Wartune Cheats

Wartune Cheats

Wartune is a 2D browser MMORPG in which you explore treasure, hunt for valuable items, slay creatures and communicate with your buddies in the world of Vidalia. The game proves a remarkable success in China as it closely follows the Chinese culture and background story while some client game elements have been implemented into the game.

Wartune Hack Description:

• Move items to bank
• Open boxes automatically
• Sell items automatically
• Teleport to boxes

  • Monster ID: Fight Any Monster You Want At Any Time
  • Elite Damage: Do SuperMegaUltra ElementX Damage (Instant Win)
  • Fight: Battle Phlox, Gold Chest, NightBane Or Nerfkitten Scion
  • Stat Trainers / Untrainer: Train / Untrain Stats At The Blink Of An Eye (Click Cancel To Stop)
  • AutoFight: AutoBattle Phlox, Gold Chest, Nerfkitten Scion Or Any Another Monster
  • Class Hack – Adventurer: Sets Base Classes & Subrace Levels To 10 & The Rest To 5 – Guardian: Sets All Class Levels To 10 – ShapeShifter: Unlock All ShapeShifting Skills
  • Custom Weapon: Allows You To Choose The Parts For Your Guardian Custom Weapon
  • Set Koofu: Allows You To Set Your Koofu Whenever You Feel Like
  • Spellcraft Components: Set Your Component For 3 Spellcraft Casts
  • Misc: Custom Ubers – Set Alignment – Admin Menu – AQStats – Action Menu – Change Name – Face Hack – Complete BOA – Werepyre Subrace
  • Back To Town: To Go Back To Town Whenever You Feel Like It
  • Ballyhoo: Automatically Clicks Everything For You Until You Reach The Limit
  • Temp Guardian: Instantly Gives You Access To Everything A Guardian Has & Loads The Guardian Blade + Armor
  • Sizable + Movable: Makes AQ Elite Sizable, Movable & Minimizable
  • Restore Style: Restores The Original Style But With The New Size & Position


  • F1 – Elite Damage / Instant Win
  • F2 – Load Action.swf (Rename Your Custom SWF To Action)
  • F3 – 9999 SP
  • F4 – Full Heal / Replenish HP & MP


  • It is best to turn off Auto’s, while it is saving.
  • Do not switch Auto’s or load anything without turning it off first.
  • When you use the face, you have to re-login to see your new face.
  • If you Load Koofu while in battle, it will only appear after you attack.
  • ‘Sizable + Movable’ changes to ‘Restore Style’ once clicked.
  • If the Stat Trainers give an error it means you don’t have enough gold.
  • The AutoEvent doesn’t work if the war is over.

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104 thoughts on “Wartune Cheats

  1. brincks26

    I was looking for a way to get unlimited gold in Wartune, so i need Wartune cheats to do this. I heard there is a Wartune hack that works on all servers, if you could show me where to get it please. Thank you.

  2. Xedo

    I really want wings and stuff but i have to fill in personality tests before the hack starts but it never starts please help me!

  3. mavis24

    I saw some website for Wartune cheats, but non of them works. So im asking you if there is a working cheat/trainer/hack for Wartune?

  4. superdork

    I’ve downloaded this hack but it isnt working for me. I tried to use it FB, failed. Moved to R2games, failed. In short, the hack is say Version: game not found. Help?

  5. mavis24

    Im curious is there any working cheats or hacks for this game. Im playing on r2games server. Please post a link if you have some, ty.

  6. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    I found some Wartune hack on youtube, but all of them was scam, and didn’t work at all. I tried with cheat engine, but nothing happened. I just want to beat my friend and I don’t have enough time to play with this game. So, I looking for a free Wartune hack ASAP.

  7. Alina Elliott

    My stepson thought it would be a good way to save money by stealing it from my wife. We have taken ALL measures in home taking away tv, outside play, even choice of clothing and menu. My wife and I feel that this is not enough, so we’re considering boot camp detention center or even a good scare. Any other suggestions?

  8. skillz

    I put in the action replay with soul silver inserted, and the action replay menu doesn’t show up. When I click the touch screen to go to the DS menu, it says that no game has been inserted. Why is this happening?

  9. mike s

    how do I get my action replay dsi to recognize my pokemon heart gold game? the codes work and I have heart gold listed under my games but every time i put the game in it says unknoown game. Anyone know what I have to do?

  10. Jermaine J

    Hi i play harvest moon ds cute on desmume and it has a place where you can enter action replay codes but i have no idea how. Also cheat or code to unlock 60 or 101 spirites?

  11. Xbox Gamer

    My Action Replay got its code acciently erased! Every time I add game names to my Action Replay and it’s not adding it when I enter its ID! Please answer and thank you!

  12. homerliveshere

    Action replay code that enables you to choose which pokemon you want to encounter in grass.
    What is it? (I have the hex chart that shows you the individual pokemon codes, I need the basic code)
    Thanks! :)

  13. John G

    does it show it on the action replay menu when it says unknown game on the bottom left corner or is it on the ds game on the bottom because when i put on codes from my action replay and i try to use the cheats they dont work it sucks help would be nice please

  14. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    I’m trying to create a “Play” button but when I test the flash movie, it always continues to the next frames. How do I freeze the frame with the button so that the watcher could click the button? I’ve tried typing “stop();” in the actions menu but that doesn’t work.

  15. Jairo

    To make EXACT copies, I want to transfer them over to my Pokemon Black 2 version to use them for Tournaments and stuff like that but at the same time don’t want those Pokemon to leave the game, I still want to Soulsilver and Platinum files that I have. Does anyone know a action replay code that works that’ll let me clone the ones I have? It’s for the DSi.

  16. stealspartansbcglobalnet

    I have The Sims 2 Deluxe and I’m using it on a Dell laptop with Windows XP. Every time that I try to control my sim the action menu disappears after like two sec before I can do any thing. Can someone help me?

  17. sethburger

    I want to get a bot that will go and farm sylphs from the atoll whenever I’m not online. I don’t want a cheat that will give it to me already or a hack, just a bot that will farm them while I’m not at home. Is there anyone that made one already?

  18. D3ZZY

    Now I see many people created the berry code list for pokemon platinum in the menu bag, but I am wondering if there is a fast berry growth codes after planting them on the soil.

    Since the honey tree codes are already been made, why not the berry growing process?

  19. Xedo

    I wrote a question last month regarding tainted food and its’ source. I had one cat die and two others sick. One is not doing well, we are trying a special diet. The other is doing ok.
    I have joined a class action suit as Menu Foods seems to be doing nothing about taking responsibility. My vet bills are over $1000. The FDA has some cat food packets from me and it is being tested.

  20. Cpt Excelsior

    Somebody said the do a group chat thing the actions menu only shows up when im in rich text. How do i change this? Details?

  21. jdfan

    I accidently deleated the action replay codes for pokemon. Luckily I saved the codes, I’m just wondering how you make it say “Pokemon Diamond” instead of “Unknown Game” on the start screne.

  22. Gundown64

    How do I bring up the the Action menu and get the view webcam window? Obviously this my first try at using the webcam. Thank you.

  23. stealspartansbcglobalnet

    i have tried everything and nothing will work. like 500 people are in the conversation and they keep commenting on it so i keep getting those e mails to my phone. it is rediculious. can anyone help me??? please??? and like fast. this is driving me insane.
    and there is no actions menu in the message so dont say that unless you know where it is and how to do it.

    please and thank you.
    it an email not a status or comment ext…

  24. Melanie

    I would like to be able to take custom action file I made and zip it and upload it to the internet. However, I don’t know where photoshop saves these custom files in it’s intricate sets of folders and files.

    Any help here?

  25. Jeff

    On a powerpoint, can you make an action button out of a saved picture or do you just have to use the preset ones? If so, how?

  26. Thomas Lopez

    Well, I activate the maximum money cheat on the action replay menu, then I play the game, and I press L and R together, but it doesn’t work. Am i doing something wrong, or is there something I have to do first?

  27. shahrukh

    i want to delete individual message from a larger conversation…but i dont want to delete the entire thing…online says to use the actions menu in the message….but where is that or how can i delete messages? theres no grey x next to the message.. thanks

  28. Spider Pc

    I’ve had the sims 2 since it came out and it has worked fine until now. All of the sudden every time I try to select an action, the menu disappears before I can choose an action. I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and it didn’t work. What else can I do?

  29. Taylor2k

    When inserting CD or USB stick my computer would offer a list of actions to be taken (play,record,play with xxx etc.).It appears as if there is something turned off.How can I recover it?System XP sp2.Cheers.

  30. Jairo

    This is for the Nazi Zombies level. I know you unlock the first door, but how do you get the treasure chest that gives you unlimited guns? Please help! I know its suppose to be there when you unlock the first door to get to the second set of windows to board up?

  31. Willie

    Does anybody know who to contact to join the class action suit against Menu Foods for the tainted dog-food? We lost our dog suddenly after he ate this food. Someone asked about the class action but the only response was: Yes, there is a class action suit! But, who do you contact to join the class? I know its happening, I just don’t know who to call or write about it. Any help is appreciated!

  32. nasty1

    I would like to make a yahoo Phone out call but when I open the “Actions” menu from my Yahoo messenger there is no menu called “Place a Net2Phone Call”. When I type a number, the system adds a SMS sign.

  33. XplicitzZ

    I was told to go to the actions menu and select romove from list but i cant find the actions menu anywhere.!! This chain message is so annoying i woke up with 150 unread messages D:

  34. whites are not the only racists

    So there’s this ‘Save Actions…’ option when I click the arrow on the actions menu, but it’s grayed out! I want to send the action to my friend. Help?

  35. Gage

    I want to try the video chat (“View Webcam”) feature Yahoo has. I have messenger 11.5. It says to use the Conversation Window or Chat Window and the click the Actions menu. I don’t see either of those windows though. How do I call them up?

  36. Rishabh Bajpai

    I was told that above the inbox there is an entry to an action menu in yahoo menu. I do not have one on my desktop- how can I recover or add this?

  37. nasty1

    I bought an Action Replay NDS because I have a DSi. I used Pokesav to generate an ARDS code that would place pokemon inside one of my storage boxes. From what I understand, I can use a micro SD chip and place the XML code on the chip and then insert that into the AR NDS. From there I can import the code into my HeartGold game. It doesn’t work and I get ERROR: FP1 (). I think it has something to do with the format the XML code is in but I am not sure. Ive tried manually editing the code in different formats but it doesnt work. I need help please. Thank You

    I forgot to mention that I have seen the project pokemon website about how to use the pokesav. I am trying to find out how to use it with the DSi and a micro SD.

    Also when i do have the XML files on the Micro SD, I can see them in the Action Replay Files menu

  38. krow147

    I’ve played Sims 2 and Open for Business for the last 6 months with no problems. Suddenly the choice menus (for example when you click the phone and then have to choose an action from the menu) show up for the briefest second. I have tried uninstalling all parts of the game and reinstalling. I am using a Dell 1501 laptop with Vista, and other than regular Vista updates, I haven’t changed anything.
    My computer skills are relatively low, so please explain any “technical” instructions! Thank you!

  39. Superman

    I have an active CHAT with about 20 people in it, I can add people to the chat but can not remove anyone. I am the one that created that chat. It is not a group so there are no admins etc. I have tried looking at settings and actions menus but still nothing. I see other options but not to remove people…

  40. Clayton Cottrell

    I accidentally moved my top panel to the right side in a weird way so that the objects in the panel got enlarged and I cannot access the Properties of the panel to move it back. I can only use the Applications and Actions menu in the panel. I can’t even delete the panel. Any help on how to fix this w/out resetting my gnome settings would be really appreciated

  41. Jason

    How do you add action replay codes to a pokemon platinum game on a ds emulator? And how do these codes work. Im trying to get a couple legendaries. Also give me a couple of action replay codes like for darkrai or arceus. Please help!

  42. timq3dimensionscom

    Yahoo upgraded my account today and it is a mess. I am trying to customize it so I can deal with it better, but I do not have the ‘actions’ button the yahoo help page is referring to. Can someone please help me?
    Well thank you, I’m glad it’s not just me.

  43. Milk84

    Hello, I recently bought an action replay to modify pokemon black (not version 2, original one) And as soon as I got it I ripped open the box and started using it. Sometime later, I realised that I wanted to add some other cheats onto the action replay. I already had a cable and the disk for the code manager, and both work fine. However, as I looked at my new action replay, I suddenly realized it doesn’t have a usb ‘port’!? Basically, where you put the game slot, there’s meant to be a gap for the usb (smaller side) to fit in. My action replay doesn’t have this- why?? Is there a different way to update the action replay? Do you do it wirelessly now? And if so, how am I meant to do this?

    Please help, just remember that I cannot re-turn the item. If I have to buy another one that has the USB slot, then I will but is there any other way?

  44. everydayGuitarist

    I’ve been mass-mailed by an aquaintance of mine on Facebook, and a heated argument has broken out. Now that there are messages flying left and right every thirty seconds, I REALLY want to remove myself from the conversation. Where is the “actions menu” on the page?

  45. everythingisgonnabefine

    I asked a question and was told since there hasn’t been an answer yet to use the action bar to extend the time. Where is the action bar?

  46. davemc74656

    You know in all the youtube world of warcraft movies how it shows a whole bunch of actions above the action bar and on the sides of screen and stuff? How do you do that or what is the AddOn?

  47. Hannah

    I don’t see the option to format it, or even to rename the partition. The only options I get are
    New Simple Volume…
    New Spanned Volume…
    New Striped Volume…

    The simple and spanned options are greyed out, and it’s the same under the actions menu, I’m going to use this hard drive as a secondary PC harddrive, it’s a 320gb drive, and my current 500gb is all used up, don’t tell me to just go buy another drive, or to buy anything for that matter, I just need help with software to get my PS3 harddrive formatted, nothing else.

    I know a virus when I see it, so don’t spam virusware please.

  48. Chris R

    I want the globe, currently media net to be menu, the button on the right to be address book. I can’t find any way to reassign these.

  49. Jamal

    I need to know how to get the codes to upload to my pokemon pearl.
    I want it to upload into where pokemon pearl is,in the
    Action Replay DS cheat device;But I can’t figure out how to get it to upload into the cheat device.Please help me.I do have the USB cable.

  50. Scorch Delta-62

    please i need help! i have an action replay but i only have 178 pokemon and i have been searching for this code everywhere. but i cant find it so please help.

  51. turg143

    All the boxers I see online are brindle, fawn, or white. Mine is all black with white paws and white chest. Is she not a boxer?

  52. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    The other day I was uploading some codes to my Action Replay Dsi it was still inserted in my Dsi but it was off. It got stuck several times but I got it in. So the next day I turned it on, it just showed a black screen on top with about 6 random numbers/letters. Im freaking out about it, does anyone have any advice?

  53. stingerms

    I have a centered div element with images, gif actions, menu bars, etc. but when it is opened into a window that is too small the elements fall down to the next line instead of hiding.
    I’ve never seen this happen before! Only in tables that are too small. But im not using a table, promise! (I despise thee, o table).
    But anyway, what can i do to get my elements to float and stay in place rather than jump to the next line?

  54. Cpt Excelsior

    At the beginning of the game, after you are pretty much an adult, you have to go through this tomb-thing. At the end, you have to get some will power and use it to open the Cullis gate. Right before you open the gate, to the right of it is a chest that says you have to go to the Fable 2 website first to open it. What do I do at the website? I can’t find anything…
    also, what do i get in the treasure chest?

  55. timq3dimensionscom

    I’ve mostly seen this on House, M.D. but I’ve seen it on other shows too. They showed new born babies in the nursery with a gold heart on their chest. I’ve searched the internet and cannot find what this is. Does anyone know the purpose/function of this heart? Is it a monitor lead or something?

  56. Kaden

    Looking to play wow but don’t have a lot of money so i was told to get a battle chest but the only one i can find has only the first two. Please help.

  57. white man

    I do workouts at home with dumbells, for chest, triceps and biceps, and I want a protein shake that can repair my muscle quickly aswell as help me build it quicker, because I have to stop working out in a month because Iam going in a holiday, but I have started working out a month ago, and I want to gain as much muscle as possible in a short amount of time and also to recover all the pains after workouts, but I don’t know which type of protein shake to buy, should I buy the creatine mono hydrate, or whey protein, or anything you know that could help me build muscle in a short amount of time and recover it fast.

    Thank you.

  58. Hannah

    Hi, I’m a guy and I want to have muscles on my pectorals or chest. Can you give me some tips I can perform by myself without any equipment?

  59. Disrae

    I’ve recently kept dreaming about me being in a river. The water was clear and in the river was rocks. Through the rocks were jewels, necklaces, gold…(etc) Basically treasure chest-type of stuff.
    I want to know what it means!?!?!?!? Any suggestions? Thanks! (:


    Right now I’m about 6 feet tall and weigh around 150 pounds. For some reason I still look really skinny so I need to know some workouts I can do without weights to build up my chest / shoulders and lower arm flexors. Also what kinds of foods do you recommend that I eat to gain more body mass. Thanks !

  61. Picean

    I woke up one day and saw that my chest and back had broken out with acne even though I’ve never broken out there before. I haven’t changed my body wash or shampoo recently and i have clear skin. it is the weekend before finals so I’m really stressed. could that be related ?

  62. PillowMan1234

    I just bought a golden key and I don’t know where to go to open the golden treasure chest. I have 12 of them, I just can’t find them.

  63. sakyue1993

    I live in the norther part of Maine, it’s about 3.5 inches in length and maybe 2.5 inches in height, its relatively dark, and has a gold chest with black spots. I’m not sure if its full grown.
    If the question is not answered by tomarrow I might be able to get a picture up.

  64. Stevalicious

    Lately I’ve been getting a lot of pimples on my back and chest. After I take a shower (every other day) i rub cream on my arms and back. It’s some cream from bath&bodyworks. So how do I get rid of the pimples? Should I exfoliate? What do I do? Any home remedies. No lemon juice suggestions .

  65. Lachlan

    Any hidden chests or glitches other than the Hidden chest in Dawnstar, and Whiterun, and other than the Doors Of Oblivion glitch.

  66. DuckieM10

    in Whiterun i have a wife and she only give me half of her amount of gold.i went to Riverwood,to chop some wood for gold.but i still don’t have enongh,so con you tell a easter egg or a quest that i might get lots of gold,plz.

  67. Patrick

    I heard getting married and waiting 48 hours isn’t too shabby to collect 2,000 gold or something like that.

  68. Daniel

    I’m in sunset house, I’ve already been through the whole house and stuff, but I can’t find the gold key required for the gate to the right, straight across the gazebo. Does anyone know where I can find it?

  69. slipknot0129

    She has one of those dermal things, the piercing that’s on the chest. She doesn’t like the standard ball, so while online she searched for other types of jewelry. She found some that kind of dangle. I don’t know why she didn’t get it but we went to several malls looking for some and none carried them. I don’t see it as being practical if it dangles, but she really wants it and her birthdays coming up. Any one know of any sites to go to?

  70. Picean

    I play mafia wars on facebook. I have 13 gold treasure chest crates, but only one key. It’s the first key that I’ve gotten in a long, long time. I click a treasure chest and click “use a key” to unlock it, but the game dissapears and is replaced by some “webpage not found” stuff.

    What can I do to make this work? I already restarted the computer so that didn’t work.

  71. isk8at818

    Can anyone recomend a gentle riverbank within a few hours of San Fracisco that might give up a few specks of gold for some boys who are enchanted by the idea? Thanks.

  72. happyha31

    I’ve got a lot of acne all over my lower neck and my chest. I need a way to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Any tips????

  73. mal_functiongeo

    i have this tan line that is straight across my chest. The upper part is super tanned and the lower part is super pasty, and when i have my bikini on it makes this white triangle that is the most ugliest thing ever.
    and to make it worse, im going to camp for a week on sunday.
    HELP ME!

  74. Nathan B

    In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead mans chest, all the pirates are mortal again, but the monkey isn’t. What’s with that?

  75. happyha31

    How much gold do you need in your Sanctuary in order to climb up the pile to reach the key near the ceiling?

  76. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    When I look at the holo-missions, some of the missions have a gold DONE next to it, and sometimes it’s a white DONE. What is the difference between the two?

  77. PolishPokeyPimp

    Someone told me that if you rub white gold or silver ring on your skin and it turns color, then you are low on iron. Is this an accurate test? Why does my skin turn color if not?

  78. Jason M

    My hair is right above my “chest” and I have side bangs that don’t usually like to do anything but lay there. I also need to have my bow in.
    For makeup, nothing too flashy and I have wal-mart makeup, so I can’t use anything fancy. Just maybe something to change up my eyeshadow and eyeliner.

  79. Austin

    Well ever since I was born I have been allergic to metal. I cant wear metal watches, metal necklaces, or metal bracelets without breaking out into rashes. I get rashes on my waste right below my belly button from metal button on jeans. I get rashes on my thigh for having change in my pocket to long. I get rashes on my nipple or close to my nipple when Im wearing my name tag at work cause the clip is made from metal and when I was a baby I use to get little cirlce red rashes down the middle of my chest from those metal circle buttons on one piece baby suits. All my life I have had this and so I was wondering is there a technically term for this?

  80. rashest_hippo

    Are they tired of religious wars ? Are they tired of the uncertainty in a world gone mad with nuclear armaments and religious warfare?

    (Daniel 2:31-35) with a head of fine gold, a chest and arms of silver, a belly and thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet partly of iron and partly of clay.
    Do Russia and China have more power over world religion than do the US and Britain?

  81. Jenna

    I only have two guns gold right now and I’m already 4th prestige and I want all my guns diamond. Is there any tips, or hacks anyone knows? thanks!

  82. hank baseballs

    There are several places in the forest that need to be dug up but can only be dug up with a shovel. I can’t seem to find a shovel anywhere. Does anyone know where it is located at in the game? Also, does anyone know where I would find the key that unlocks the blue and gold chests in the game? I have looked everywhere I can think of for these two items. Please let me know. Thanks!

  83. Krazy Bob

    My prom is in may and I have no idea what type of prom dress I should get.
    I have medium brown-ish hair, that might get a little lighter for prom. I have brown eyes. I’m not very thin, and I have a large chest. Although I’m short, I know I want a long dress.
    I have light skin, but I plan on getting a little tanner by prom.
    Any ideas on what color or what type of prom dress I should get?

  84. SteveO

    the first season started and the rangers all had gold emblems on their chests. and suddenly they just had the blank white diamonds. what happened?


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