Wifi Password Hacking Tool – Hack Wireless Networks

Wifi Password Hacking Tool

Wifi Password Hacking Tool

Descripton: (Wifi Password Hack)


Wifi Password Hack is a new tool that works on almost all operating systems. This tool besides being fast discovering wireless networks also has works on almost all types of encryption from WEP, WPA and WPA2. For you to use this tool you just need to have a computer with a wireless adapter or a wireless pen, that nowadays any portable computer has. Most programs take hours and hours and hours, let alone days to discover a simple password, but now you ask. Why is it that other programs take so much and is so fast? This is a reply so easy to answer and that is Wifi Password Hacking !

The creators of Wifi Password Hack at home have tried to create a unique software that is more effective and faster than the others. Then joined about 10 professional programmers from all over the world and together have created the wifi cracker which contains the ultimate software engine IE NET.framework 4.0! I have tried it and it works so try right now Wifi Password Hacking


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78 thoughts on “Wifi Password Hacking Tool – Hack Wireless Networks

  1. mendhak

    I have airties RT-205 in my living room which has a password for wifi, I want to repeat this signal with my airties WAR-140 however when I repeat it, it repeats without encryption and also internet doesn’t work. What should I do ? I guess it repeats the encrypted signal and windows doesn’t detect its encrypted so it doesn’t ask password

  2. Tyler H

    When I search for WiFi connection on my Wii sometimes a “Gaffney” signal comes in and sometimes a “Lyzard” signal comes in. These are both locked connections. Does anyone have any idea what the password to either one is?


    This may sound strange, but I live on the end house of 3 and our neighbors are good friends now.

    There is one issue though. The neighbor 2 houses along is a genius programmer with Linux and MAC based tools and I am certain that he is hacking my computers via my Linksys Cisco wireless router.

    I have set and secured the Linksys router with both a WPA2 key and IP lookup username and password.

    I let my neighbor use my main computer the other day (Window 7 based) and he did a CMD ‘IPCONFIG’ when he thought I wasnt looking, so he probably has my direct IP now.
    Now all of a sudden, applications crash to windows and I notice my network monitor and hardware going haywire sometimes.

    I am sure that the average user wont be able to hack my network, but this guy develops software for a living. Even though he’s a friend, i don’t want him nosing at our (My fiance and I) holiday pics etc.

    Is it possible to physically block a signal from the direction of his house using materials etc? The mrs uses wireless for her laptop but I am hard wired to the wireless router. (I dont want to have to hard wire everything)

    Any help greatly appreciated!!! Thank-you in advance.

  4. ttocs

    I searched the net I am getting various results using hacking tools and softwares. But I heard it can only be hacked by backtrack(linux os)…..Please suggest best and if possible suggest with a tutorial….

  5. morbiusdog

    So rumour has it that there are people stealing internet connections in my building, I am a WEP key user, and I know just how they do to hack into passwords. There is a program that can grab both WEP and WPA keys by downloading packets (you probably heard about commview for wifi and air crack ng).

    So what is the best way to protect my router ? Is there a way I can make my router share internet with only 2 computers and all the rest get nothing ?
    Thanks for your answers but I have a big problem, when I set up WPA my laptop (windows 7 with Realtek and Atheros) cannot connect to my network, I am currently on the main computer (xp), when I am on my laptop it says that the connection is incompatible with the computer or something, is there a way I can fix that ?

  6. davemc74656

    My account was recently hacked. I’m trying to determine the cause, as I have been playing on a Mac OS X for almost a year. I just ran a virus scan which turned up nothing. I’m always logged on (to my mac) as a standard user anyway so there is nothing that could have been installed without my admin account. Thoughts?
    I do play over a wifi home network if that helps.

  7. johnkaiser 22

    my college has a wireless network through which they provide internet. when ever we try to connect to internet it asks for an user name and a password. how can I hack them. If not I have my own username and password to use the internet but I have speed restrictions. there are different types of services they provide. the service which I have taken is having speed limitation. some of the other servises get very High speed. how can I get high speed.

  8. Terrence

    I have my wireless home network securely encoded with a WPA2 pass-phrase. Does it make sense for me to bother with MAC Address Filtering or should this be good enough?

    Also, I’m interested in getting a Powerbook / Macbook and working on some business-sensitive material at coffeeshops / libraries. Is this just not a good idea (period) or are there some defensive measures one can take that really do protect you under regular circumstances in this type of setting? If so, what are they?


  9. opurt

    I never gave my password out. I’ve been playing habbo for a few years now, and i had quite a bit of furni. I just got a laptop a week ago, and i logged on habbo via wifi. my wifi is unlocked, so my neighbors can use it, but the connection would be slow for them. I also had it set on autolog because i was tired of putting my email in every time. i deleted all cookies and tried logging in. it said my password was invalid every time. so instead of using my I.D. to log in, i used my account username. it said “use your I.D. to log in (drpacmangigglse@aol.com). i had no idea who’s email it was, but i put in my password and it allowed me to log in. the order of my characters was all screwed up, and my furni was gone on my main account, everything but pets. i also noticed one of my email accounts wasn’t working, and i had to use the password tool to get it back. is it possible someone around my wifi could’ve hacked my account? or did they just use a password phisher or something?
    I didn’t use a poor password. I never gave out my password, or the email i use to log into it. my password was 2 random words with a number after it. It would’ve been impossible to guess, so unless they used software or a keylog or did something on my wifi, they would never get it. d

  10. Moore, Ron

    wirless connection on my internet service. It’s a surprise, because my pcs are not wireless compatible, and I do not have a laptop to take advantage of the wireless. I found out yesterday, I wasn’t able to get online, because a NEIGHBOR was tapping my wireless connection !! So today, I called my service provider to have a protection put on my account. I’ve been PAYING for this protection, not really knowing what it is or why I was paying for it. Today I had the wireless turned off. My question is: while this neighbor was tapping into my account, was he also able to tap into my online accounts, to find out what my passwords were and/or change them, was he able to order different items, and have them paid for by me, on my account ? How badly could my account have been used ?
    Well today, I called the service provider and had their tech support help me to TURN OFF the wifi or wireless, that I was surprised I was even carrying. So if I want the wifi turned back on, I will have to password protect it. I learned that from the tech support guy.
    What I want to know is how badly he could have hacked into my account, could he have done any damage, or ordered things and had them billed to me ?

  11. maskills24

    I need to make a cheese and cracker tray for 50 people. I’ve never made one before, and I need to know everything from what and how much to buy, to how to arrange. Please help!

  12. John

    how can share file from my pc to my laptop over the wireless router.

    if i sahre my wireless with some one.would they be abale to hack or see my private information?would they be abale to see my password when i put in e-mail

  13. Con Orpe

    I want to see if i can hack my own router from someone elses computer, Mainly to prove a point, that hacking wifi isn’t as easy as they seem to think. The password is all numeric, and I either need a brute hacking tool with numeric charts, or something else, But they’re hard to come across with a simple google search. Any tips you can give me to make this a bit easier?
    This is purely for educational purposes. And I will not be connected to my router, nor will my friends laptop have the password stored in it.

  14. sakyue1993

    I have a question regarding people hacking into your computer or accessing your information at public wireless hot spots and sites. I have read a lot of info about how people can access passwords and codes at wireless hot spots because the connections are “unsecured.” What does this mean exactly?

    1. Does it mean that I should not be on (in real time) any banking or shopping sites because hackers could access my info in real time?

    2. OR does it mean that regardless of what site I’m on, e.g. just reading the news… hackers could access passwords, codes or credit card information stored in the computer?

    3. does it make a difference if I tell the computer not to “remember” the passwords and codes when I use them at home (e.g. over a secure network)?

    4. and I’m assuming that if I am using a secure network, at home… then information is NOT available.

    I’m not very computer savvy… so please explain answers clearly. Btw, I use firefox and windows vista.


  15. PolishPokeyPimp

    Many people don’t understand that the term cracker refers to the ‘cracking’ of the whip.

    How is it offensive to call a white person ‘cracker’ when it alludes to back when white people/masters would whip black people/slaves?

  16. vanvark83

    I Want a Secure Yahoo!
    Recently,”Firesheep”an easy to use program has been freely spread on the internet which renders standard encription known as as “t HTTP” nworthless – cookie contents, including passwords.are readily exposed. WIFI users and wireless networks are likely to suffer more as entire systems are exposed. The solution is for providers to use stronger encription by using the stronger “HTTPS” protocol which banks and similar concerns use, but that is more expensive for the providers. You can tell if yourconnection is in “HTTPS” by looking at your browser’sddress bar- if it contains only “http”” (without the following “s” you are at risk. Gmail, FaceBook andeven smaller concerns have moved to the HTTPS”. I t’s time for Yahoo to catch up.
    This info is condensed from the New York Times article” Hacking Tools Pose Bigger Threats to Wi-Fi Users,” dated February 16, 2011.
    Link to the article:

  17. PIE BOY

    I see A lot of people with Florida Cracker stickers on their pickup trucks(predominantly caucasians). From what I heard white people take offense to being called cracker kind of like the situation with black people and the N word.

    Anyway what is a Florida Cracker?

  18. Jon P

    So recently about three of my friends have been hacked on Facebook. I’m not completely sure if it’s the same hacker, but I know that the hacker is in Texas. They changed their passwords and already reported the incident to Facebook. Is there any way we can stop this hacker from hacking anyone else?

  19. Maggie

    I am trying to find a way to mess with my downstairs computer via wireless/WiFi connection. Is there anyway for me to like shutdown the computer or do anything to it to keep people from wanting to use it? I’m not trying to hack into someone else’s computer. I am using a laptop upstairs, and I have a PC downstairs connected to my wireless router. I constantly being bugged about being asked to use my PC and the bills have been rising since people found out I have internet connections. I’m just trying to find a fun way of eliminating the problem. I know my own WiFi password and whatever so its not really hacking I guess.

    I’ve seen something like this at my high school where our network administrator/I.T. teacher shuts down people’s laptop when connected to the school’s WiFi network. So I’m optimistic about the posibilities.

  20. encyclopath

    I’m using my neighbors laptop and we cant figure out my network key… It’s a 2wire

    I need the network key and I don’t know it. Is there a way to hack it?

    please don’t tell me to call technical support.

  21. mavis24

    If someone has the password for the wireless network that I have set up at home, can they get any information off my computer without any of my other passwords? What about information I send over the internet, like email passwords – are they safe? Thanks in advance for responses :)

  22. encyclopath

    I just viewed my network connections and discovered an unknown name on there. I’ve called the internet provider and changed the password but I’m wondering how they got the password in the first place and can they get it again. There is a lot of software available for password hacking (see youtube) and I want to be able to stop this kind of hack on my system. I can’t tell if I’m using WEP, WPA or WPA2 and have no idea how to change it and what the consequences will be for me as a user. I’ve tried looking at all the network settings but can’t find anything to tell me what I’m using. Also even if I change does this type of software still enable WPA2 hacking and is there anything I can do (Windows updates etc). I have two computers and two laptops connected to my network that the family use. As much detailed info as possible would be appreciated. Thanks.

  23. hank baseballs

    I’m doing Futher Maths in Year 10. We only have one lesson a week, and it’s basically advanced maths for high ability students but we have no revision tools at home! The school ordered books but they aren’t coming so are there any online resources I can use for me to catch up with what we’ve done in class?:) Thanks.

  24. Taylor2k

    I access internet on my laptop using wifi. I doubt that somebody else is using my wifi connection parallely. Is there any tool which will display computers / devices connected to my wifi modem plus router. I use a BSNL connection and my modem plus router model is AR 800 V v 3.0. Thanks in advance.

  25. toysruslover

    Hi, I would like to learn to be a computer cracker but the online tutorials are very soft, I already know a bit of HTML, bat, and c++. I know that there are professional crackers out there. Please teach me.

  26. morbiusdog

    I was in Texas last week and a nice southern gentleman recomended I try the potato casserole. I loved it! We have no Cracker Barrels in Northern Nevada and I would love to make it for my family. Please help me! Thank you Kathi

  27. friendly 4

    what do you call the cracker with paper that tells your luck or something? panda express had those but i forgot what its called
    thank you guys so much! its been bugging me! haha finally!

  28. Kaden

    I turned in my application at Cracker Barrel on Monday. I gave it to a manager, then we sat down and she asked me a few questions about school and work while reading over my application some more. She set me up with an interview with the general manager. I have work experience but only from working at dining halls on my college campus. I applied for the hostess or server position. What kind of questions should I expect? Any tips on what to wear?

  29. Gage

    I have a bag of plain Graham cracker crumbs,could I somehow add cocoa or something to make it chocolate Graham cracker taste?

  30. lets roll

    My daughter is 10 months and seems to eat a grahm cracker just fine on her own. But im worried that she might choke. Is it normal to give them half a cracker to munch or should i be cutting it into little pieces?

  31. Andrew S

    I’ve had a graham cracker crust in my cupboard for a while and I don’t know what I want to make with it so I thought I would make banana cream pie. I’m just not sure how baking the meringue part would work out with a pre-made crust.

    Any recipes like this?

  32. RichT

    I’m asking another cooking question. I want to use gram cracker crust in place of dough to make sweet potato pie. I know its different, but I love creating new flavors and textures with food when I can. Is it possible without a disaster happening?

  33. David

    How many crackers are in one sleeve of graham crackers? I have a recipe that calls for “one package of graham crackers, crushed”, but all I have is a box of graham cracker crumbs and I don’t know how many cups to use.

  34. Agent 47

    Should i make a regular pumpkin pie or pumpkin cheesecake for my pre-made graham cracker crust?
    If I make the pumpkin pie with the crust burn?

  35. white man

    I think the box has a red barn on it, but can’t remember now. I do know the cracker is rectangle, not round and came in a long rectangle box. I haven’t seen them in a long time, and miss them. They were not Wheatworth, or Blue Star or Red Oval brands. Anyone know what I am talking about?
    Thank you both so much!!!! I have not been able to find them for at least a year, and have enjoyed them for probably 10 years. They seem to have disappeared from Western Michigan.

  36. friendly 4

    Are cracker crumbs the same as bread crumbs when called for in a recipe? I want to try a new recipe, but don’t want to screw it up because i use bread crumbs.

  37. Tyler H

    Before I moved in with my roommate, she had a wireless router and didn’t have it secured. She ended up getting a letter from Mediacom (suck ass cable co) stating someone used her internet service to download illegal material. So I set my router which was secured and it happened again. So I set up the router so the device MAC address had to be entered for it to connect. Apparently, it has happened again and they terminated her internet service. When she spoke with the people at Mediacom they told her that there is no secure wifi and the only way to ensure it doesn’t happen again is to use a hard line. Any thoughts on the validity of this? Is there anyway I can secure this when we get new service so I know we won’t have these problems again?

  38. simply complicated

    I want to make crackers but I don’t want to use heat or light as a source of drying the dough. Can dough just air-dry and harden, say by use of a cool fan? I know this is not your typical method of baking, but I really need to know if it’s even possible, and if it is, what ingredients would be best to use to produce a thin, hard cracker. Thanks!

  39. happyha31

    I had an amazing chicken skillet dish the other night at Cracker Barrel. It had mushrooms, rice and I think Monterey cheese. It had a really yummy flavor. Anyone have an idea how to make it?


  40. Big Banger

    I’m thinking about getting a job at cracker barrel cooking but i’m not quite sure what the back up cook does mostly because the job description isn’t really clear. I’m extremely confused by how many types of cooks there are. Can anyone explain, and can anyone tell me about their experience working there? Thank you in advance.

  41. LN13

    I’m applying at Cracker Barrel and if I have a choice, im wondering which position would be best. Do certain positions make more money than others and are some a lot harder than others?

  42. mr flibble

    I was downtown yesterday and some guys kept calling me a cracker on my way to practice. They looked like they were mad at me too for no reason. Please help, any answers would be great thanks!

  43. Erin

    I went to the grocery store and really didn’t see anything I thought would be great. I’m not sure what I’m looking for. I once went to a restaurant where they had triangular shaped, thin cracker-like bread. Not sure where to get it. Any suggestions would be great.

  44. liza

    I have a very old cracker jack box that has never been opened. Its one of the originals. with the boy and the dog on the box. does anyone have an idea on how much this would go for?

  45. evangldbrg

    I’d like to find something in the cracker or biscuit line that I can feel comfortable feeding to my 14 month old, which does not have sugar or salt added. I have browsed many brands in the store, and have yet to find one that does not have either one or the other. Even brands listed as `organic` might have as many as 3 different types of sugars listed in it. If there really are no commercial brands, then should I be more concerned to avoid the product that has the salt or the sugar?

    I’m very disappointed that our food products have devolved to the point where even our babies aren’t safe from being hooked on sugar.

  46. Andres C

    I have Adobe cs5 and I lost the key code to install it again.
    What password cracker should I use in order to reinstall my Adobe Software?

  47. Scorch Delta-62

    All the development books, articles, etc say that babies should be able to feed themselves a cracker by 7 months, but all the baby crackers (Gerber Graduates, etc) say they are for crawlers and toddlers only. My son is 7 months today and can’t crawl, but he certainly seems able to feed himself a cracker! Are these things safe for him if I let him eat them only in his high chair and supervise him? Thanks!

  48. Keegan

    I found the online recipe versions, but was wondering if anyone could verify which one was the actual real original cracker barrel recipe…I am all about doing things as close to the real thing as possible. If anyone has worked there and knows that would be great! Thanks!

  49. Ramblin Spirit

    Everyone in the office thinks it’s funny to call me a cracker. I don’t understand why I’m being referred to as a biscuit. I don’t even eat them. I am allergic to wheat.

  50. lucasg615

    In “What to Expect the First Year” one of the milestones listed is “feed self a cracker”. What type of crakers are they talking about? All the “crakers” I’ve seen in the stores for babies are listed for being for much older children than the milestones are listed for. So, what type of cracker did you first feed your child?
    I figured the ones made for babies would be softer and dissolve in the mouth faster so as to prevent the baby from choking. I didn’t think that they had magic ingredients for babies. Is there really a reason to be so snotty?

  51. Matthew David

    im making a cake for my BFF and she likes cheescake so im gonna make her 1!! bt all i hav is a graham cracker crust for lik a pie how can i use that a crust 4 my cheescake?

  52. evil chevy

    Me and my friend, bet our coach that he wouldn’t be able to eat six saltine crackers in under a minute without drinking any water during the process of eating the crackers. He said he is going to soak them in water and then eat the crackers. When he eats the soggy cracker, can this still be counted as drinking water when there IS water existing on/in the cracker?

  53. sethburger

    I’m looking for the recipe from the Saturday special that they serve of chicken and rice. We don’t have a Cracker Barrel in this town, and I love this dish.

  54. John

    I recently purchased a cracker Jack vintage prize toy from an antique mall an was wondering the year and value. Item is in very good condition.

  55. SteveO

    Hackers?Crackers? What is this? Can you answer why is their a cracker and a hacker?
    What will Cracker do? And what will hacker do?
    It is legal?

  56. norrin_shadowwolf

    Arafat, Carter, Gore… The Nobel prize is obviously a steaming heap of crap, how many Nobel prizes does it take in your mind to equal the value of a genuine Cracker Jack Prize?

  57. tjpimpin

    I recently bought some red painted metal airplanes advertised as vintage Cracker Jack charms. Whether they are legit or not is not important asi bought them to make earrings, but I am still very interested in knowing what year they were produced!

    Anyone know anything? I’m having a hard time finding any information about them in searches.


  58. uberfailz

    Every time i try to make the Graham cracker crust, it sort of melts and falls apart in the oven and the butter leaks through the (springform) pan and smoke comes from my oven, setting off the fire alarm.
    The recipe i use is :
    5 oz. graham cracker crumbs
    7 tbsp. melted butter, cooled
    3 c. sugar.

    Are there any other recipes that may work? (with the graham crackers, i like the taste) or any tips?

    Thank you :)
    i meant 3 tbsp. sugar

  59. xiM Clutch

    ? Is it sufficient to keep your metabolism ticking along? Like, if you had half a cracker every 3 hours? That wouldn’t slow it down or anything would it?

  60. thinkthought

    Christmas Day and once more you are forced to pull the cracker with your Brother/Sister or distant relative.

    Then you are made to wear a paper crown of an over cooked or under cooked meal

    So what was the Worst Cracker joke?
    and worst cracker “TOY”?

  61. friendly 4

    When I was growing up, my mom used to make our pumpkin pies with graham cracker crusts rather than pie crust, because she didn’t like regular crust.

    She and I don’t talk anymore, but I have been looking everywhere for a recipe like this with no luck! Can anyone help? Just plain ol’ pumpkin pie, just with the GC crust. Thank you!

  62. kamikami

    I am having a wine tasting party at my house for my birthday. What are good suggestions of cheese types that I should definitely serve? Any cracker type suggestions, too? Thanks.

  63. jag43216

    I want to use this heavy cracker for camping meaning it needs to heavy because most crackers will break. However, I want it to taste good. If you have any ideas, products, or recipes that would be fantastic.

  64. llb443

    He only got paid regular pay. While the waiters and waitress got BANK in tips because everyone felt bad for them working on Thanksgiving.

    I thought it was kind of slim ballish for Cracker Barrel not paying overtime on one of their most profitable days.

  65. apleaforbrandon

    I have 2 graham cracker bases which I’m using to make 2 desserts for a New Year’s Party. What are your favourite recipes to use for them?

  66. Jerosh Nagulachandran

    I am making an Indiana sugar cream pie (or would like to). I only got a graham cracker crust instead of a premade dough crust. The recipe calls for the pie to bake at 350 for one hour to properly set. Will that be too long for the graham cracker crust?

    Guess this is what I get for not reading my recipe more thoroughly. :( I would make my own but I have no shortening and only butter in a tub (very soft) and no sticks.

  67. ouch

    See some idiot at my class thought it would be funny to put a password at my laptop but then he forgot it … (such an dumbass) I wan to know how can i find the password or hack my laptop …please i have very important files there…


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