspends your account if they actually do? I’m not exactly a patient person.. (: Thanks!

  19. Jerosh Nagulachandran

    How do people put links to their twitter and facebook on there myspace? Ive seen a lot of people put the logo to there facebook and twitter and you click it and it takes your to there stuff.

  20. ouch

    I love to roleplay on twitter if anyone here knows what that is. I know about the Boston Blood one but the girls in that are not part of the gangs. Please help! Thanks!

  21. RichT

    I went to log on to my Twitter account and all the settings of Twitter changed to the ones like my mobile account. My Twitter layout on the computer looks exactly like my mobile app and I need help changing it! Help!

  22. evangldbrg

    Trying to figure out Twitter, but I don’t see the practical difference between twitter and just updating your status on Facebook.

  23. Andres C

    Just joined twitter, and i not only get the people im following through my news feed, but some of their friends. How do i get rid of their friends an just follow them?

  24. airdogspace2

    My friend had her account logged onto my Twitter app on my phone, I don’t want access to her account anymore. How can I remove it from my phone without deleting it?

  25. Alun J

    I am using the wordpress plugin Twitter Tools by Alex King, and was wondering if there is a way to change the name of the ‘device’ or ‘agent’? (if thats the right word) from where the tweet originated. I tried to change some things in the PHP but couldn’t get it to work.

    I am trying to change it from this:
    28 minutes ago from Twitter Tools

    To something like this:
    28 minutes ago from CUSTOM NAME HERE

    Any help would be appreciated – thanks!

  26. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    A friend of mine’s facebook account was recently “hacked” and deactivated. We know who did it, and when said person was confronted, they said simply that they aquired my friend’s log in info by hacking my friend’s ip address.

    we’re just wondering if this is possibly true, or if the person was just trying to cover up the fact that they snooped around and figured out the log in info (they used to live with my friend before, so its possible that they seen the password or figured it out)


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