Zynga Poker Cheats

Zynga Poker Cheats

Facebook Poker Chips Cheats & Zynga Poker Chips Hacks for Texas Holdem Games.

Check here for some cool Zynga Poker Cheats for facebook. I am playing  Zynga Poker on face book..if you are playing Zynga Poker on facebook and know some excellent tricks for this online game let me know.


Few days ago i shared some links and tricks about Free Godfather points and Energy packs here: Zynga Poker cheats and Hints for Facebook. Also added ultimate cheat tools for Zynga Poker and Trick to win every fight on Zynga Poker.I hope that helped you guys a little. Today i am going to share some random tips and tricks for Zynga Poker.

Looking for cheats for facebook poker to increase your facebook poker chips, wsop poker chips, pokerist poker chips or zynga poker chips in texas holdem games?

Players sometime use facebook poker cheats or hacks to get more facebook poker chips, myspace poker chips, wsop poker chips or zynga poker chips in online texas

Facebook Poker Chips Cheats & Zynga Poker Hacks

If you’ve ever played any of the wildly popular Texas Holdem games on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Tagged, or any other social network you’ve probably also wondered if there is any way to cheat in the game to earn yourself some free facebook poker chips. There are hundreds of posts in texas holdem threads all across the internet filled with users requesting information about how to cheat in facebook poker and YouTube is filled with videos that claim to give step by step instructions on how to artificially increase your facebook chips, wsop poker chips, pokerist poker chips, 6waves poker chips, gambino poker chips or zynga poker chips.

But are any of these methods reliable or trustworthy? It’s hard to tell. If you do a little research and read about every possible cheat available on the internet that claimed to give you facebook poker chips, some have worked for a while and others have been fixed and patched by the game makers. You’ll get different answers depending on who you ask.

If there are any facebook poker cheats that actually work, they’ll work by using a program that somehow interfaces with the actual poker program and change the memory in the game.

Other methods ask you to email your log in and password to a “special email address” and this will automatically credit the facebook texas holdem poker chips to your poker account. This is probably the worst attempt I’ve seen yet, and anyone who falls for it most likely has an IQ below that of a carrot, or perhaps a shoe. These are the same people that fall for the Nigeran scams that tell them they won a lottery, but have to send a few thousand dollars overseas to pay for the taxes before collecting their money. Right.

Another very popular method is the phishing scam, in which someone posts a link to a website that claims to be able to double or triple your facebook poker chips. When players click on it they’re prompted to login to a social network to access their accounts. But instead of getting zynga poker chips, they instead unwittingly send their passwords to hackers waiting for alerts, and the moment they get their passwords they drain their account of any facebook chips.

So again, if there are any reliable or trustworthy cheats for facebook poker that actually work the way they claim and give you facebook poker chips, they are very hard to find. This won’t stop people from continuing to search for it though, and as long as there are gullible people out there, there will also be scam artists looking to take advantage of them by getting them to the latest cheat trainers or login to fake websites. Let’s hope you’re a bit smart after having read this article and don’t go giving away your facebook poker chips to a clever hacker. Be sure to share this with your friends who play facebook poker games as well to help them avoid falling for the underhanded tactics hackers and phishers use to trick people.

Finally , the long waited new zynga poker has been released . This doesn’t require any hacking skills from you, just this and click a few buttons ! This features are just incredible. You will be able to see other people cards and generate unlimited amount of chips for ! Also this is undetectable , so there is no chance of getting banned ! Enjoy ! :)

Tutorial How to Use: 

1. Log in to your Facebook account and go Zynga Poker application
2. Download and Run the Zynga Poker –  hack tool
3. Enter stats amount you wanted to add
4. Click Start and wait until finish hacking
5. Refresh your browser and viola you will see the results

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55 thoughts on “Zynga Poker Cheats

  1. uberfailz

    are there any cheats for zynga poker to steal chips
    if u know give me!
    i need it cuz i lost 1 bil and i know who it is… plz give

  2. Beavis

    I don’t even know where to start….(*thinks) ….so I was in round 3 of the shootout, It’s was only me and someone else in the left and I was up like 7200 chips to his 1800 chips. He ended up winning some hands to come back. Now I’m only up 5100 to 3000(not sure what the exact number was) Now here it goes, we both Alled In … And I had a Q 3 while the guy had a 2 6

    The cards that were flopped: Q 3 4 5 7 IN FAVOR OF HIM WINNING THE STRAIGHT!!
    (This happens way too often, some one has a 2- pair and someone ends up getting the straight)

    So now the score is Me: 1700 Him: 7300 (approx). We both Alled in and I had a 9 9 and the guy had a 2 2 . The cards that were flopped: (I don’t remember what the first four number were but I do remember the last number was 2!!! IN FAVOR OF HIM WINNING THE SHOOTOUT!! WTH ?? I was so mad I quit the game right away, and I don’t even think I collected my 250000 chips for finishing 2nd. Anyways… I AM NOT ASKING IF THIS GAME IS RIGGED. IM TELLING YOU THIS GAME IS RIGGED. AND I RECCOMMEND PEOPLE DON’T PLAY IT!!

    Now that that’s out of the way, does anyone know any good online poker sites to play on that’s not rigged or cheat you out of chips?( cause I am officially done with ZYNGA POKER)

  3. Bryant B

    i am looking for cheats for texas holdem poker by zynga on facebook i had over 800 million chips and i came online yesterday they were all gone. i havent given my password out and i spent over £30 to get them .. please help… i am not asking how to rob people on fb poker i just want cheats on how to win .

  4. Jermaine J

    are there any cheats for zynga poker to steal chips
    if u know give me!
    i need it cuz i lost 1 bil and i know who it is… plz give

  5. Con Orpe

    Please Help I need Chips In Texas Holdem Poker Please help… Any Cheat or Hack to get Lots of Chips .. Please please help…

  6. United

    Like it is a really complicated game. What do you think the first step in picking it up would be. I already got a book to teach me, “The theory of Poker by David Sklansky” I am finding it very interesting but the book lost me when it got to the point that it actually starts talking poker lol (around page 12)

  7. Austin

    On bebo I want to make the text in the ‘me,myself and I’ box in the middle . I have seen tips and tricks groups that try and show how but I don’t understand .

  8. PIE BOY

    I play frontierville mostly but I also like farmville and cityville. so i was wondering what it gives you for those games. mainly frontierville though.

    and also where i can get them

  9. Beavis

    It shows some kind of warning on my computer when i play on both at the same time but im not exactly sure what it means. Can i do this without problems or no?

  10. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    I know that a friend of mine used, let’s say, unfair means, to inflate his Texas Hold’em Poker account balance.
    Everybody, thank you for your answers. I really know that I shouldn’t care, but I’ve got a deep & personal dislike for this guy. I don’t even know why I called him a ‘friend’ while posting this ques. And thanks maquis47. I thought ‘malpractice’ could be used for any situation.

  11. Jack Bauer

    Now I noticed that some websites say that using the cheat engine for Farmville will banned your Facebook. Is this true? Because if I just wanted to know if using the cheat engine on Facebook is bad.

  12. Gabriel Kenney

    Hey Yahoo,

    can you halp me pleae?? I absolutly need a Cheat for Texas HoldEm Poker from Zynga in Facebook!!!

    Thank you….

  13. Andrew S

    I added someone on bebo by accident. So I went to friends -> requests made -> and i clicked cancel request next to the friend i added accidentally. Does this mean the person won’t get the email saying I added them?

    Please help
    & Thanks

  14. TommyKay

    And i’m looking for something besides making multiple accounts, since to transfer chips from multiple accounts you would need two computers. If you have any ideas/suggestions please HELP!!!

  15. zigg3ns

    Guys can any one please tell me that there are any cheats or tricks to get chips in poker
    I can do anything for that!

  16. ScRSC

    how to cheat in zynga poker ? last night my poker buddy had only 2k chips he was playing at the 25/50 tables and after 2 hours he have 1 billion chips wtf ? i asked him how he got the 1 billion chips he said he just won it but i dont really believed it. can someone tell me how to get alot of chips in zynga by cheating PLEASE HELP

  17. Eric

    are there any hack or cheat for zynga poker game. i want a cheat for zynga poker that will cheat me free chips.

  18. toysruslover

    Just curious, since I play in a tournament and there’s ALWAYS some douchebag that goes all in before the flop. About 90 percent of the time they end up winning.,

  19. Pacman

    I recently joined Bebo and does the pictures need to be files like .JPG? Or is there some sort Of app anyone can recommend I use if there is any!

  20. Salam

    Im looking for a zynga poker cheat/hack that will work on facebook. i need a cheat for Zynga Poker that hacks me free zynga poker chips in the game. im stuck and i need them really bad, i dont wanna have to pay. ive seen hacks for zynga poker for free chips but none of them seem to work. are there any hacks in zynga poker on facebook that work in 2011? any help would be great.

  21. zaclo

    How do i make my videos play automatically on my bebo page? When i am on other profiles their videos come straight on but when people view my page my videos don’t play automatically! Can anyone help?

  22. happyha31

    is there anyway to cheat on zynga poker and have unlimited chips? i know this is awkward but i love this game and i want tons of chips, please help with more details regarding this, im a noob in computers

  23. Duke

    I have changed mobile numbers and bebo still texts my old phone about comments on my bebo. I need to know how to stop this because my brother now has my old phone with my new simcard so i need this service to stop
    HOW CAN I !!!!!

  24. liza

    My school doesn’t let us log into or us bebo, msn or anything like that, we can’t get into it! is there anyway to get past this, like a cheat or something and no we can’t ask the school to do this. Anything you know will help.

  25. Jermaine J

    My daughter has a Bebo account and I do not. She has pictures on the account she wants to send to me at my MSN Hotmail. Is there any way to do this?

  26. Patrick

    How can you cheat on zynga texas holdem poker on facebook ? is there a way to edit your chips or see your opponents cards or something ? please dont answer saying dont cheat

  27. Scott W

    It’s the app called Zynga Poker. It’s a lot of fun but I suck so bad at it. I only get the worse hands, and if I do get something decent someone always tops me. It’s so annoying! So, if anyone knows, like, any good advice, or rules I might not know about or whatever that would be awesome! But no cheats, I don’t wanna cheat, just advice please. Thanks! :)

  28. Alun J

    You know, the big spaces & things? I’ve tried just simply using the spacebar but it retracts my text immediately. Any help? (: Thanks.

    [If you’re wondering why I’m asking in adolescent, it seems that people of my own age know more about this than the people in the actual internet section – also I never got any answers beforehand]

    And please don’t tell me “Bebo’s old” because I still use it for roleplay.

  29. Rishabh Bajpai

    Is their anywhere to get a zynga poker cheats to get more chips?
    I don’t want ones with surveys on them.
    Do they actually work and if so which ones are good.
    Are there any Zynga Poker cheats that work and do on have surveys to make them work?
    No surveys when downloading or using the cheat.

  30. jdfan

    I had a bebo before but I deactivated my account. I made a new one but I cant figure out how to add babies. Please help.

  31. Rishabh Bajpai

    I just want some opinions…so my dad used to cheat on my mom…and didnt care about any of us at the time…it is very untraditional for a woman to divorce a man in my culture…anyway so now its 7 years later and we are all grown up im 20 sisters are 14 and 15 and my dad has no job and cant afford the mortgage and my mom is undergoing a lot of stress. He sits at home on his laptop all day and plays zynga poker on facebook….sleeps at 8am and wakes up at 6pm and does this on routine. We never get to spend time with him and he is just starting to piss me off…is it okay for me to beat the crap out of him just to knock some sense into him?

  32. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    I made this bebo page over 2 years ago, I forgot my email address & password for I haven’t used them in ages.. My page is still posted along with embarrassing photos, I don’t want them over the internet no longer…….. PLEASE HELP ME :-(

  33. Duke

    plz guys i really need it to gain more chips…can anyone suggest me or give me the link tat i could get the good cheats or bots without any survey plz?

  34. Jenna

    Why is this i know they’re not cheating or buying them themselves but i really wanna know how they are doing it i’ve heard its because they earn money online if that is so then how are they earning it?

  35. Ed D

    I just joined the site and it seems very limited, I didn’t find any chat rooms there and I can’t search for people by place or anything like that. What can you do on Bebo? And why do people like it so much? It just seems the same as msn to me.

  36. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused

    Hello i was playin hidden chronicles bcuz there is a reward if u reach level 5 ull get 7000 chips in poker and if u reach level10 ull get 1000000 chips , so when i reached level 5 i got my 7000 but today i reached level 10 i didnt get any chips ,help

  37. opurt

    I know bebo mobile do text alerts when a new comment, email etc is received… but how do i go about getting it on my phone?

    Ta muchness in advance


  38. isk8at818

    There is a virus going around bebo I have got off alot of my friends which has a link saying it’s a video of you, I havnt clicked on it because if I do, then the same mail will be sent to all my friends.
    Is it ok to delete it or what do I do?

  39. Joey 01

    I am really curiuse if know of any pc that would be fine but if you know that any work on mac that would be awesome anything that works is apreecitated or cheat tactics would be helpfull.

  40. Krazy Bob

    How do the x-ray glasses on zynga poker work?? I know you can only see people hand and not their cards but ive tried them but i cant see anyones hand :s

  41. Mackenzie P

    i have downloaded a few and they dont seem to work i downloaded one today which was put on youtube 2 days ago people have said it works on the comments of the video but i cant get it to work anybody got another link plezzz help spending far to much money on poker chips thanks

  42. altair

    I’ve been married 4 years and for the last I would say 4 or 5 months have had arguments after arguments with my husband to the way he speaks on the poker chats and to his female friends he knew befor me. He sex chats with peopole on the zynga poker chat then looks the girls up on facebook or myspace to see what they look like. I confronted him on this and he stated he did not see any wrong in doing so if his information was fake to and he’s not adding them as friends. Well he states he understood my feelings on this and would stop but he didn’t he just hides it better now. In regards to his the texting and chatting with his friends I really didn’t have an issue until I read his facebook and he speaks to his female friends in a flirtatius way. I confronted him on this issue and he said that he’s always spoken to them that way way before we met. Well the end to this book is now he gets off the chats or hides wat he is chatting abot and who he’s chatting with and will not leave his phone for a second. Me not trusting him has become a very big issue to me only. So my question is am I the issue am over exaggerating this. Can someone please ease my pain. Thank you and sorry for the book.


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